All 20 Songs from the Precious Soundtrack

Here are all 20 songs from the Precious soundtrack with downloads and videos for them. The soundtrack to Precious ranges from gospel to soul, jazz to show tunes, with hip hop and Christmas music thrown in the mix. There’s Queen Latifah, Mary J. Blige and Labelle, crossed with Lenny Kravitz and The Platters, with a little bit of Da Brat and Bobby Brown to boot.

My favorite song from the movie is System by Labelle. Here they are live from the Beacon Theater earlier this year:

Talk about live. Here’s a little throw back to Queen Latifah before she started making movies:

And Mary J. Blige talking about her song “I Can See in Color” featured in the movie and why she wanted her music included in the movie:

The complete list of songs from Precious is below, with links to the downloads for 16 out of the 20. I could not find music from 227 online. I also couldn’t track down the Lenny Kravitz song. Enjoy!

Original music for Precious – Mario Grigorov

Song from the commercial for Precious – Happy by Leona Lewis


~ by montelutz on November 29, 2009.

29 Responses to “All 20 Songs from the Precious Soundtrack”

  1. Cant get to the Da Brat track- do you have a link

  2. pleaseeeeeeeeeee someone find the da brat & lil mo soundtrack!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. song* i mean..

  4. I think I should say that the song “My Good Lovin” by Da Brat and Lil Mo DOES NOT match the one I heard in the movie. I was able to find a copy of the movie. I was also able to find a copy of the song “My Good Lovin” by Da Brat and Lil Mo. When compared the LYRICS used in the movie are different than the one for My Good Lovin. They both use the same beat and hook (she sings my good lovin as part of the hook) BUT WHOEVER was rapping in the movie IS NOT in the song by Da Brat and Lil Mo. Not even her lyrics and the way she plays with the hook. The biggest giveaway was when in the movie she sings “yall belong together”. That does NOT happen in this song. I’m sorry, but it’s true. Took one hell of a time to find the song itself, but what a big let down to find out it’s not the same one as the movie. If you guys want to find the one by Da Brat type into google “Back Like That Da Brat” and it’ll have a link to listen to it. Again tho that is NOT THE SAME SONG FROM THE MOVIE. NOT EVEN THE SAME RAPPER. Just has the same beat and hook.

    • my apologies. let me see if i can tell what the precise song is when i go see the movie again this weekend. this is what the credits said but i will check it again.

      • You’re right, it does say that in the credits, but I believe it to be maybe a special remix made for the movie. When I further inspected it I believe it showed that Lil Mo made a special appearance for that specific song and if I’m right that’s her who we hear rap. Originally she didn’t rap. She was just the background vocals. As far as how to maybe get THAT specific song, I wouldn’t know. It’s really weird how this song wasn’t included in the soundtrack. It was well worth including it.

  5. yea im tryin to find that song too please someone post it.

  6. I KNOOOOOO ….I cannnot find this song to save my life …
    and itzz crazyy cuzz ive been lookin for it for a while now

  7. Who knows what song was playing when the kids visited the museum? It sounds like James Brown.

    • Hi, did you find out from whom this song is? For me it sounds like james brown too, but I could not find this specific song.

  8. What song was playing at the very end of the movie and during the closing credits?

  9. which song plays in the credits?

  10. Precious Soundtrack – Mary J. Blige, Queen Latifah und Co…

    Wer die Oscars verfolgt hat, ist sicher auch schon über den Filmtitel Precious gestolpert, für den Mo’nique als beste Nebendarstellerin ausgezeichnet wurde. Das ist jedoch nicht alles, was der Film zu bieten hat, sieht man sich näm…


    For Da Brat & Lil Mo Soundtrack.

  12. What song was playing at the very end of the movie and during the closing credits? is so beutyfull and emotional(in the part of the music song titles credits…)… if some ones could tell I be very thankfull, that song recall a memory of my Dad!

    thanks for the help!

  13. lil mo ft da brat – back like that (remix) sounds like the right song?

  14. What is Christmas rap song in Precious?

  15. does some one now how what the song is when precious have hungry and she go to a snackbar and order chicken but she has no money and then she run away…i like that song!! please help me

  16. strait from the movie. back like dat remix

  17. mike? can you speak dutch i’m from holland, so it cuold be better if you could speak netherlands because i am not good in english
    but anyway that song back like that sounds a litlle bit good but is not really the same cause in the movie when she raps she sys “”Fack you nigger” just for a exemple but i don’t hear her not singing that in the song back like that ??

    can some one find a link to the song we wish you a merry christmas from the platters?

    and everybody can watch the movie precious free at!!


  18. can some body answer my question, cause i think back like that sounds not all the right song but the most well

    i’m a bit in the same situation as precious, but i’m not pregnant but thats the only thing what different is …
    but does anabody now where i can find save help?
    i have been in a situation that they help me but then they told it to my dad and he was very angery on me so does some one now where you can find save help and they says the thing you tell them that they don’t tell that to my parents??

  19. what is the name of the jazzy music in the scene of the award party where they are all dancing in the movie?

  20. what is the song plays during precious and her mother fight when her mother throw the television to precious and her newborn child?tq…

  21. How come nobodys talking about Lenny Kravitz song “Do it”? Cant seem to find it anywhere, can somebody post it here plz.

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