I Believe in the Book of Eli Soundtrack – 3 Songs and a Desert Score

I saw Book of Eli and can say – I believe – in the movie and the music. The score for Book of Eli by Atticus Ross and Claudia Sarne is haunting and surreal, perfectly suited for the desertscape in a world after the Flash.

The first bit of the score in particular – called Panoramic on the soundtrack album – reminded me of the middle of San Jacinto by Peter Gabriel, mixed with Gabriel’s score from Passion and remixed by Moby, and overlayed with the desert violins of Rajasthan, which generate the most soul-wrenching tone I have heard in this little life of mine. When the hallowed sounds of the hollowed violin play, the humdrum of the day kind of just fades away.

I would have expected that a serious, post-apocalyptic movie, would feature an emotive, evocative score but not much in the way of individual songs. I was very (pleasantly) surprised that there were two really great musical moments in the movie:

There is also a third song in the movie, Once Upon a Time in America by Ennio Morricone, but I could not place where it plays. It sometime between Al Green and Anita Ward.

Bottom line – I really enjoyed the Book of Eli – at least the first 1 hour 45 minutes and 15 seconds of it. I could have done without the last 45 seconds, which took a hauntingly poignant moment and made it a bit too Hollywood schlock wrapped it into a neat little bow for me. Maybe that’s just because as brilliant as Denzel was, and as beautiful as Mila Kunis is, I just don’t see them carrying the same mantle, or walking in the same shoes. Maybe it was because her sunglasses were just a bit too wayfarer for a wanderer from a post apocalyptic era.

Regardless, I enjoyed the movie and the music. I hope you enjoy them too.


~ by montelutz on January 16, 2010.

6 Responses to “I Believe in the Book of Eli Soundtrack – 3 Songs and a Desert Score”

  1. good article. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed the movie as well. The music choices were top notch. And I agree, that aside from a few hollywood, ‘kind of unbelievable’, moments, it did a great job of transporting all your senses to a different world.

  2. thanks a lot for this videos bro you did a great job:>

  3. The movie would’ve been nothing without the spectacular soundtrack accompanying it, Panoramic is the best theme track that will ever exist, next to the BladeRunner theme 😀

  4. book of eli soundtrack…..looking to find the song that is played during the credits…..goes during “cast” part etc. really creepy and very suitable. Any idea what/who wrote it. pls let me know if you can.

  5. Lookin to find out the song that Eli is listening to when he is alone in that house

  6. @Peter Me too can’t find it anywhere 😦

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