All 17 Kick-Ass Songs from the Kick-Ass Soundtrack

What would you expect from a movie called Kick-Ass but a Kick-Ass soundtrack. You can test the theory by checking out all 17 songs from the movie. The soundtrack album does a pretty good job of replicating the tunes from the film, with about two-thirds of them on the CD, but you can find all of them here, including a couple songs from Prodigy, as well as Primal Scream, Gnarls Barkley, Elvis and the title track by Mika.

I’m really hopeful that the movie is as kick-ass as the trailers have been. I’ve been looking forward to the film for quite a while. Update 2: So I finally saw this movie – and is abso-fuckinlutely kick-ass. Holy crap this movie is awesome. The scene where Hit Girl goes into Frank’s apartment is one of the best action scenes I have scene since Neo and Trinity took down the building in the original Matrix. The movie should have been called Hit Girl, because she is the reason it should be a hit.

Here’s the complete list of songs from the movie in the order they appeared in the film. I’ve updated the list with notes on all of the scenes but one. I can’t figure out where We’re All in Love plays. If you happen to know when it plays, please ping me with the info in the comments and I will update the post.

Frankly, there aren’t that many standout music scenes in the movie besides Gnarls Barkley playing in the Red Mist car, Bad Reputation playing when Hit Girl takes out all the guys at Frank’s apartment and the Bongo Song playing at Razul’s apartment.

Update 4: A lot of people have been asking about the jet pack scene, when Kick-Ass and Hit Girl fly away. @moritz has found the song. thank you so very much. I am sure you have made a lot of people happy. Here is the video for it:

Here’s the complete list of songs from Kick-Ass:

  • Opening scene – Stand Up – Prodigy
  • Movie – Can’t Go Back – Primal Scream
  • There’s A Pot Brewing – The Little Ones
  • Frank’s apartment – The Barber of Seville Overture – Zagreb Festival Orchestra
  • Kick-Ass fight being videotaped – Omen – Prodigy [ thx to @Ryan for correcting the scene]
  • Goes to Razul’s apartment – Bongo Song – Zongamin
  • Hit Girl at Razul’s apartment – (Banana Splits) Tra La La Song – The Dickies
  • Frank says kill Kick-Ass – Chi Mai Del Mio Provò, Piacer Piu Dolce! [Act 2], Idomeneo – Wiener Philharmoniker
  • Applying self-tanner in bedroom – Starry Eyed – Ellie Goulding
  • Kick-Ass tries on the cape – This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both of Us – Sparks [thx to Lauren for the scene]
  • Driving with Red Mist – Crazy – Gnarls Barkley
  • Teddy bear camera – In The House In a Heartbeat – John Murphy [from 28 Days Later, thx to @Ryan for the correction]
  • (unknown scene) – We’re All in Love – New York Dolls [@Triad thinks this is the scene where Hit Girl and Kick-Ass fly away on the jet pack. the order doesn’t seem to fit but I could be wrong. Maybe it plays twice? What do you think?]
  • Hit Girl kills the door guards in the lobby – Per Qualche Dollaro In Piu – Ennio Morricone [correction based on comment from @Will O.]
  • Live webcam, attempted execution – Adagio In D Minor by John Murphy [thx @Sean for the addition]
  • Hit Girl rescues Big Daddy and Kick Ass – Kanada’s Death, Pt. 2 from the Sunshine soundtrack [thx @toughluck for the addition]
  • Hit Girl takes out the apartment – Bad Reputation – Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
  • Kick-Ass flies in on Jet pack – Battle Hymn Of The Republic – Elvis Presley [version by the US Army Band]
  • Kick-Ass and Hit Girl fly away on jet pack – The Surface Of The Sun (remix) by John Murphy [@Jessica has posted a link to the remix version of  the song that sounds very similar to the jet pack scene from the movie. you can find the actual song playing in the background of the scene above]
  • End credits song – Make Me Wanna Die – The Pretty Reckless
  • Second end credits song – Kick Ass – Mika

Original music for Kick-Ass – Ilan Eshkeri, Henry Jackman and John Murphy

Update 3: Ryan D. pointed in the comments that I had a couple of the songs matched with the wrong scenes. If you find any mistakes, please post something in the comments and I will make changes to the post accordingly. Thanks in advance – I had a particularly hard time with some of the song-scene matches in Kick-Ass.

