All 41 Songs from the Hot Tub Time Machine Soundtrack

First of all, the soundtrack to Hot Tub Time Machine is awesome, which is fitting, because so is the movie. It’s hysterical. There are only 15 songs on the soundtrack album but you can find all 41 of them here, with notes on all the scenes they were in.

The first 30 minutes of the movie are the funniest I have seen in a year. And I could not help but love when the string of eighties songs kicked in. Men Without Hats, Nu Shooz, INXS and Bowie back to back was fantastic. Throw in New Order, Echo & The Bunnymen, Talking Heads and Spandau Ballet – and how could you go wrong.

The writers also had a lot of fun throwing in random 80s movies references, from “I want my two dollars” in the ski lodge to the oh-so-Sixteen-Candles counter scene in the house that they broke into.

But the real musical thrill of the movie was the use of Motley Crue’s Home Sweet Home again and again. Holy crap the end video was funny. But it also played when he was singing in the car in the garage and a couple other times throughout the movie. Throw in a combo from Poison and hair band goodness is back.

Here’s the complete list of songs from Hot Tub Time Machine in the order they appeared in the movie and with notes on each of the scenes. Enjoy.


~ by montelutz on March 31, 2010.

53 Responses to “All 41 Songs from the Hot Tub Time Machine Soundtrack”

  1. You’re website ROCKS!!! Found exactly what I was looking for. I loved Hot Tub Time Machine.

  2. OH, Great article

  3. There’s one song that I believe you’re missing from this list. When they first enter the ski lodge in 1986 some hip hop song starts playing sounding similar to prince. This song was also featured in the movie Ghosts of Girlfriends Pasts which was also uncredited and I’m dying to know what the song is. It appears you have every song listed BUT that one. Please contact me if you can help me find it.

    Thank you

    • I think you were searching for the same song as me, and becoming frustrated (hopefully you found it back in April). When they enter the ski lodge, Lou is staring up at tv set, it first appeared to me that this is source of the song, but it is not. It is a cover of “Safety Dance”:


  4. You’re missing “I Can’t Wait,” by Nu Shooz…lol it was the one song that i was looking for

  5. you are missing “You Spin Me Round” by Dead or Alive

  6. Holy mother of God, i didn’t know about this site.
    It’s a gret source of information, thank you for your existence.

    I really liked the very last song, the kind of funk that starts with a bass, at the credits…

    You say it is ‘Original music for Hot Tub Time Machine’ – Christophe Beck.

    I need help to find more songs like that, what is the exact name of that style, can anybody help me?

  7. Jose, thanks for remember the trailer song “You Spin Me Round” by Dead or Alive

  8. whats the song when lou is driving the car drunk before he get in the garage?metal song

  9. Christophe Beck – “pee end” (the song after motley crue’s last one)

  10. Been looking for the Nu Shooz and Scritti tracks. Thanx a lot 🙂

  11. man, thanks for the list, but you’re missing one track, been searching for days now… That sort of Lounge/ jazz song, in the scene were they pick-up lou, right before there trip to kodiak valley start. also, you hear it at the end of the movie, during the credits, after the Motley Crue song “Home Sweet Home”, hope you can help me out with that one…

  12. thanks! i’ve been looking for nu shooz!

  13. what music played during credit scroll at end of movie

  14. how about when jacob is playing that jail sims game? when cusack walks downstairs its playing and you can hear it in the back ground. anyone know what i am talking about? sounds real gangsta and i liked it.

  15. its not safety dance original version its safety dance (club mix)

  16. thanks rock..

  17. i finally know what song i was lookng for now thanks so much! i cant wait by nu shooz yes!

  18. Oi mate thanks a lot! I knew it was Motley Crue, I just didn’t know the song I was looking for was ‘Kickstart my heart’.
    Muchos gracias! xD

  19. what is the name of the song that comes on as they drive into the rundown town that has all the ‘out of business’ closed down stores?

    (it’s an instrumental and it’s just after the driving in the mountains scene).

  20. Thanks was looking for one of the songs

  21. ur missing a song at the 34:50 min mark as the muscle car drives under the winterfest banner, cannot find this song anywhere anyone found it?? great sounding song

  22. edit found it haha

  23. HELP – anyone know the name of the following song and band? >

    (scene before they reach the lodge), it’s the music that comes on as they are driving into the town, ‘out of business’ signs are in the store windows and the town looks run down?

  24. whats the song after adam gets dumped and is gettin fucked up?

  25. At the Poison concert the song playing isn’t Cry Tough it’s Talk Dirty To Me.

  26. what is the name of the song in the begining when the fatboy plays the prison game its about 3:00

  27. awsome site, wat is the song that is plaing when david bowie come on and says “i love my mtv” as they start to freak out?

  28. You ROCK man..!
    was looking for home sweet home.. and here it is..
    check it out guys its awesome!!

    hey.. somebody got hold of a better vidfeo quality version of that song then please post it here 🙂

  29. lougle me!

  30. The song that plays after “Turn Up The Radio” is Christophe Beck’s “Red Stickers”.

  31. Anyone happen to know where Jake Monaco’s music can be found?

  32. What was the song when the black guy was cheating on his 9 year old wife? there was a song going in the backfround.

  33. i’m trying to find the song that plays right before lou gets punched in the face, and then it resumes after he’s punched. it’s played super super low in the movie and i’m suspecting that it’s the song ‘i heard a rumor’ by ghost swami but i can’t seem to find the song anywhere.

  34. There’s actually another song in the “bump into ski instructor” scene. It’s when Lou is talking about having a functioning penis. The music is only playing for about 10 seconds, can’t figure out what it is. Has kind of a Modern English/Jesus + Mary Chain feel to it. It’s 37:30 into movie. Anyone know what it is?

  35. This site is awesome, I’ve found most every song that I’ve ever looked for from a movie here when I couldn’t find it elsewhere. I am having trouble finding one song from Hot Tub Time Machine though, it’s the song where Nick (Craig Robinson) meets up with his band for the first time and he says “Wow this is trippy” right before he gets together with the groupie. It only plays for a few seconds but long enough for me to hear the lyrics “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again” it sounds like a classic rock song but I can’t find it anywhere.


  36. dude there’s one song missing! the one that comes on when they’re in the ski lodge realizing it’s they’re in the 80’s. help me!!

  37. Gotta love the internet… Was thinking “What is that song stuck in my head from that movie about the hot tub time machine?”

    10 seconds later… I’m on your blog, and there’s the answer! Once in a Lifetime!

    Awesome blog!

  38. Maybe “Blue Monday” by New Order or a remix? That’s what I was looking for and found to be the song I wanted. Very frustrating finding the right song.

  39. love lets get started again and the movie was hysterical

  40. Hey, when the movie has played for 56 minutes, when adam talkes to a girl in an unknown house. what is the name of the song in the background?

  41. AWESOME!!!!!!! Found exactly what I was looking for… Thanx

  42. HELP – anyone know the name of the following song and band? >
    (scene before they reach the lodge), it’s the music that comes on as they are driving into the town, ‘out of business’ signs are in the store windows and the town looks run down?

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