Big Thumbs Up for All 20 Songs from the Up in the Air Soundtrack

Up in the Air is a great movie with a mighty fine soundtrack. The soundtrack album to Up in the Air has about half of the songs from the movie; you can find all 20 of them here.

I am guessing if you googled Up in the Air soundtrack it may be because of one of a handful of songs. First on my list would be the wedding song, which is called Help Yourself and is by Sad Brad Smith. It’s a damn good song. I cannot find the full video, but here’s a minute of it overlaid on scenes from Up in the Air.

I also liked David Winer’s Ticket to Life Theme, which plays when he heads back to Omaha. And you can never, ever go wrong with Elliott Smith. Angels in the Snow was perfectly fitting for his return to his old high school. (I couldn’t find the actual song on YouTube, but here is a good cover version of it):

Goin’ Home from Dan Auerbach is also haunting it fits so well.

I also enjoyed the comic relief in the form of Young MC and Naughty by Nature at the tech expo. Good stuff.

Here’s the complete list of songs from Up in the Air in the order they appeared in the movie. I was able to discern about half of the songs, so I matched them to scenes where I could. If you happen to know which songs were in the other scenes, please post a comment and I will update the list.

Extra song on the album, not in the movie – Taken At All – Crosby, Stills & Nash


~ by montelutz on December 23, 2009.

16 Responses to “Big Thumbs Up for All 20 Songs from the Up in the Air Soundtrack”

  1. there is also a johnny cash song that I can’t find at all on anyones list of the soundtracks and seems to be uncredited? Does anyone know what it is? It is at the end of the movie I think

  2. Couple of errors in your blog. The song “Taken at All” by CSNY, is certainly in the film. It’s in a scene about 15 minutes from the end, I think, where Clooney is reflecting on things…I can’t remember the exact visuals. But an entire verse or two of the song is there. Secondly, the Kevin Renick song (please correct your spelling) plays in the end credits, after the Graham Nash song.

  3. Is there a R&B song by Ricky Strickland in the movie? Can’t remember the scene.

  4. there was also another song during the reception scene while everyone danced in slow motion, trying to find out what that was

    • I’m looking for that reception song as well. When I saw it I thought it was the Black Lips but I’m not sure.

  5. “Genova” by Charles Atlas is played at the beginning of the Detroit scene and “The Snow Before Us” is during the most pivotal part of the film – the last song played before the credits roll.

  6. Sad Brad Smith Help Yourself

  7. there is another song at the corporate part.. it is a very hype song mayge a 70’s song sang by a woman.. it played before good times by chic

  8. Just a line to thank you for all you effort in compiling and putting the list together. it’s people like you who make life easy for searchers like us and therefore thought I owe you a thank you 🙂

  9. There’s a song that I can’t seem to find from the movie. It’s instrumental, and only plays in two parts:
    -when Ryan and Alex are on the boat, the lights go off, then they’re all on the motorboat on their way back to the hotel. The music kicks in, just a lilting guitar piece, and plays until he wakes up and Alex is leaving in the morning.
    -after he finds out Alex has a family, he goes back to his hotel room for a drink. The music starts up again, this time with some violin strings, and keeps going until she calls him when he’s on the bus.

    Any idea what this piece is or where I can get it? It’s not on the soundtrack.

  10. “By Your Side” by Blue Mountain is playing in the background when they enter the rehearsal dinner.

  11. hey:) im 23 year old girl from south korea. i really wanted to know the song at tech party so googled and finally found your blog. thank you for your information! and i think your blog is so nice. i’ll come again later. have a nice day:)

  12. With apologies in advance to Graham Nash, is it me or does “Be Yourself” borrow a bit of guitar from The Beatles “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away”. Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings version of Woddy Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land” just blew me away!

  13. […] music from Taking Chances reminds me of the soundtracks to Good Will Hunting and Up in the Air – both great mixes of tunes. Wyoming sounds like a cross between Elliott Smith, Dan Auerbach […]

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