All 57 Songs from the Whip It Soundtrack

The Whip It soundtrack album only has 20 songs, but all 57 songs from the movie are here. It is a great soundtrack and a perfect complement to one of the best movies I have seen this year.

Ellen Page is fantastic as Babe Ruthless, but so is the rest of the cast too. Juliette Lewis is great as Page’s arch enemy in the round. Jimmy Fallon is much funnier than he is in late night. Drew Barrymore is rough and tumble in a entertaining way – watch for those flying elbows. But two of the best surprises in the movie were Kristen Wiig and Andrew Wilson. Forget Luke and Owen – Andrew is the Wilson of choice. He is brilliant as the derby coach trying really hard to help a team resisting it. And Kristen Wiig is one of the funniest understated actors around right now. Her under-her-breath comments are hysterical.

But Whip It is about the music as much as the quips and quirks. Drew Barrymore demonstrates her chops in scrunching 57 great songs into the movie. She even casts singer Landon Pigg as the love interest. From The Ramones to the Raveonettes, Wilson Phillips to Radiohead, Young MC to the Breeders, Thirty Eight Special to Peaches and Cut Chemist to Kings of Leon, the soundtrack is a brilliant mess. It made me want to escape to some random attic with an age old record player and waste away a weekend of rain with a stack of albums and a smile.

The soundtrack album to Whip It has about a third of the songs from the movie on it. Not to worry, here’s the complete list of songs from the movie, in the order they appeared in the movie, with notes on the scenes they were in where I could figure them out. I had a really hard time placing many of the songs, because they were just whip-it snippets. If you know the scenes for any of the other songs, I would be very grateful if you could share.

Here’s the song from the pool:

[Note: sorry it took so long to put up this post. I moved from Washington, DC to Los Angeles last week, and drove the 2,700 miles to make the trip. Iโ€™ve been short on time. Finally posting after I had some time on the plane to write. No rest for the whip-it.]


~ by montelutz on October 11, 2009.

143 Responses to “All 57 Songs from the Whip It Soundtrack”

  1. Wow, thanks for posting this. Sooo many good songs in the movie, I am always bummed when soundtracks leave some great tracks out.

    My personal favorite song in the movie was “Unattainable” by Little Joy – glad that it made it to the actual soundtrack, too, but even happier to hear it in the movie. Little Joy is such a great band, it’s good to see them get more exposure

  2. thank you so much this was ridiculously helpful. i loved every second of the movie and all the songs in it but couldn’t figure it out. thanks again!

  3. Do you know what the song is in the scene where Bliss is listening to the record player?

  4. Renny – that’s the song I was talking about, “Unattainable” by Little Joy. It’s a great song, and i thought it was perfect for that scene.

  5. Great WordPress page,My best regards!

  6. Thank you SO MUCH for doing this, I finally went and saw the movie yesterday, and the song from the pool scene blew my little brain into millions of tiny pieces ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Great site! Keep up the good work!

  8. CORRECTION- the hot tub scene is listed wrong here- WRAP IT UP is by the U.K artist WHITEY (real name N.Joseph). I know that because i’m him. Please change this. Thanks. x

  9. Hello, I’m very interested in one song from the movie.
    It starts at about 17min into the movie,
    it’s the part where she finds her old skates, tries them on,
    gets on the bus and ends up and the entrance to the skate hall.
    It’s a very slow, instrumental piece with piano and violin.
    The above lists “Domingo No Parque โ€“ Gilberto Gil” for Tries rollerskating, but that can’t be right.
    Any ideas?

  10. Hey, juts to say that the song “28” is entirely played during the end credits. Too bad you don’t have it, it was the one I was looking for… anyway, great post and very nice blog.

  11. Does anybody know what’s the song when Bliss is at the party and she climbs up to the room?.There is a song in the background just before she plays the record and Oliver comes in the room.

    • I’m looking for that song too

    • Hey! I know what you said was a long time ago, and surely you have already found the song, but for any who looking for it, the song is “Another sweet summer’s night on Hammer Hill” by Jens Lekman.

