All 34 Songs from The Runaways Soundtrack

The Runaways movie is all about the music, as it should be. Here’s all 34 songs from the movie with notes on the scenes they were in. The soundtrack album to The Runaways has less than half of the songs from the movie on it and you can only download it as all 15 or nothing. There are great tunes on it – so that’s not as big a deal for this album as for other soundtracks – but why should you have to snag all of them when just a few will do.

I was pleasantly surprised that Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning could pull off Joan Jett and Cherie Currie. When I heard about the casting, I had some serious doubts. But they have chops and I think they pulled it off. In fact, some of the more interesting musical moments of the movie – like the parts where they were hashing out Cherry Bomb in the trailer and performing I Love Playin’ With Fire at the roller rink combined vocals from Stewart and Fanning over the guitar riffs, bass chords and drums of the original Runaways tracks.

The music also just takes you back (before I was listening to music) but songs which I have since grown to love. Bowie in his day, from Lady Grinning Soul to one of my favorites of all time – Rebel Rebel. And you are reminded just how much ass Iggy Pop has been kicking for decade stacked on decade. The beginning of I Wanna Be Your Dog has been sampled like crazy, but it’s so damn good that it should be sampled a  million times over. It sounds like it could be cut today.

I was a bit surprised that there wasn’t more from the Sex Pistols or the Ramones, but the story focused early and quick so maybe that would have been at the tail end of the tale.

But I’m not complaining – The Runaways includes an amazing list of 34 songs. It’s a good starter set for anyone looking to rediscover what was a major shift in the musical landscape being born. The soundtrack album has 15 of them, but I would not pass up the 19 that are missing. There is some gold lamé jumpsuit goodness in there.

Here’s the complete list of songs in the order they appeared in the movie and with notes on most of the scenes they were in. There are links to downloads for almost all of them as well.


~ by montelutz on April 6, 2010.

45 Responses to “All 34 Songs from The Runaways Soundtrack”

  1. hey how bout the song in the scene where dakota is dancing for her roadie in the Japanese hotel. Her sister calls to tell her their father is sick. It’s a lot of distortion with a sitar playing… know it? =)

    • did you ever figure out what the song was? it’s like, a mystery or something and it makes me want to know even more!

    • Would love to know this song too, its not imaginary a musician or two had to record it, Anyone know?

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  5. Yeah, I second that question from b free. That was a cool piece of atmospheric music. Anyone?

  6. Yea. What is that “dancing on the bed” song? They played it again as the last song at the end of the credits.

  7. Thanks for these!! Jsyk, “You Drive Me Wild” was playing as the band was driving to the hotel for their first tour, & “C’mon” was playing as the band was having dinner in Japan. 🙂 I can’t recall where “Wild Thing” was playing but I don’t *think* Kristen sang it… I could be wrong though.

    Thanks again!! Really appreciate it.

  8. just saw the movie and i’m dying to know too what the instro song from the “dancin’ on the japanese bed scene” i’ve been scouring the internet and can’t find anything… has anyone figured it out?

  9. I fourth that question! I’ve scoured the internet as well but nothing

  10. i need to know that song when dakota is dancing for her roadie!!!

  11. In regards to the song in the movie which can be heard in the room where Dakota is dancing on the bed to her roadie when they were in Japan with sitar, drums, and distorted guitar, at first I thought it was from the “Dead Man” soundtrack by Neil Young, but I don’t think there is any sitar on that album and I’d think it would have made it to the soundtrack. I watched the credits again and the Film Score is by Lillian Berlin. There is also the scene where they are driving back to the airport right after Dakota gets put in the hospital where you can hear some of the same sound as well as at the end of the movie, with the very end of the credits. I don’t know if the film score is available for purchase.

  12. I couldn’t find the film score-anyone know where/how I can get it or find that missing song?

  13. the version of ‘Love is Pain’ during the closing credits is different to the version on the ‘I Love RnR album’? where can I get it????

    • The version of ‘Love is Pain’ on the end credits is probably the one from the “Joan Jett and The Blackhearts Greatest Hits” album that was released March 2010. I read that that song along with a couple of other ones on there were newly recorded for that album. Hope that helps.

