All 19 Songs from the Jennifer’s Body Soundtrack

Megan Fox isn’t the only thing hot about Jennifer’s Body. The soundtrack to Jennifer’s Body also kicks some ass. The movie features music from Silversun Pickups, Cobra Starship, Snoop, Panic at the Disco, Black Kids and Hole – 23 19 songs in all.

I’ve put all the songs from Jennifer’s Body in the order they appeared in the movie with the scenes they were in. You can find them below. [Update 2]

[Update: thanks to all of the commenters who have identified additional songs that I missed and corrected Celestial Crown, Teenagers and Through the Trees. I have all 23 songs from the movie in the list now. I’ve added info about the scenes from what has been posted in the comments. Keep them coming and I will make additional updates. You guys kick ass. I missed the mark on the movie, but the post is getting better thanks to you. ]

The song that doesn’t quite fit is Two Tickets to Paradise by Eddie Money. Oh well, it’s a fun song.

The soundtrack album to Jennifer’s Body has a good number of the songs from the movie, but you can find all of them here.

  • Yearbook / pep rally – I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You – Black Kids
  • Needy getting ready to go out – Little Lover’s So Polite – Silversun Pickups
  • Walking into the bar, and at the bar – Urgent – Foreigner [thx Mel]
  • Talking to the band (background) – Two Tickets To Paradise – Eddie Money
  • Band playing before the fire – Through the Trees – Ryan Levine (Low Shoulder) [thx pinkchic23 for the scene and the correction]
  • Meets the football player on the field – Sacred Heart (Sacre Coeur) – It Dies Today [thx “the black guy”]
  • Low Shoulder on the radio – One More Night – Ryan Levine
  • Needy is making a sandwich while listening to the radio – Teenagers – Hayley Williams [thx Lindie and Chip]
  • Jennifer swimming in the lake – Celestial Crown – The Sword [thx Eyeball]
  • Talking on the phone – New In Town – Victoria Hesketh (Little Boots)
  • Boyfriend’s little sister playing tiny piano – The Celebrated Chopstick Waltz – Traditional
  • Jennifer says I’m a god – New In Town – Victoria Hesketh (Little Boots)
  • Jennifer walking in school / papers / vigil – Through the Trees – Ryan Levine (Low Shoulder)
  • Beginning of makeout scene – Time – Cute Is What We Aim For
  • Guy driving to Jennifer’s house / Needy making out with boyfriend – I Can See Clearly Now – Screeching Weasel
  • Candlelit room – I Wanna Love You – Snoop Dogg and Akon
  • Needy gets into the car, radio song – Through the Trees – Ryan Levine (Low Shoulder)
  • In the van with the band – Finishing School – Dashboard Confessional
  • Band singing before killing Jennifer – 867-5309 / Jenny – Alexander Call and James Keller (performed by Tommy Tutone)
  • After Needy tells boyfriend Jennifer is evil / break-up – Kiss With A Fist – Florence and the Machine [thx Shane]
  • Getting ready for the dance – New Perspective – Panic At The Disco
  • At the dance – Death – White Lies
  • Low Shoulder performs at the dance – Through the Trees – Ryan Levine (Low Shoulder)
  • Hitchhiking / end credit montage of band – Violet – Hole
  • Dead band at the end / evidence – In The Flesh – Ryan Levine (Low Shoulder). Note: here’s the original version by Blondie. I cannot find a download for the movie version.
  • First end credits song with black background – Ready For The Floor – Lissie Trullie
  • Second end credits song – Chew Me Up And Spit Me Out – Cobra Starship
  • Third end credits song – Toxic Valentine – All Time Low

Original music to Jennifer’s Body – Theodore Shapiro and Stephen Barton

There were also two extra songs on the album that were not in the movie Jennifer’s Body: (thanks to Lindie for the correction)


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107 Responses to “All 19 Songs from the Jennifer’s Body Soundtrack”

  1. Celestial Crown by the SWORD was absolutely in the movie…. the skinnydipping scene featured it predominantly, and very loudly. Awesome song.

  2. Teenagers by Hayley Williams was in the movie. It was when Needy was making a sandwich.

  3. What song was playing when jennifer is walking across the football field to her next victim? Its been driving me crazy!

  4. WOW. I’m extremely surprised they didn’t use the Hole song “Jennifer’s Body.” Quite an odd move in my perspective. Either way, “Violet” is still an amazing song.

    • the didnt use “Jennifer’s Body” cause they didnt want to be too obvious with the reference.
      they preferred for it to be a subtle nod to the song which is on the same album as “Violet”

    • The song, however, does appear at the point when Needy kills the band members.

