All 32 Songs from the Old Dogs Soundtrack

Here’s the complete list of all 32 songs from Old Dogs including downloads for them. The soundtrack album for Old Dogs has less than half of them on it, but you can find all 32 of them below.

Not surprisingly, the music from the movie is mostly a throwback to tunes that would appeal to “old dogs” in real life, such as Bryan Adams, Wilson Pickett, Pete Townshend, Lifehouse, Dean Martin and Zapp & Roger. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Summer of ’69 is a great song, as is Let My Love Open the Door.

I was pleasantly surprised to find Brett Dennen, Lilly Allen and The Hives in the movie, not to mention Pizzicato Five, which is a total shocker in a mix like this. Plus, you can never go wrong with David Gray, one of the most consistently underrated singers of our time. His music goes much deeper than Babylon and anyone who has ever caught a live show of his can attest to that (hat tip to Ed).

The low point of the album is probably the clichéd use of Chariots of Fire, but overall, it’s a good mix.

There will be a lot of people who will skip this movie because they think it’s going to be cheesy, formulaic or overdone. For those folks, the commercials that say “from the creators of Wild Hogs” will serve as a warning not an invitation. But I will admit that I actually thought Wild Hogs was pretty funny and I am sure Old Dogs will be amusing in the same way.

Here are the songs from Old Dogs. Hope you enjoy them. //Update: I’ve added notes on the scenes that most of the songs were in. The songs are in the order they appeared in the movie. Hope that helps.

Original music for Old Dogs – John Debney

Songs on the soundtrack album that aren’t in the movie. There are 32 songs in the movie, so I don’t know why they need extra songs on the album, when they leave off more than half of them, but here they are:


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19 Responses to “All 32 Songs from the Old Dogs Soundtrack”

  1. “Time to Go” by DJ Roc was released as “Start Me Up”.

  2. Truly enjoyed the movie and loved the music.

  3. What was the song called, when he told his kids he’S going to japan?????

  4. What is the song called when john travolta and robin williams are in the bed with the kids, it sounded like the goo goo dolls to me but i’m not sure

    • The song is “Make You Crazy” by Brett Dennen. The video is toward the top of the post and the link to the song is mid-way through the list:

      Kids talking to mom on the phone – Make You Crazy – Brett Dennen

    • lifehouse-you and me

  5. Thanks so much! Old dogs is a good movie 😉

  6. what is the song in the trailer when they’re in the bathroom with the pills that makes him not see well?

  7. La cancion Quema tu amor es del autor cubano German Nogueira que forma parte del cd Musa Cubana. Si miran los creditos de Dysney en este sitio veran que esta su nombre. No entiendo porque lo omitieron aqui y solo ponen al editor Clipper….saludos Mario

  8. The song your love Burns the Cuban is of the author German Nogueira that the Muse Cubana is a part of the CD. If they watch Dysney’s credits at this place they will see than this his name. I do not understand because they omitted it here and solo they put the editor Clipper and. greeting Mario

    • This is one of the best songs in this movie and it give the audience the great sound of the cuban music Quema tu Amor by German Nogueira, the credits should go for who wrote the song and the music and it should be showwing the name of the author of this song in the movie.

  9. Quema tu amor, uno de los 10 tracks del cd Musa Cubana producido por German Nogueira y del cual es compositor de todos los temas…que lastima que este en un film como este OLD DOGS , Tv española ( PELOTAS, CAP 18,19 Y 20) y en Burn Notice…en formato cd no ha salido sin embargo en Itunes, emusic, AMAZON, ETC esta..,…que loco esta el mundo de la musica….bye bye….DIANA

  10. awsome! thanx for the post, I’ve been looking the songlist in wikipedia but I didn’t found one 😦

  11. muchas gracias cuando vi la pelicula escuche la cancion de Twiggy Twiggy – Pizzicato Five y no me acordaba del nombre para descargarla pero en esta pagina encontre el nombre.. la peliula es muy buena no pare de reir..

  12. what is the song that john sang with his daughter and why isn’t it listed it was beautiful.

  13. what was the name of the song after john and her daughter had tea and they start dancing

  14. which is the song that says ‘i cant take my eyes off of you” ?

  15. whats that music where travolta cuts the bikes wires???

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