      I really wish they would have included Kristen Stewart’s version of ‘I Love Playing With Fire’ on the soundtrack or at the very least would make it available somewhere now. She was rockin’ on that song.

    • joan jett re-released love is pain in 1984 after revising it with her band mate. you can get it on the joan jett and the blackhearts cd; i love rock n’ roll

  14. I also really love the music in the scene where Dakota is dancing on the bed to the psychedelic music with the drums, guitar, and sitar. If anyone knows what this is, please mention it here!

  15. what song is playing when dakota is in the club and she gets asked to be in a band?

  16. I am looking to find out what the song is when we first see Dakota dancing at rodneys I can’t figure it out the life of me.

  17. @jen, Iggy Pop & The Stooges – Gimme Danger

  18. @Cynthia, David Bowie – Rebel Rebel

  19. yeah i also wanna know the song when dakota’s dancing in the bed in japan. anyone find it?

  20. Thanks, I was looking for a couple of these songs!!

  21. lillian berlin would make a killing if he released that score. as every other desperate person here, I would also love a copy of the instrumental atmospheric song that plays when fanning dances on the bed and then at the very end of the credits…

  22. So did anyone determine if the dancing on the bed/end credits song is part of the film score?

    Otherwise my guess is an Iggy and the Stooges song from Funhouse. one of their jazzier/Eastern jams, not a protopunk rocker like they’re mostly known for.


  23. Yeah that was awesome dronelike music on the japanese hotel room dance scene. I need to know the name of the song!

  24. That song with Dakota on the bed plays at the end credits too when love is pain is over. Does anyone think it would be some where listed because it’s at the end ? Like maybe it was listed not as Dakota bed scene or w/e. :$ …

  25. I just went back to watch the hotel dancing on the bed scene again. Dakotas sister in the movie tells her to turn down the music and you can hear that song coming from her phone so I think the writers intended for it to be a real song from that time period not just a score to the movie..but I have no idea who plays it.

  26. To everyone asking about the song playing in the scene when Dakota’s dancing on the bed for her roadie in japan, I believe it’s called “Say It Like You Mean It” by The Yo and Flo Orchestra. However, I cannot find any downloads or links to this song on the internet at all. Does anyone know where to get it??

  27. Hey!! pleasee I really want to know what is that mysterious song that everyone is trying to find!! I heard the iggy and stooges “gimme danger” But I think that this sounds diferent… :S

  28. what’s the song when 3 girls come back from Japan sitting in the car?

  29. This post is awesome, thank you so much! I came here looking for some songs I listen in the film and you were the only one who collected all the songs. Good job, really. 🙂
    The only little thing that is missing is the song when Cherie is in an hotel room in Japan with the roadie and her sister Marie call her saying that their father is sick and she had to come home, and the song when Cherie takes the drugs just before going to the stage in Japan and the band start playing Cherry Bomb. Is there any chance you can have this songs like you have the other ones?

  30. Rebeka,the song of the 3 girls sitting in the car (if that’s the part I’m thinking, where Lita turns off the radio) is the same when Cherie is buying alcohol in the grocery store – Vicent by Don McLean.

  31. 34 out of 35 songs in the score. I also came here looking for the instrumental score from Dakota on the bed in Japan and the end credits.

  32. This website has been a HUGE help, made my life so much easier. Thanks a bunch!

  33. This is a shot in the dark but it is a lot like a dragged out version of the black rain soundtrack by tony scott ,…Yo and Flo? Has anyone figured out this mystery music yet , sounded strangely familiar

  34. fourth that question! I’ve scoured the internet as well but nothing

  35. I came here also looking for the song playing in the Japan “dancing on the bed” scene. I think the song could be Say it like you mean it by the Yo and Flo Orchestra, as another person said on here. I have searched for it on Google but I cannot find any sound links. I hope someone can find it soon.

  36. Still looking for the Song when Fanning is dancing on the bed in japan :(((

  37. what about the song right before they play cherry bomb? where dakota crushes the pills with her heel? it’s weird atmospheric guitars or something, please help

  38. The song everyone is desperate to know ‘fanning dancing on the hotel bed’ instrumental piece is by David Bianco – a sound engineer. There is no recording on the internet.

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