Sherlock Holmes Soundtrack Is Anything But Elementary

There are only three songs in Sherlock Holmes, none of which are on the soundtrack album, which only includes the score by Hans Zimmer. It’s actually a great score.

I kept on trying to figure out if the music in certain scenes was score or a song I just couldn’t plaTwo of the three non-score songs in the movie are actually from Isobel Griffith’s songs from the movie The Duchess. No wonder I had a hard time placing them. The only stand-out song is The Rocky Road to Dublin by The Dubliners, which plays during the fight scene.

The movie was great. Guy Ritchie is hit or miss, but with Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law and Rachel McAdams to work with, it’s a hit. Gritty, funny, reasoned action (as in the brief explanation of the hit before the hit lands). Enjoy the movie, and the brief trove of tunes.


~ by montelutz on December 27, 2009.

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  1. thanks, I didn’t know the name of the first song, but does anyone know if I can find the instrumental version of it that was playing at the ending credits ?

    great movie, even though I didn’t enjoy robert’s fake british accent at all.

    • Could anyone tell me the name of the song and by whom it is sung by during the end credits of the 2009 sherlock holmes moview – is it the same as the fight scene?

  2. im trying to find the song that plays during the second fight scene with Dredger… or whatever the tall guy’s name is… It’s really pretty

  3. Great job. The Dubliners song was driving me nuts. These songs finish off a great soundtrack to a great movie

  4. Does anyone know the song playing during the frst fight with Dredger? It sounds very Celtic.

  5. I also am wondering about those few remaining songs…

  6. It’s a decent soundtrack, but I was baffled as to what connection there is between Sherlock Holmes and the Dibliners’ “Rocky Road to Dublin”. Conan Doyle was of Irish origin and there a few very minor Irish characters in the film, but this is stretching it a bit!

  7. Thanks for posting the information on the music from such a great movie. I too was looking for the song from the closing credits. Any thoughts?

  8. After a little more poking around the internet it looks like it was that same song from the Dubliners, at least per wikipedia.

  9. Thanks very much for posting this. I went looking for the Dubliners song on the soundtrack and was disappointed I couldn’t find it.

  10. What I wante to know is what was the musical instrument playing during the Rocky Road To Dublin? I thought at first it was a banjo and then decided it was a sitar…anyone know for sure?

  11. any joy on the fight song anyone?

  12. it’s a tenor banjo, drop tuned an octave below a fiddle or mandolin…. Irish Banjo

  13. wow. Thanks for explaining the connection with The Duchess. Having the soundtrack of The Duchess, I was bugged when I heard the two classical pieces (which were the only music in the Duchess that were not Rachel Portman’s) in this Movie.

  14. Thank very much for sharing your knowledge: I was looking for it for the “Dubliners”.

  15. The song is the fight between Dredger and Holmes is NOT Rocky Road to Dublin. Wikipedia was incorrect, and has been fixed. That being said, I have no idea what the music *is* so any help would be appreciated. 🙂

  16. The track is “Rocky Road to Dublin”, but it’s the High Kings version, which is faster than the Dubliners’ version.

    The connection between Sherlock Holmes and the Irish, as Guy Richie rightly identified, is that at that time in London (1880s onwards), the Irish were very much part of the London underclass (beggars, criminals, whores). There was massive emigration from Ireland to London (and elsewhere) from the period of the famine onwards.

    If you were in an organised fistfight in London at the time, it was probably Irish organised and with an Irish boxer. If you were being ripped off by a palm reader, she was probably Irish, etc.

  17. You can see/hear it here:

  18. Scratch that, apparently, it IS the Dubliners – an old Luke Kelly version. It’s definitely Rock Road to Dublin, though, I had to bit my tongue not to sing along in the cinema!

  19. امووووووووووووووووووووت علة شارلوك هولمززززززز

    i looooooove sharlock holmes

  20. does any one know the music when holmes chase her wife,passing the circus and meet moriati? pleaseee

  21. So which song is played when Holmes fights Dredger?

  22. @ Ali Asagaf – ‘I Never Woke Up In Handcuffs Before’ by Hans Zimmer

  23. There was a song in Sherlock Holmes the movie that isn’t by Hans Zimmer and I can’t find it on the soundtrack. It had lyrics and was soulful and I think the lyrics said something about “take me”…does anyone know what song this was? I love it!

