Daybreakers Soundtrack Is (un)Dead on Arrival

Back in September when the previews for Daybreakers first started airing, a lot of people were asking about the song in the Daybreakers preview. It was “Running Up that Hill” by Placebo, a cover of Kate Bush’s early 80s song, which was originally featured in the movie The Chocolate War. (I wrote about both of them in a post at the time)

I love this song, so I was hoping that they would follow through with a good soundtrack for the movie too. It didn’t happen.

The movie only includes the score by Chris Gordon and one song – Burning Love by Dennis Linde. Linde’s song was made famous by Elvis, who sang it at a number of concerts but evidently had trouble keeping the lyrics straight.

I’m still really looking forward to the movie, but given how excited I was about Placebo being featured in the preview, I’m just bummed that the soundtrack is dead on arrival.

Here’s a pretty cool mashup of Dennis and Elvis splitting the song Burning Love:

And the original version of Running up that Hill by Kate Bush:


~ by montelutz on January 9, 2010.

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