Update: The Guardian Film Blog has a no-holds-barred post about how derivative the movie score is – borrowing way too heavily from 28 Days Later and Sunshine. What do you think?


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  1. Thanks for putting up a list, but some of the sequences/songs are really incorrect. For instance, Omen by the Prodigy plays when Kick-Ass is taking on the three guys outside of the restaurant getting video taped; and then there’s the Teddy Bear camera scene, which isn’t “We’re All in Love”. The song playing during that sequence is In The House – In a Heartbeat, by John Murphy.

    • @Ryan Thanks for pointing out the scenes that I got wrong and to add info on the correct scenes. I try to remember / scribble as fast as I can when I watch the movie but I miss some of the songs, and sometimes misplace others. Definite helpful when other folks weigh-in and help out. I found many of the songs in Kick-Ass particularly hard to place.

      • Please can you find the song whihc is near the beginning where Kick-Ass is running on the rooftop and then that epic music kicks in but as he is about to jump he chickens out.

    • in the house in a heartbeat is diffrent in the movie, its like an updated one, i like the movie version better then the one online, hear the movie one its way diffrent

      • excuse me but the ware house teddy bear cam song is called |Big Daddy Kills”
        Performed by Henry Jackman

  2. Found couple mistakes, firstly Per Qualche Dollaro In Piu – Ennio Morricone plays when Hit Girl enters the door before heading up the elevator(scene where she kills the door guard and his two buddies) which is after the Safehouse B scene and the version of Bad Reputation is the one on the soundtrack by The Hit Girls. Also, the Elvis song is An American Trilogy during the jetpack scene. Hope it helps and yes a great movie indeed!

  3. also, you missed a scene. during the live webcam (attempted) execution, when Hit-Girl is in slow motion with the strobe light, that song is Adagio In D Minor by John Murphy.

  4. also, about borrowing too much from 28 Days Later and Sunshine, yes it uses some iconic songs from those movies, but hundreds of great films do the exact same. the score to Kick-Ass is original enough, that having songs from the two other movies doesn’t take anything away from it.

  5. We are all in love plays when red mist takes the sword and finds hit girl and kick-ass flying away

  6. I can’t seem to find the song playing during Kick Ass and Hit Girl riding the jetpack together to go home. I don’t think its in the soundtrack. Can anyone help me?

    • I am also looking for this song. I cant find it anywhere on the internet. Please post a reply if you find it.

      • The jetpack scene music is adagio in d minor, utube has it. Awesome tune and a fantastic peice of music to end a film on

      • music from scene when dave kiss katie kick ass plsss

  7. This Town Ain’t Big Enough For the Both of Us… is played after Red Mist appears (Get it?) and starts playing when Kick-Ass tries on the cape.

  8. thanx for the list man ! was searching for the adagio in d minor song and bumped into this site 😀

  9. me to man , the songs r fucn awesome mfers..funny when mindy said , im just fucking with you daddy

  10. I don’t think the song played at the jetpack scene(Kick-Ass carrying Hit Girl scene, not Gattling Gun Scene) is “We are in love” by New York Dolls. I have listened to it on youtube and it sounds nothing like it…. I am just as curious as Kroz as to what song that was.

  11. Big Daddy Warehouse scene was played “Don Abandons Alice” by John Murphy from 28 Weeks Later

  12. Maybe you can help me out because i am going CRAZY trying to find this bloody score from the movie. I’m assuming its an original for the movie since i cant find it at all. But the hardest part of my situation is I cant recall what part of the movie the song was played in. It was played in two scenes in the movie. The second on was played a little bit shorter. It was like John Murphys Adagio In D minor song but it had either a young boy or a female solo choir singing over it. I hope you can me out..

    Thank you 🙂

    • srry im also lost, wish i coulda helped, but u think its a different version of the same song?

      • You know, i cant tell you. It was played seriously maybe for two seconds in the two scenes in the movie. Im still searching for it tho. I cant stop now lol.

      • I know what scenes you are talking about bc I was wondering what the song was called also. It plays when kick-ass and red mist are riding in the mistmobile to warehouse B. It plays the entire drive there, showing Kick-Ass looking out the window of the car and Big Daddy putting his face paint on and looking in the mirror. Hope that helps remember the scene.

        It’s a soft song with a girl not really singing words, but singing beautiful sounds (if that makes sense lol).

        Please someone know what the song is called!

      • This is the closest version i can find 🙂

        The boy is singing, and it gets alittle “rock” twist at the end 😉

      • The song when they’re riding in the Mistmobile is called “Safehouse/Ambush” by John Murphy.