  5. Judging on the soundtrack (Cobra Starship, Dashboard, etc) they’re definitely playing it up to girls/teenie boppers. In fact, they left off some awesome songs that were actually in the movie like “Sacre Couer” by It Dies Today, and I think that might be because they’re trying to aim this at teen girls and that song, cool as it is, might be deemed too heavy by the corporate dudes. Lame. Still, kickass movie that has the right mixture of gore, camp, and dark humor.

  6. seems ok but ill listen more but i like the movies its decent

  7. I want to know the song from when she eats the football player guy.It’s been driving me insane since I left the movie theater.

  8. The song for the football player kill is Sacred Heart by It Dies Today

  9. whats the song at the end when they show the dead rockstars at the end? its a slower song, but i duno what it is

  10. nevermind lol obviously it was in the flesh lol, love that song its rele great

  11. What is the sonf when Needy is telloing her boyfriend about jennifer being evil, i really liked that song, i thing it was like you “hit me one i hit you back” something like that.!!!

  12. that was the song kiss with a fist by florence+ the machine.

  13. Hey can anybody tell me what’s the song when needy kills n’t know where 2 find it cuz its just music..pls hlp

  14. what is the title of the song that “collin” sang in the movie?

  15. When Jennifer and her friend went to that bar – after the beginning of the movie – when the bouncer at the entrance marks them with an X on their hands, there’s a song playing in background. That song does not appear, what so ever, on this list. Can anyone help?

  16. what’s the song sang by the rock band before the fire happened?

  17. Yeah. I agree with Eyeball. “Celestial Crown” IS in the movie. It played during the skinny dipping scene, yeah.

  18. And I think TEENAGERS also played in the movie. I remember singing along to it while watching the movie.

  19. The song played in the bar before the fire happened is THROUGH THE TREES- LOW SHOULDER…

    • not really.
      I thought it was Erratic.
      I don’t know the words to the song
      but it sounds really bad ass (if you take the time to look up what all the words means) it’s the subliminal message to Jen
      for what they were gonna do to her.

  20. what’s the song sang by the rock band before the fire happened?
    somebody can tell me?

  21. I just want to say that the production for this film was made in such a hurry that they missed so many details. It’s a shame, it could have been a good movie. I don’t know why people love it so much.Oh and by the way, the COMPLTETE soundtrack has 23 songs and not 19. And one of the songs that I was searching for – the one from the Medley Lane Tavern scene – is Urgent by Foreigner.

  22. the movie was to short. i wish they had made it longer lol.

  23. what is the tittle of the song that has been plated by the band in the movie?the song with “i will fuck you” lyrics

  24. Hey can anybody tell me what’s the song when needy kills n’t know where 2 find it cuz its just music..pls hlp

  25. Hi can somebody tell me what’s the name of the song that’s played when jen jumps into the pool and attacks needy’s boyfriend?
    please help.

  26. what song is it when needy breaks out of prison ?

  27. pls sum1 tell me whats da soundtrack playin during da prisonbreak…

  28. the song “through the trees” makes my heart beat sooo fast.. it makes me chill… love that song!!!!!!!

  29. wht is the song tht plays on the main menu of Jennifer’s body, on the dvd? it is just instrumental

  30. Does anyone know what song is playing when Needy is running on the streets with the pink dress on to save her boyfriend?? it’s an amazing song and it’s not in the soundtrack album! someone please tell me….

  31. I’m with mylee I definately need to know the instrumental track on the main menu of the dvd!They play it once more in the movie but I cant remember the scene but its just like an electric guitar and it sounds kinda dark and grimey I loove it!Help!

  32. I really want to know what it was too….I’ve been searching.

  33. I would really like to know too….I’ve been searching.

  34. Does anyone know whats the song when Jennifer calls Needy? It’s about 36 min…

  35. Most likely those instrumentals like when Needy kills Jenny, Needy’s prison break or even on the DVD menu will be on the Jennifer’s Body Score. Hopefully it’ll be released soon.

  36. Both Teenagers and Celestial Moon were in the movie; Teenagers played on the radio while Needy was in the kitchen frying bologna, her mother turned it off. Celestial Moon is played over the scene of Jennifer swimming in the lake.

  37. what’s the song they play when needy brakes up with chip??

  38. When they brake up its : kiss with a fist – florence+the machine

  39. what’s the song playing when needy and jennifer are levitating over jennifer’s bed and needy stabs her with the box cutter?