  12. Who know the song from the begining final match ?

  13. I am also looking for the song that Andrew mentioned. Full of horns!

  14. you are simply awesome! I dont know how should I express my gratitude and respect to you! About your saying of the effort put in on uploading and tracking down all 57 songs where they sited in the film, I could imagine but never know how long it may take. I simply wanna say a hefty THANK YOU to you! I swing by by searching the song “28”. Thank you so much for your informative words!

    greetings from Hong Kong

  15. Thank you so much! Great job with this list and the blog!

  16. Btw, End Credits #1 is the Lollipop Remix by Squeak E. Clean & Desert Eagles.

    Complete song:

  17. Does anybody have a downlaod link , rapidshare, megaupload, filetube, etc to the 57 songs of thiss unofficial soundtrack for WHIP IT! ?

  18. Hi ! The song that Keri and Andrew are looking for is : Jens Lekman – A Sweet Summers Night on Hammer Hill.

    Enjoy it guys !

    Btw, this movie is AWESOME, one of the latest best movie ever ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Agatha you are a goddess!Thanks so much for letting us know the song.:))

  20. there’s a string quartet piece JUST before heart in a cage plays in the movie. it’s when the hurl scouts go up to talk to the holy rollers before the final match.
    because that small amount of minutes of string quartet goodness is too good.

    please please help. im going crazy looking for that piece/song

  21. whats the name of the song at the beginning of the final match when the two teams line up and bliss says “thanks for outing me, that was a real class move”? It’s a crazy violin with no lyrics. If you can help me track down the name of that song, I would really appreciate it. Btw, great site, great movie.

  22. I’m not sure if this is what you mean or not, but the song from the beginning of the championship match/final match is The Strokes – “Heart In A Cage”. (It was bugging me too. I tried sifting through the songs list, but I got frustrated Luckily, after playing that scene 2-3 times, I caught a piece of a lyric (which trust me, isn’t easy for that scene) and googled it. It’s listed here as the song being the prep for the match, which confused me a little because they were skating when it was on. But yeah, if we’re talking about the same song, then that’s what it is. Hope that helps.

  23. It isn’t heart in a cage. Though it is an awesome song. Especially with the opening riff. No the song we’re looking for is just before it plays after Ellen page slaps Landon pigg in the face. It’s all violin and I think it’s played with a delay pedal. It’s one incarnation of awesome. Keep looking ppl! I am toooo

  24. the song with the string quarter is “The Road to Austin” by
    The Section Quartet, but i dont know where i can listen, only in the itunes store i can listen 10 seconds, im not sure, but but I believe that this it is the song, maybe.

    sorry for my bad inglish,but i from mexico and i dont know a lot

  25. hey timmy, unfortunately the song is not road to austin. my friend has the soundtrack to the movie and that piece is actually the one when she’s on the bus going to austin for the first time i believe.


  26. Is the song that Oliver is singing about “Holy Rollers” a real song?
    If so,what is the name?!?

  27. it’s called high times featuring a band called the turbo fruits, and of course landon pigg.

    I enjoy that song a lot, plus it’s easy to play on guitar ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. thanx a lot… ive been searching for this kind of list ever since the movie released…

  29. What the name of the 1st song during the credits at the end of the movie?

  30. you are the best!!!I was looking for that song by Turbo fruits since I saw the movie last year…because it’s not on the soundtrack and you found it for me. You Rock!!!!! Thanks for the good music info!!! Muah!

  31. The song “28” which starts in the credits at the end of the movie is by Lorene Scafaria, as noted above. It is available on iTunes under the artist name “Lorene”. Nice song.

  32. whats the song thats playing when she gives him her styper tee?

  33. i was soo excited when i was at the movie theater watching this movie and ‘ unattainable’ came on! i practically screamed at the screen.

