Most Popular Movie Soundtracks of 2009

It’s December 1st. Time for the best of 2009 lists to start rolling in. We are going to start with the 10 most popular movie soundtracks of 2009 based on the number of people who’ve read each post on Reelsoundtrack since the start of the year (in parenthesis).

It’s a good list dominated by comedies.  I guess we were all in the mood for good tunes and lighthearted fun this year. In fact Transformers 2 and Seven Pounds were the only non-comedies in the top 10.

  1. The Hangover – 21 lucky songs packed into the funniest movie of the year. Kanye, T.I., Flo Rida, The Donnas and Mickey Avalon are the perfect soundtrack for a raucus vegas vacation. (245,000)
  2. The Ugly Truth – Radio friendly romance rock from Katy Perry, Nikka Costa, Natasha Bedingfield and the like. (201,000)
  3. Seven Pounds – It’s a New Dawn, It’s a New Day with Nick Drake, Ruth Brown, Muse and the haunting sounds of Bird York in a perfect song, perfect scene. (170,000)
  4. Paul Blart – Classic rock and 80s hair bands rule the roost with Survivor, KISS, Bon Jovie and Eddie Money. Just remember, lemonade makes every karaoke experience better. (169,000)
  5. Transformers 2 – Rock and kitsch from Linkin Park, Green Day, Nickelback and Hank Williams headline the 14 songs for the second installment. (135,000)
  6. Yes Man – Just say yes to the 48 songs from Yes Man, including 13 from the Eels, plus Bloc Party and The Bravery. And yes, the ring tone is Journey. (98,000)
  7. Bruno – Only Bruno could mix Snoop and Soft Cell with AC/DC and the Village People. Alle 17 songs sind sehr gut. Ja woll.
  8. Bride Wars – Don’t fight it. You will love all 21 songs from Bride Wars, including The Submarines, Rick James, Technotronic, Eve and Natalie Cole (87,000)
  9. Step Brothers – Kicking off with Vampire Weekend and rocking through GNR, Q-Tip and Dilated Peoples, with a bit of Billy Joel to boot. Drum solos please. (74,000)
  10. The Proposal – I expected Michael Buble and Frankie Goes to Hollywood, but not Rob Base, Lil John, MC Hammer or Living Colour. The music was as surprising as the movie itself. (51,000)

~ by montelutz on December 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “Most Popular Movie Soundtracks of 2009”

  1. don’t forget (500) Days Of Summer!!!

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