All 18 songs from the missing Date Night soundtrack

The Date Night soundtrack is missing, as in, they did not release one. But you can find all 18 songs from the movie here, with the downloads for them as well. There are good times tunes from Teddybears and The Ramones, love songs from John Mayer and A B O’Neill, a little bit of dirt and grime from Cee-Lo and Amanda Blank, as well as some ambient / house music in the form Kaskade and Spiral System. It’s a strange musical journey but a one that should not be missed.

I know John Mayer has been a total jackass lately, but you have to admit Heartbreak Warfare is an amazing song. The guy may be a douche, but he is a talented bag o’ wind.

(Updated) The set of ambient and house tunes in the mix is strange for a movie like but it works. The songs are featured in the Claw restaurant scenes and at the club toward the end of the movie. I was hoping that there was enough natural chemistry between Steve Carrell and Tina Fey to pull the movie off. And there was. Individually, they both are hysterical. Together, they are even better.

Here’s Amanda Blank with a little bit of chemistry:

The complete list of songs from Date Night with notes on the scenes that all but one of them were in and downloads for about half of them is below. I’ve had a heck of a time finding the songs from the movie individually. In this case, it really would have helped if they had pulled the songs together in an album. But they didn’t, so I have posted the links that I could locate and turn to you to help find the others. If you happen to find links to any of the others, please post something in the comments and I will update the post accordingly.

Original music for Date Night – Christophe Beck


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71 Responses to “All 18 songs from the missing Date Night soundtrack”

  1. For the love of god, thank u very much. Since yesterday night, I am jus dying to find out the track when tina fey is getting dressed up for the date night like a hottie.
    Love u guys,

  2. well the track i was searching for is the john mayer one.
    AB o’neill & amanda blank’s tracks were featured during the hilarious tina,steve’s strip club scene.
    You could listen to AB o’neill track on her MySpace page.

  3. where can i find the cee-lo song?

  4. Thank you. I really appreciate your efforts! I was looking for the car chase song.

  5. Thank you so much…

  6. Fantastic!Thank you very much indeed.

  7. Nickelback – Burn It To The Ground

    I miss this song 😡

  8. I mean 🙂

  9. Car chase song was hard to track down. Thanks.

  10. I really need the cee-lo song

  11. thx man much appreciated

  12. i need the cee-lo song !!! anyone?

  13. YES!! YES!!! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing, appreciate it. 🙂 i was desperately searching for the car chase song too haha!!!

  14. gah, can’t find the Cee-lo song or the Stone – Terry Lynn songs anywhere!! I know the Cee-lo song is ft. the Paradiso Girls but I can’t even find a place to buy them.

  15. What was the name of the song that Steve & Tina were dancing on the pole to? Also, what’s the name of the one playing in the background when they first went to Mark Wahlberg’s house?

  16. thanks, really helpfull 🙂

  17. omg thank u so much! but I can’t seem to find ‘love gun’ on the internet 😦 bummer.

  18. any1 where can i find love gun cee-lo, cant find it anywhere 😦

  19. No Hall & Oates? Bummer.

  20. Just watched Date Night. It was hella funny. Where can I find the song with Cee-Lo ft. Lauren Bennett?

  21. Yay! thanks a lot for sharing this. I’ve just watched it last Saturday and it was a blast! I really love Tina Fey and Steve Carell! wow! they really look good together! =D

  22. This was so helpful, thanks.

  23. Thank you for this. I was also looking for the John Mayer song.

  24. Very cool dude! I’m not a big Mayer fan so when that was playing in the movie, which was very good I might add, I was like, “who is this” I like it”….great post!

  25. Thank u very much!!

  26. Anyone know the song form the credits? The kind of electronica one that sounds like its from a spy movie like james bond?

  27. Thank you so much….this was very useful :).

  28. Hello there, just saw Date Night tonight and boy did I heart the laughs. This is what you call effortless and smart comedy, they sparkled together! I heart you Tina and Steve.

  29. Btw, bloody sucks to realise the tune I liked was douchey John Mayer. Damn, I have to d/l!

  30. liked that song “Heartbreak Warfare” in the movie “Date Night”

  31. Sooooo stinking helpful! LOVED the songs at the club. Thinking about them all night!

  32. awesome movie and music

  33. what was the title of last song? (it is during the credits.. im a little bit confused.. i coudm’t find it.. or maybe its a diffrent version..)

  34. hi, just wondering what is the song played while hit girl and kick ass were leaving the razul’s apartment after the killing? thanks

  35. yo i wish i can find that cee-lo song 😦 im just waitn and waitn so i can download it

  36. they should have just released the sound track!!! I spent the last 2 hours looking for Love Gun online to only find the kmovie version.

  37. @luvskillz where did u find the kmovie version of love gun

  38. I cant find the “fresh groove” by the muddy funksters ANYWHERE!!! I really liked that song in the movie, but I really cant find it anywhere. Anyone know where i can get it?

  39. thanks a lot man….awesome job u did…really appreciated…

  40. Wonderful list–thanks especially for the Cobrastyle–SUPER! Now to find the elusive Cee-lo! And the closing credits music. Great work.

  41. Solar Budd – French Connection can be found here. It’s less than two minutes, though.
    Select “All Tracks” in the ipod and scroll to the track itself. 🙂

  42. I can’t find Love Gun!!!

  43. Thank you. I really appreciate your efforts! I was looking for the car chase song too! it totally KICKS ASS!

  44. ====>Vertey
    Do you have the whole track?It only appears at “The Ultimate Summer Dance Mix (disc 6)” but there is no official tracksite that figures from Solar Budd or Ian Preece…

  45. oh my god! I love Flying Lotus! didn’t know that one of his songs was in here. I thought I recongized the beat to SexSlaveship

  46. where can i download solar budd french conection ?

  47. as always,I can’t get to download all songs from LIST!
    like Stone.. 😦
    dang ittt!

  48. The Lauren Bennett Ft. Cee-Lo Green song “Love Gun” has yet to be released and probably won’t be, at least not for quite sometime, its very unfortunate because is is a very good song!

  49. Thank you for all your work! I think the John Mayer song is the one I was looking for, but the whole soundtrack sounds good… Very, very funny movie, one of the funniest I’ve seen lately.

  50. Solar Budd – French connection…
    what type of music is that!? Also who else sounds like that type of music? Im very curious to know. Sounds amazing!!

  51. Dang, I was hoping to come and find where I can get the Cee Lo song, but it seems like you guys have no clue either. Man, I really want that song, but Ill wait.

  52. Love Gun has been re-recorded by Melody from the Pussycat Dolls. It sounds HORRIBLE, but it’s the same song. Look for Melody Thornton “Love Gun” on YouTube and you will find it. Please locate the ‘close’ button before viewing the video.

  53. Great job. Thanks so much, I was searching for that song playing at Holbrooke’s house.

  54. well done!

  55. Love Gun:

  56. […] and recognition of their own CD. You can check out the complete list of the songs from the film here on the ReelSoundtrack Blog. It’s a fabulous blog and resource and deserves your web traffic […]

  57. Great movie, shame no official soundtrack album.
    Where can I download Solar Budd – French Connection? It’s credited as Ian Preece but can’t find it on iTunes etc

  58. Solar Budd -French Connection by Ian Preece

  59. where can i find the song,Production by Lemonworks? it doesnt seem to exist anywhere besides here

  60. Loved the last song by Christophe Beck, can’t find it though.

  61. thank u so much for the lists of songs….heartbreak warfare is really giving me goose bumps…love it

  62. Thank you!

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