  34. Grace >Radiohead – No surprise.
    So, we don’t know the song which is played when she laps Landon pigg in the face? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  35. what song plays when her dad gives her the skates right before the championshipp?? ive ben trying to get that songg everywhere! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  36. pageant โ€“ Kids โ€“ MGMT

    it’s the song kids by MGMT (you havent heard it? wow. I thought it was suuuper popular. maybe it’s just because my friends play it all the time.

    anyhow the song is kids by a band (duo) called MGMT.

  37. Omgsh haha I have heard for that song i meant the one playing when they go in the pool

  38. If only ever movie had a complete listing like this! Thanks! Loving that MGMT song!

  39. Im looking for the song that says “I put a bomb in your fire uh-oh uh-oh, i put a bomb in your fire i said uh-oh uh-oh, there is a way to predict the out come without you, you are the sheep in sheeps clothes and you know you know; there is no way around this tell me ho ho ho ho ho holy roller can you feel my flame” does anyone know what song this is?

  40. Whats the song that Oliver is singing on the stage at the party after Bliss’s first game?

    • i wanna know tooo do you have any idea of wats the song????….it goes something like tonifght ,tonight it gonna be alright …all night all night,, tonight tonight all night…u sweet thing …” the is it i just know the can u plzs tlel me if u know =)

  41. what’s the song when Ellen Is on the Stairs before unattainable?

  42. does anyone know the name of the song where bliss is exiting the car…it says something something “goodbye” something something. It was a really upbeat song. I believe during the scene where shes going to work, and coming home late, and then going to the derby, the song was in there for less than a few seconds..reminded me of Madonna or something.

  43. i watched this film on a flight back to the uk. there was a song near the end. i bit rock like. there was a lot of people on the flight all banging there heads back and forward. It looked great sat at the back of the plane. I have no idea what it was. can anyone help?


  45. does anyone know the song name @ bus scene?? Ellen say: ‘I like your hair’ grandma say ‘Thanks son, i do it myself’ at 18min in the movie?? PLS HELP

  46. […] sono da standing ovation (su tutte Jaba The Slut) e che Whip It ha una colonna sonora spaventosa (57 brani…) che riesce a mettere insieme Dolly Parton, Jens Lekamn e i Ramones. E questo pezzo di cui vi […]

  47. does anybody know the song thats playing downstairs, when ellen meets landon for the first time, in the attic?

  48. yeah same i’m going a little crazy cause it’s the best song

  49. so no one knows what the song is when the two teams face each other at the start of the final match? it has an awesome violin but i cant figure out what it is

  50. at the risk of redundancy, I’ll just say thanks for this excellent list. So helpful!

  51. What’s the name of the intro song for the Holy Rollers? I would love for that song to be my team’s intro song as well.

  52. whats the name of the song playing near the end when bliss jumps over the two girls?? anyone please help thanks

  53. nvm i wasnt paying attention thanks tho

  54. ^High Times (Landong Pigg ft. Turbo Fruits)

    OP, thanx!!! =D

  55. Sorry, my message was for Mona (February 8, 2010 at 3:22 pm)

  56. That movie was fantabulous. Awesome job again Drew Barymore. U once again proved to be my favorite childhood actress. U Rock chickie

  57. Thanks. Great job. Was trying to recall song when Bliss was dropped off with the exchange of shirts. ‘No surprises’ was omitted from the OST. What a pity.


  58. “does anybody know the song thats playing downstairs, when ellen meets landon for the first time, in the attic?”
    same here, the song with the trumpet intro, right? Here it should be between “get up get down” and “unattainable”. i hope someone help out.
    thx. Gus.

  59. The song by Curtis Knight and the Zodiacs – Sea of Time isn’t in the movie. It’s sampled by a song in the movie, Cut Chemist – What’s the Altitude.

