Percy Jackson and the Olympians Soundtrack Steals Songs From the Top of the Charts

There are only six songs in the movie Percy Jackson and the Olympians, but with both Lady Gaga and Ke$ha in the set, the music producers clearly decided they wanted the soundtrack to pack some punch.

There aren’t any songs until about halfway through the movie, when Percy and crew jump on the bus on the start of their journey to visit Hades. AC/DC’s Highway to Hell definitely fits the scene. The music comes back in again when they are heading to Nashville. Dwight Yoakam provides the background music for the beaten up pick-up they are driving.

Vegas provides most of the music, starting with A Little Less Conversation by Elvis and then Poker Face which plays in the Lotus Hotel. Once he says no to the flower, Three Dog Night kicks in with Mama Told Me Not to Come. And Ke$ha rounds out the musical turn as Percy tries to wake up his friends from the Lotus club. The rest of the movie returns to the musical score by Christophe Beck.

Here’s the list of songs from Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, in the order they appeared in the movie and with notes on the scenes they were in. Enjoy!


~ by montelutz on February 19, 2010.

3 Responses to “Percy Jackson and the Olympians Soundtrack Steals Songs From the Top of the Charts”

  1. Wow Ive been Looking all over the P;ace for the songs in “Percy Jackson the Lightning thief and I finnally found them at

  2. Yeah, well I’m still looking. There’s a song they used in one of the deleted scenes. The lyrics include “I said excuse me ladies. There’s a dog in the building.” NO ONE seems to be able to find ANYTHING about this song. I search the Web and seriously all I found were questions posted by other people who also want this song. It sounds like Britney Spears, but I can’t find anything by her or even Ke$sha that have these lyrics. Could the writer of this article dig up that information? I really want to purchase this song, but can’t find it.

    FYI, the song was also used in the promo for Dancing with the Stars Season 10, and Charisma Carpenter used the song for her Butterfinger video on YouTube. Can someone please help this song make it to the masses?

  3. The song everyone is looking for is called “Beware”. It was produced by Darkchild. Unfortunately, it was never commercially released so it is not available anywhere.

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