All 24 Fine Songs from the Brooklyn’s Finest Soundtrack

The Brooklyn’s Finest soundtrack has 24 songs, from Motown to Hip Hip, The Platters to Notorious B.I.G. There are a bunch of songs from The Evil Genious Green Lantern and Dead Prez, featuring folks like Busta Rhymes, Mavado and Johnny Polygon. It’s a good mix of tunes, even if Culture Club and The Rolling Stones may seem a bit out of place. Still, you can’t go wrong with the Isaac Hayes track off of Hot Buttered Soul, one of the best album names ever.

Too bad the soundtrack album for Brooklyn’s Finest doesn’t come out until three weeks after the movie is released. And even then, it looks like it is just going to have the score from Marcelo Zarvos. Not to worry, you can find almost all of the songs here in the order they appeared in the movie.

A non-musical note on the movie: Brooklyn’s Finest brings half the family from Training Day back for another gritty take on life as a cop – this time in the rough and tumble of Brooklyn. Ethan Hawke plays an Ethan Hawke cop. Richard Gere takes on the role of father cop. And you can never go wrong with Don Cheadle. Plus it’s good to see Wesley Snipes getting straight with the feds. It’s a good cast matched with some good songs.

Here’s the complete list of songs from Brooklyn’s Finest in the order they appeared in the movie. Check back for info on the scenes they were in (or pipe in below and I will add notes to the post).


~ by montelutz on March 5, 2010.

54 Responses to “All 24 Fine Songs from the Brooklyn’s Finest Soundtrack”

  1. Just saw it and loved the music…in my opinion the mix of music worked well with the scenes!

  2. What is the name of that Papoose song…its in the background of one of the scenes

  3. Yesterday i heard a remix of Henny and Bacardi by Cassidy on Wired 96.5 Philadelphia. I don’t remember the lines but i remember he said something like “I just grab the auto of my semi” Is there a remix to that song or can anyone find it?

  4. what is the name of the song being played while the white dude is struggling with the black guy where they have the three girls kidnapped

  5. Anyone know what was the name of the song playing in the scene when Richard Gere and the girl were getting it on? I liked it a lot but no idea which one it is. Sounded like a classic from some time back.

    • I also need to know this as it’s driving me crazy…i know the song just can’t remember who it was by or what it’s called…i know it’s from the 60’s or the 70’s…

    • Yes! I love tat song nd cannot find the name. It is from a few years back and would love to know the name.

    • When Richard Gere was screwing the prostitute the music playing was “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane. The lyrics of the song are the story of Alice in Wonderland.

      • Thanks Guys, i almost went crazy searching this song !
        This is so great !
        I knew it has to be jefferson airplane….

  6. Hi Eddie Constant…I just found the song you and I were looking for from that scene…it is called White Rabbit from Jefferson Airplane! Enjoy! 🙂

  7. That’s the song I was just looking for too! I came on this website to find it…White Rabbit. Thanks! Must be popular. 🙂

  8. Anyone know what’s that first song (you hear only the instrumental) when they meet up in the stripclub around 79:00 .There’s a voice that sound kinda like 50 cent, but im not sure, i could only hear the beat. It comes up right before the Isaac Hayes song I think…

    • Is it NYDP? I was looking for the song with the good dance beat in the scene where Don Cheadle and Wesley Snipes are in their first scene together and their standing at the bar. It’s NYDP by Dead Prez. Don’t know if that’s the one you mean or not.

      • No not that scene, I’m talking about the one where Cheadle is introducing other dealers to Snipes and they meet up at the strip club. Right at the begining of the scene there’s an instrumental bumping while some girl is dancing, it’s a pretty quick part though…

      • well that was exactly the 1 i was lookin for…thnx boss.

      • Well, did any body figure out the name of the song or who sings it?

  9. Eddie Constant sends his THANKS and is going to track down that white r-r-rabbit

  10. Whats the name of the song in the background when Richard Gere breaks into the apartment to rescue the kidnapped girl at the end. It’s some rap song, but I can’t find it. Thanks

  11. on the preview eminem was singing a song what was it.

  12. does anyone know the name of that violin song when that guy at the end goes to the apartment building and pulls out his glock and walks in thru the front door (the swat guy that needs money for his family) its a sad song (just violin playing0


    Uncle Murder Ft Wyclef ft Movado – Informer.


  14. whats the name of the song when the cops are playing poker in the basement….its goes something like na na na na naaaa.

  15. what song is it after the 2nd have of the club scene

  16. Anyone know the song playing in Don Cheadles car as he drives away, after throwing the beer bottle at the meter reader?

  17. Does anyone know the song where Sal kills 2 black dudes in the living rooms, then turns off the stereo, what is that bass song?

  18. Does anyone know the name of the song in the background that is playing on the preview commercial?

  19. Here`s the song where Sal kills 2 black dudes and turn off stereo:

  20. Thanks for the post – loved the movie and you helped me find a track I was looking for!


  21. Hey, do you have the soundtrack for “Bullet” featuring 2Pac and Mickey Rourke? Nice blog – thanks for this post..

  22. What’s the song called when Don Cheadle get in his car (you just hear the beat) after throwing a bottle at a parking guard?


  23. Please I need that song >.<

  24. what’s the name of the song in the trailer not run this town, but the little part where it starts at Gere throwing his badge into the box

  25. shit i need that song too Don Cheadle song when he gets in the car I want that song

  26. What’s the song called when Don Cheadle get in his car (you just hear the beat) after throwing a bottle at a parking guard?

    +1 please ive been looking too

  27. What’s the song called when Don Cheadle get in his car (you just hear the beat) after throwing a bottle at a parking guard?

  28. If you have that song pls post it here !

    (song in Don Cheadle’s car)

  29. this movies bomb man i needed the soundtrack its got some bad ass songs on it

  30. The song playing in Don Cheadle’s car when he drives away from the parking guard is “Bullet Bullet” by Uncle Murda.

    Now any1 knows the song where the whole swat team is moving in for a takedown in a shop’s basement. 2 Crown Vics and an NYPD ESU Truck shows up there.

  31. What the name of the song when Tango with Wesley, and the other 2 dealers are at the gentlmen club, it sounded like a ol’ school threw back jam??

  32. I’m also looking for the song in the BMW.

  33. nice post, thanks for sharing, save it, hope for next post

  34. I think you missed white rabbit

  35. I’m looking for the song when the girls are ironing the money? I’m pretty sure its by JayZ.

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