All 11 Songs from the Love Happens Soundtrack

There are 11 songs in the Love Happens soundtrack, including The Eels, The Postal Service and Rogue Wave. The downloads for all of them are here.

I have not seen this movie yet. Frankly, I had forgotten about it until I visited Box Office Mojo to see what was being released today. It has not gotten all that much buzz. But to tell you the truth, I have been listening to the music from the movie all morning, and it is brilliant.

I was drawn in by Badly Drawn Boy. The soundtrack to About a Boy is still a classic in my mind. But combine them with The Eels, The Postal Service and Rogue Wave, and now you are talking. But not just any ordinary Rogue Wave song, we’re talking a cover of Buddy Holly’s Everyday (plus Lake Michigan). The soundtrack also takes you back a bit – to John Hiatt singing Have a Little Faith in Me. Classic.

This soundtrack has romantic comedy written all over it. In fact, the soundtrack to Love Happens is a bit derivative. Dream is from Bride Wars, Fresh Feeling is from Failure to Launch and IO was in Elizabethtown, (plus Everyday is from Stubbs the Zombie). Still, it is damn good. Light, subdued, a bit poppy and good. Just what I needed for a muted morning in DC.

Original music for Love Happens – Christopher Young


~ by montelutz on September 18, 2009.

35 Responses to “All 11 Songs from the Love Happens Soundtrack”

  1. thanks for the posting! That’s what I needed for a lonely tuesday night! It makes you feel good!

  2. thank you i love that movie:)

  3. Thank you.. from the other side of the world (Chile) 🙂

  4. I was totally iddentified with the theme of this movie and I love it, is one of those movies that try to tell people how is the real world, I recomend you guys to see 500 days of summer, that’s an amazing movie.
    Well like the person from Chile said thank you, and I am from the croner of the world too jaja 🙂

  5. sorry corner

  6. thank you. perfect selection of music… what else can i say it’s time to tackle another day

  7. calming it is hard to find this kind of music now. since of all the rap and such! 🙂

  8. It’s missing a key song from the film and I cannot find it anywhere. It’s the one playing in the background for a couple minutes during the Home Depot scene.

    • The song you are referring to is “Your Hand is mine” which is by Explosions in the Sky.

  9. Thanks for the wonderful site. After the movie, I wanted to find the titles of a couple songs – now that I see them all, they’re all great!

  10. Just what I was looking for. Thank you!

  11. I had this song on my mind the whole week and I couldn’t remember what it was called and it was one of those things that just drove me crazy!!! But then I rented love happens with my mom and low and be hold the song was on there. and thanks to this sight i figured it out 🙂 P.S Great movie.

  12. If you liked those bands then you will love…
    -Death Cab for Cutie
    -City and Color
    -Carla Bruni *she sings in French
    -Explosions in the Sky
    -Modest Mouse
    -The Temper Trap

  13. Hey JB, the sing playing during Home Depot scene is Explosions in the Sky. Incredible band that you must own every album. They’re instrumental but words would ruin their already emotional music 🙂

  14. […] im Hintergrund die Stimme des Protagonisten Lebenseinsichten zum Besten gibt. Oder durch die gelungene Zusammenstellung des Soundtracks, dem es erstaunlicherweise die meiste Zeit über gelingt, Lebensfreude zu vermitteln (wo doch […]

  15. there’s a song where the main chorus line says: “Next to you”… which song is that one?

  16. Who does the cover of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun in this film? i’ve been trying to find out everywhere

  17. […] For Sountrack check it out: LOVE HAPPENS SOUNDTRACK […]

  18. Does anybody know were to download “life in ashes” from the movie Love Happens from Curt Sobel and Gary Schreiner?
    Love the song…. Help!!

  19. Thank you for this site. Just like everyone else, I was drawn to the music and was pleasantly surprised to find this fantastic site 🙂

  20. It’s so kind, for all this thx

  21. wonderfull movie … ı like very much dream song .. kiss u all girl byee

  22. thanx i love the soundtrack and think this film is amazing 🙂 x

  23. wo else thinks that the lead singer of death cab for cutie sounds exactly like the postal service?

  24. these songs are amazing,
    Love, from Brazil

  25. hey thanks for the playlist, i have been looking for it sice last thursday, and i am happy i found it!!! so thanks!!! = 9

  26. thx for ur information 🙂

  27. Thanks 😀 I really love this movie

  28. u forgot to put better days from goo goo dolls.. it was on the trailer.. 🙂

  29. Anybody find it hard to find the Curt Sobel music? UGH

  30. does anybody know the name of the introduction song (the menu-song)


  31. I love this movie and love the song from the goo goo dolls better days… it really sounds great to me..

  32. good song choice..=)

  33. Acidtar Bollyhop – Curt Sobel and Gary Schreiner ????

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