  60. Oh, and good luck finding it. I’ve tried.

  61. Does anyone know that song that plays when Bliss and Oliver are finding his keys in the field ?

  62. pliz pliz pliz.. no one answered this yet.. anyoneknows the name of the song Oliver playes with the band at the party on stage? lyrics go smth like.. tonight, tonight gonna be all right…

  63. “โ€œdoes anybody know the song thats playing downstairs, when ellen meets landon for the first time, in the attic?โ€”

    Yes, it’s a song by Jens Lekman, I believe it’s “A Sweet Summer’s Night on Hammer Hill.”

  64. Ahah! I’ve found the name of the song from the attic scene! It’s Little Joy – Unattainable. Enjoy!

  65. what song does landon pigg sings after the first game?, its something like ‘tonight, tonight is gonna be alright’, what is the song called?

    • It’s “Get Up Get On Down (Tonite)” by the Turbo Fruits ft. Landon Pigg, however I was unable to find that version anywhere online. But the Turbo Fruits version is available on the iTunes Store.

  66. you can see little joy is the sleeve of the record she puts on when she is alone in the attic .

  67. What’s the song right before Unattainable by Little Joy? At the party when she goes into the attic?

  68. This list is AWESOME! I’ve been lurking around in google for a few days trying to find the name of the songs! Sooo helpful! thanks so much! ๐Ÿ˜›

  69. Thank you so much! I’ve been looking for these songs!!!!!
    I became interested in Roller Derby before I saw this movie, but I’m more excited, now!
    Hey, come check out my blog sometime.
    I’d love to hear from you!

  70. Anybody know the name of the techno song at the end of the trailer?

    holy rollers

  71. i think the song with the violin in it is also from the little miss sunshine soundtrack its called the winner is by danna/devotchka hope it the right song

    • Unfortunatly it wasnt the correct song :/
      PLEASE can somebody know the slap scene song :/

  72. I was very happy to hear eagles of death metal, totally roller derby music right there (:

  73. โ€œdoes anybody know the song thats playing downstairs, when ellen meets landon for the first time, in the attic?โ€

    The song is:

    “Another Sweet Summer’s Night on Hammer Hill”
    By: Jens Lekman

    • no it is not. the music starts downstairs just when she arrives in the attic. The song starts with a trumpet tune and a dancing beat. that the one we are looking for. does anybody have an idea?

      • Oh my…oops. Sorry every one!

        The song is:

        “A Sweet Summer’s Night on Hammer Hill”
        By: Jens Lekman

        *Not “Another”

        Very Similar names, but completely different tones.

  74. you are absolutely awsome!thankkkkkkkkzzzzzzz soooooomuchh, awsome job! awsome movie! awsome soundtrack! ๐Ÿ˜€

  75. Thanks! Love the soundtrack!

    “Dead Sound โ€“ The Raveonettes” are during the scene when they are looking for Olivers keys on the field ๐Ÿ˜‰

  76. where can i download Your Arms Around Me by Jens Lekman?

  77. Your Arms Around Me by Jens Lekman…. you can download it on

  78. […] The Whip It soundtrack album only has 20 songs, but all 57 songs from the movie are here. It is a great soundtrack and a perfect complement to one of the best movies I have seen this year. Ellen Page is fantastic as Babe Ruthless, but so is the rest of the cast too. Juliette Lewis is great as Page's arch enemy in the round. Jimmy Fallon is much funnier than he is in late night. Drew Barrymore is rough and tumble in a entertaining way – watch for … Read More […]

  79. […] soundtrack only offers only about 1/3rd of the total songs featured in the movie, so I went to this very helpful blog to find the missing tracks. My personal highlights from the film are Sheena Is a Punk Rocker by The […]

  80. You are totally rad. I was late seeing this movie, but now I cannot get enough.

  81. […] The song is a perfect cap to a pretty solid, 57-song soundtrack. Conveniently compiled here. […]



  83. what is the song about being 27 or 28?

  84. Okay.. I’d give -anything- to know the name of the violin piece that plays right after “Kids” and before “Heart in a Cage.” I’ve done KGB, Yahoo answers, all that jazz and I haven’t found anything. I’ll love you forever if someone can figure out the name of this song.