  13. Whats the song that plays when Hit Girl is hiding behind cover and getting ready with two pistols while all the gangsters converge into the hall? The song plays before ‘Bad Reputation’

  14. Someone probably asked but, in the very beginning they play a song before and while the guy jumped off the roof whats the name of that song?I want to know because i think they play it back a few times during the Kick-Ass movie and i sounds really good, i dont think its up in the list thanks in advance.

  15. also another part the song plays when kick ass is looking in the mirror after he got beat up and hit girl is getting ready for the final battle. i think its the same song as Adagio in D minor but im not sure. Can someone confirm for me please?

  16. Whats the name of the song that plays right before Hit Girl takes out the library hallway. There is an intro which sounds like a remix to “Kryptonite” by 3 doors down right before “Bad Reputation” starts up. Does anyone know what song that is exactly?

  17. i heard from a website and from my friends that it was Superman by Three Doors Down.

  18. what’s the song playing in the kick-ass trailer?

  19. stand-up by the prodigy
    but i want to ask something: what’s the song that is playing when hit girl is sitting behind the statue, i don’t mean bad reputation by joan jett, but the first one that plays only a few seconds and shows the guard men one by one fast. when that song plays, hit girl begins shooting at the guards and starts playing bad reputation

  20. The song before “Bad Reputation” is not by Three Doors Down. It doesn’t sound anything even close to that. It’s the intro to Marilyn Manson’s cover of Sweet Dreams. Check it out here:

    • It really isn’t that =\

      Don’t think it’s 3 Doors Down either, but it sounds pretty close.

      • Pretty sure its supposed to be the Kryptonite riff. I think it was intentional and a clever thing to do, and I’m super-glad they didn’t use the actual song.

  21. does anyone know the song that plays while Big Daddy is putting on his makeup and Red Mist/Kick Ass are driving to Safehouse B? it’s slow, can’t remember if there is some piano in it as well. anyone know it?

  22. Really interested in knowing what the music was when Kick Ass and Hit Girl we’re flying away on the jet pack. Has anyone found anything?

  23. @kuazin
    no it’s not sweet dreams i would know if it was…i goes like this but there’s a difference in the intro…well, a big difference

  24. Nope. It’s just an extended version of Sweet Dream’s intro. Listen to them side by side.

  25. i disagree

  26. if you think so, i want you to find exactly the song that plays in the movie, if you say you know it

  27. i find out what’s the song…according to john murphy’s facebook page it is called corridor, which will be realeased with somekind of new track list of kick-ass ost. john murphy says that is his worst score, i think we ALL disagree

  28. Yep. And it’s an extended version of Sweet Dream’s intro. Just like Strobe is a guitar heavy version of a piece from the movie Sunshine and the version of In the House In a Heartbeat that played during Big Daddy’s warehouse scene will be named differently. Musical Scores are named for their scene regardless of whether they are entirely original or recompositions.

    • It is not an extended version of Sweet Dream. It is an remix of November Rain by GnR. The part near the end before the final guitar solo where the violins play. How do I know for sure? Because they used the actual November Rain track in the preview screenings when they only had temp tracks instead of the final tracks. Vaughn liked it so much they kinda kept it since they couldn’t get the rights to the actual song.

    • Mate, I’m a pretty huge Manson fan and it sounds hardly anything like it aside from using distorted guitar.

      The Big Daddy warehouse scene might be named differently, but it’s not on the OST CD anyway because it’s from the 28 Days Later soundtrack (both the Kick-Ass score and 28 Days Later being by John Murphy). If it was a song by a proper artist and not taken from other movies like In a Heartbeat and Adagio in D Minor, then it would have appeared on the soundtrack listings like all the other songs have.

      Personally I’ve been trying to find the music used when he’s trying to jump over the rooftops. Sounds a bit like the ending to Twilight of the Innocents by Ash, but I’ve seen the film twice now and it’s definitely not that track.

      • 28 Weeks, not 28 Days, but that’s nit-picky. Manson… really? Not even close, it’s also clearly not GnR, listen to them side by side, it most closely resembles Kryptonite.

  29. does anyone know the song near the end when kick ass and hit girl are on the jet pack.

