All 21 Songs from the From Paris With Love Soundtrack

There are 21 songs in the movie From Paris with Love. The soundtrack album for the movie is going to be released as an import on February 23rd, but there is no indication of what songs are going to be on the album until then. In the meantime, here’s the complete list of all 21 songs in From Paris with Love with links to downloads for most of them.

The majority of songs are listed just as the writers of the songs, not the performers. Where possible, I have found a link to an artist who has performed the song. For instance, the Michael Buble version of Me and Mrs. Jones. The soundtrack is mostly jazz, classical music and French standards.

Original music in From Paris with Love – David Buckley


~ by montelutz on February 6, 2010.

16 Responses to “All 21 Songs from the From Paris With Love Soundtrack”

  1. I wonder what is the name of the jazz song when James is sitting on his couch and looking at the micro chip ?

  2. i was wondering what the song was called at the end
    of the movie , when you see the cast etc,.

  3. anyone knows the song the guy with the coke appears in the building which was travolta and the other guy??it was a rap song fom just a few secs!!

  4. vorrei tanto sapere di chi canta e come si intitola la canzone sui titoli di coda del film from paris with love

  5. Can anyone tell me the song wax played while driving with reece? He implied it was his favorite or what..?

  6. Would anyone be able to tell me what the music was that was used on the DVD menu please? Thank you.

  7. chinese song played in the chinese restaurant scene pleaseeee :0)

  8. What is the song called at the end of the movie, after “Are you with me”

  9. you are very good

  10. The chinese song played in the restaurant is Mo Li Hua (Jasmine Flower). There are different renditions of it, however.

    This rendition is similar to the one that’s sung in the movie –

  11. What’s the name of the song after he shoots his fiance in the head that plays while she falls in slow motion?

  12. Another Day – Sarah Riani and Track Invaders
    Where i can download this track?

  13. do you know what terry devine-king album night city is on?

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