  85. Thank you so much for posting this!!! I didn’t have time to read ALL of the posted comments, but since this is the song I was looking for, I can help with the scene…”A Sweet Summer’s Night on Hammer Hill by Jens Lekman plays in that scene where Smashley Simpson (Drew) and Bloody Holly (Zoe) are showing off her bruises at the hot tub party…=)

  86. how can i pay the person that made this list? it means so much to me.

  87. wooow, thanks for the list i love the soundtrack and i cant get over the songs and googled your site. thanks a bunch.

  88. oh My Gosh! This was really helpful ๐Ÿ™‚

  89. i’ve been looking for this song like crazy……
    it’s the one that’s playing when she tries on that pageant dress and her mom notices that bruise..
    it has a piano in the beginning.
    Does anyone know what song this is?

  90. what is the song that does. “roller derby is not a crime man”?

  91. You did an amazing job and thanks to you i found the songs i was looking for ; ) Have yourself a beautiful new year!!!!!!!

  92. Some corrections:
    Unattainable โ€“ Little Joy is played when Bliss and Oliver are sitting around listening to records right before the other team comes in to dump her in the hot tub

    Dead Sound by the Ravonettes- Played when Oliver and bliss are looking for his olivers keys

    Bang on-Played when Bliss bumps corby off the staircase.

    Pot Kettle Black โ€“ Tilly and the Wall-played after Razor sells his plays to the other team and when the team comes back together.

    I predict a Riot-Played at the beginning of play number 8

    High Times-Landon Pigg- Played after the meet when Bliss and Oliver go to the movies

  93. Hey, can anyone tell me the song from the mall where Bliss finds the flyer thru the drive home? i love it and its driving me crazy trying to find it! thanks!

  94. you guys are forgetting “I know what I am” which is the song played during either one of the matches or in the training match

  95. nevermind I just noticed it was posted

  96. anybody know the song that played when she was in the library ? um, when she was looking at olivers bands homepage i suppose :O

  97. […] blog that lists unlisted soundtrack songs for helping make this list.  Check out this blog ReelSoundtrack.   Here is the video of the song from the pool scene, one of my favorite songs of the […]

  98. This is just what I was looking for. I love, love, love this movie. Thanks!

  99. […] a great blog that lists unlisted soundtrack songs for helping make this list.ย  Check out this blog ReelSoundtrack. Here is the video of the song from the pool scene, one of my favorite songs of the movie (and […]

  100. whats the song where before bliss gets her old skates from the box and her and pash are in the car and its a quiet song from where they’re walking and talking about bliss joining derby and then when theyre both in the car it go “hey eyyyy eyyy eyyyyy hey eyy eyyy eyyy” real loud.

  101. Does anyone know of a torrent, or a spot to buy these 57 in their entirety?

  102. can you tell me what song is playing in the beauty pageant dressing room scene? it is playing in another scene that i can’t remember…

  103. Does anyone know yet what the name of the song is when Bliss slaps Oliver?

  104. well done! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  105. Can someone help me find out the song at about 14:00 when Bliss goes see the derby for the fist time and the game actually starts. It comes right after “I Know What I Am” by Band Of Skulls. The song only lasts about 30 seconds and sounds sorta black sabbath with violins on lead.

  106. can you tell me what song is playing in the beauty pageant dressing room scene? it is playing in another scene that i canโ€™t rememberโ€ฆ

  107. I’ve been trying to find the song that is playing when the Holy Rollers are being introduced at the first bout can anyone let me know ๐Ÿ™‚ ?

  108. does anyone know the song that plays when her mother takes her to get new shoes and the roller derby girls bring flyers into the shop? i think it’s an acoustic guitar song and i’d love to know who it’s by ๐Ÿ™‚

  109. Greatest love of all shows up twice in the movie, the first time, the mom and little sister are singing it while Bliss sits in the back seat. The second time is at the end, when the bloopers and end credits roll. Ellen Page sings a line from the song. Thanks for posting this, it’s really cool!

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