All 33 Songs from the Valentine’s Day Soundtrack

If you need a soundtrack for Valentine’s Day, the producers for the movie by the same name have done the heavy lifting for you. There are 33 songs in the movie Valentine’s Day – and you can find all of them here – Jamiroquai, Stevie Wonder, Maroon 5, Percie Sledge and Nat King Cole. But also, Amy Winehouse, Taylor Swift, Jewel and Leighton Meester. Not to mention Willie Nelson, Will.I.Am and 2Pac. We’re talking the gamut – an ensemble soundtrack, like the cast for the movie.

The soundtrack album for the movie does a pretty good job of recreating the sounds of the Valentine’s Day, with 18 of the 33 songs on the CD, or available for download on Amazon. But when was half good enough? Never. Would you send 7 roses? No. Would you eat half a box of chocolates and then re-gift them to your girl. I hope not. So why would you settle for half of the tunes? You don’t have to. All 33 are here.

Here’s the complete list of songs from the Valentine’s Day soundtrack;

Otiginal music from Valentine’s Day – John Debney


~ by montelutz on February 13, 2010.

4 Responses to “All 33 Songs from the Valentine’s Day Soundtrack”

  1. when did jump then fall come out in the movie??? I dont remember…

  2. when sean jackson, in the movie, was running to his house from the beach.. and they played that “na na na” thing.. what song was that?? i really like that song but i dont know what its called..

  3. It’s called Heartbreaker by Will.I.Am

  4. This is a great selection. I tend to prefer the classics, but I do love that Taylor Swift song… the lyrics are just so sweet 🙂

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