    • YES. I want to know that too. What’s the song playing when Needy and Jennifer are fighting on Jennifer’s bed? Needy ruins Jennifer’s friend necklace and right after the necklace falls to the ground, some rockmelody comes…?
      I really wanna know, someone… plz? 🙂

  40. excellent dude thnx a lot keeeeeep it up

  41. Ok so does any1 know where can i find the instrumental that is playing on the DVD’s menu? That’s pure awsomness. See ya

  42. UGH. the song in the flesh is originally performed by blondie the girl. but in jennifer’s body a guy sings it. i like that version so much better but i cant find it ANYWHERE. can someone help? i’ve been searching since that movie came out

  43. i love jennifers body! i look just like megan fox!!!!!!!!!!

  44. the movie JENNIFER’S BODY,.,.,., is the best and cool mOvie i’ve ever seen in my entire life!!! i idolize this world’s sexiest!!! MEGAN FOX!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!

  45. Lol I only saw this movie cos I heard there was an All Time Low song…

  46. is the adam brody song atualy a real song and if so who is it and were can i get it!

  47. Hey can anybody tell me what’s the song when needy kills n’t know where 2 find it cuz its just music..pls hlp…:(

  48. Thanks 4 the list… It rocks! Is low shoulder real?

  49. What is the name of the song when Needy kills Jennifer?? It’s something like, ‘Say it, say it, say it, do it, do it, do it..” and so on, I can’t find it ANYWHERE!! and I LOVE THIS SONG!! PLEASE HELP

  50. Actually the song in the end credits “ready for the floor” is by Hot Chip.

  51. what’s the name of the song when needy breaks our of prison? help please

  52. i want to know this song,from jenifer’s body.
    “Darling Darling Darling..
    i can’t wait to meet u…
    Darling Darling Darling.”

  53. it may be end of movie.
    i don’t find it in sound track.


  55. plz, what is the sound when needy is in prison ward, when she hear this sond she close ears?

  56. I found the Ryan Levine version of “In The Flesh” on limewire, i searched for “Low Shoulder- In The Flesh”

    Please tell me, what’s the name of the song playing (almost at the end of the movie) where Needy and Jennifer are fighting. Needy ruins Jennifer’s friend necklace, and right after the necklace falls on the ground some rock melody comes…
    I love that melody, does anybody know the artist and the name of this song?

  58. what was the song playing when needy was running to save her bf? they played it troughout the movie

  59. I was wondering too what song was playing when Needy killed Jennifer and I know I also heard it on the movie “Kick Ass” AND somewhere else previously…so I looked up Kick Ass and found this name and looked it up on youtube and voila 😀 It’s by John Murphy and from the 28 Weeks Later soundtrack (not sure the name of the song).

    • I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but you’re probably talking about “In a heartbeat” by John M, which unfortunately is not the song in the killing scene. Ditto they’re really similar, but not the same.

    Please tell me, what’s the name of the song playing (almost at the end of the movie) where Needy and Jennifer are fighting. Needy ruins Jennifer’s friend necklace, and right after the necklace falls on the ground some rock melody comes…
    I love that melody, does anybody know the artist and the name of this song?pleeeaseeeeeeeeeeeee help mee pleaseee.the song when jenniferr calls needy is new n town.and whe needy runs for chip to save him with the pink dress is runing after chip by theodore shapiro. please help me to find the songg when needy kills’s by stephen barton but can’t me pleaseeeee..=[[[

  61. I cant say i loved the movie in its self but i did absolutely love the music. and that, in my opinion is reason enough to watch the movie

  62. The song you are all talking about i’m pretty sure is what keri said, its from 28 days later and it’s called don abondens alice by john murphy. Im pretty sure thats the right song, its also in kick ass hope it helps 🙂

  63. I loooooooooooooooooooooooved Jennifer’s Body that movie was great and Megan fox made the movie rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Does anyone know the name of the song that plays when Needy escapes??

  65. this movie was aswsom loved it megan fox ur aswom

  66. what is the song called, that played,
    when they were in the football field??

  67. Hey, you know that song that plays when Needy kills Jennifer and they are hovering over the bed? Well I’ve been looking for days and finaly found it! Check out the link below to listen! It’s an awesome song!

  68. I also found the song when Needy escapes jail.

  69. The song that sounds when Needy kills Jennifer is John Murphy´s – In the house, In a heartbeat (

  70. Megan Fox really looks so yummy and sexy on the movie Jennifers Body .,`

  71. Can someone please tell me what the song is on Jennifer’s Body when Needy breaks out of prison. I can’t find it anywhere. Thanks


    Its called Back In Solitary.

    Your welcome! ❤

  73. Kereeeen bgt deh!
    Film nya sekeren soundtrack nya…

  74. good idea!

  75. What is the Name of the Song when Jennifer is in the Van with the “Low Shoulder” Guys.. .It only plays for a few seconds, but I really like that song!

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