  24. German Dance No. 10 In D Major is in the scene where Holmes sits in the Royal, waiting for Mary and Watson

  25. Any luck on the identity (Artist/Song title) of the Dredger fight song? I’ve heard some people say it’s an instrumental version of “Rocky Road To Dublin” but to be honest, I don’t hear that tune at all (some musicians have the tendency to make a song sound unrecognizable but you would really have to butcher that song to yield that result).

  26. Who wrote/played the beautiful violin piece during the slo-mo explosions on the wharf (at about 84 minutes into the film)?

  27. guys,
    while I have still no idea on the song featured in the first Dredger fight… the song in the second fight, when Sherlock is chasing him towards the shipyard, is an adaptation of a Romanian tune, called “Ciocarlia” (The Lark, I think that would be the translation…). That having been said, it is changed rather than adapted, and it really sounds like it’s being played by the old gypsy bands, including the rather scratchy sound of the instruments, and the rhythm. Hope that helps…

  28. here’s a link to one of the song’s more “classical” renderings…

  29. …and another one, which is a more widely known interpretation… Gheorghe Zamfir and his panflute:

  30. Regarding my post above “There was a song in Sherlock Holmes the movie that isn’t by Hans Zimmer and I can’t find it on the soundtrack. It had lyrics and was soulful and I think the lyrics said something about “take me”…does anyone know what song this was? I love it!”

    I found the song! It is called Mad World by Gary Jules. I don’t know why it isn’t anywhere on the web connected to this soundtrack since it’s in the movie.

    • in which scene is the song ‘MAD WORLD”? in the movie of sherlok holmes i can’t find it anywhere

  31. I don’t remember which scene, I just remember hearing the song while I was watching it and remembering some of the lines so I could google them, which ended up working when I finally remembered the lines.

  32. The song from the Dredger fight is a Scottish tune called “Johnny Cope”, but Hans Zimmer seems to have put a very heavy francophone spin to it. I found a version on You Tube where you can hear the melody.

    • Brilliant! Thanks man 🙂

    • I find this very funny because I am a Celtic fiddler and I know this tune as a march. I was going crazy trying to find the name to this tune from this movie and I never suspected it was one I nearly already knew! Now I just have to figure out how to play it like this…

      Thanks for this!

  33. Aw! I wanna find the Hans Zimmer version of Johnny Cope really bad! =)

  34. what is the name of the music at about 1hr 55 into the film when she says “youll miss me Sherlock” and he says “sadly yes” I cant seem to find it on the soundtrack.

    • That quote is during the end of “Psychological Recovery… six months”. The song is nearly nineteen minutes long so, it might take you awhile.

  35. is it just me…..has nobody noticed that there is a difference between the “discombobulate” soundtrack and the music that starts with the start of the movie..(when Sherlock is running and Watson is in that carriage with the inspector..preparing..)..i could not find the track which runs during the start of the movie,,

    • It has the beginning of discombobulate, but after you’ve seen all the studio logos, it switches over to Marital Sabotage

  36. Great information. I had been looking for all of these songs. Thank you for this post!

  37. I didn’t understand what was the music in the fight scene betwneen the dredgers and sherlock holmes, if somebody told it.

    Does anybody have the name of this song..?

    • Skylz,

      The answer to your question can be found a few posts up. The song during the Dredger fight scene is a variation (a heavily modified variation, I might add) of the song “Johnny Cope”. Hope that helps 🙂

  38. The song in the fight scene is “the YOUNG dubliners” from there album “with all due respect:irish sessions” 2007

  39. Check out Rachel McAdams latest movie Morning Glory with a great soundtrack featuring The Weepies, Natasha Bedingfield and Joss Stone.

  40. Where can I find an instrumental version of The Rocky Road to Dublin? That would be really helpful!

  41. Can anyone tell me what the name of the song is that’s being played when Blackwood is hanged (the first time) and he says that death is just the beginning. Its played later on when Holmes and Dredger are talking in French once they arrive at the shipyard. Its a slow violin piece.


    • It’s in My Mind Rebels at Stagnation on the Hans Zimmer soundtrack in the last minute and a half of the song. I quite like this one.

  42. thank you very much,
    The dubliners

  43. I just saw the movie. Even though Rocky Road is credited to the Dubliners I am almost positive it is the Clancy Brothers.

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