  30. the song in big daddy’s warehouse scene origins from the movie 28weeks later!! it’s more or less the main theme of it and you can find this particular version in the last scene of the movie 🙂

  31. Hey everyone, i hope you can help me with a song. What’s the song called after Kick-Ass and Hit Girl drove home, when he’s washing his face while Hit Girl packs her guns, before they go and kill Frank. I’m also looking for the song right before the song “Bad Reputation” starts. Does anyone know it? please help me…thx

  32. The song most people are looking for plays during the scene when Kick Ass and Hit girl are flying away on the jetpack through the city. It is a very moving time in the move and a amazing way o close it out.

    I want to clear up that the song is NOT ” adagio in d minor” This is the song that plays while hitgirl is saving Big Daddy and Kick Ass in the warehouse.

    Does anyone know what song is played during the jetpack fly away scene? Please post a link!

  33. “Walk to Rasul’s” is the track that plays when Kickass goes to Rasul’s. The bongo song might’ve been reprised a little as he was preparing for it but it doesn’t play over the way there. This particular track was composed by Danny Elfman exclusively for the film.

    The soundtrack of the film is also littered with an organic score by John Murphy and Henry Jackman. It’s a joking heroics theme that almost parodies John William’s heroic ascending notes for the Superman theme. The four notes for KickAss’s theme descend in a deflating way to suit the character’s confidence arc in the film.

    My theory is that because there are two reputable composers – the negotiation for the score release is much more difficult to get across. This isn’t so much like Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard because there is recycled material involved. Much like the case of Spider-Man 3 where there were almost four composers, two unknowns and two prolific ones.

    Danny Elfman’s themes from the previous two Spider-Man films were used just as John Murphy’s themes from Sunshine and 28 Days Later were remixed into the KickAss soundtrack. Because of this little copyright pickle – the score of the movie is in danger of not being released at all (a la the case of Spider-Man 3) or if there is some kind of promotional release – the tracks from the film that sound similar to these substituted movie tracks might not be released along with it.

    • @onix – i just have to say – this is an amazing comment. thank you for adding your insights (and extensive knowledge) about the score from Kick-Ass as well as Sunshine, 28 Days Later and more.

    • Well-put, John Murphy’s facebook page indicates that a 40+track version of the ost will be released, but it has been delayed multiple times already. Reworked originals from other films rarely make it onto CD’s… best to own the 28 Weeks Later ost and the Sunshine ost at this point.

  34. it is going to be released in the next few weeks because it is an original soundtrack song.

  35. with the score soundtrack not the one that has already been released

  36. sry to the 15 minutes when kick ass go to jump. what s the music ?

  37. Excellent. I was really missing In The House – In A Heartbeat. Now I know. Thanks

  38. What is the guitar song, when Hit-Girl take 2 guns, and sit down behind the column, and waiting the guys? Please. After, the elevator scene, and ennio morricone song.

  39. i just re-watch the torrent (after seeing the movie in a theatre), and has some of you know, the song of:

    -the rescue of kick-ass and big daddy isn’t ” adagio in d minor “, it sure look like it, but its remade, also the closest you can find for this song is “kaneda death part 2 ” from the sunshine OST, for some who can’t find it, you can ear that song during the trailer of “amelia” with richard gere.

    also the song when kick-ass is cleaning his face is also a remade of “sunshine”.

    You won’t find them on the sunshine ost, we need to hope those two will be release one day.


    i’m still trying to get my hand on the song at the end, when kick-ass and hit girl fly away, but i can’t get a good response, anyone got the REAL song???

    not a approximative title but the real deal?

    also please stop posting title if you “think” its this one, post them if you are SURE, otherwise we get a all bunch of title and its a mess to check them all.

    • “Kanada’s Death, Pt. 2” is the exact song playing when hit girl recue’s big daddy and kick-ass. and it is on the Sunshine OST.

  40. what is the song played at the scene where Hit girl is killing all the guys in the hall at the apartment? its lika a slow dramatic music not the active one (trala la la)

  41. “We’re All In Love” plays after Katie and Dave spend the night together, when they’re all in Atomic Comics.

  42. Yeah the only song this is missing now is the main Kick-Ass theme, like the classic hero type one. It’s part of the score for sure, but I can’t find it. There’s a few variations of it throughout the film. Lemme know if anyone has it, or if anyone can email me the adiago D minor song that would be very much appreciated

  43. I really wanna know the name of the song when Kick-ass is attempting to jump from one roof to another (and chickens out) It really sounds alot like E.S. Posthumous… But can’t tell.

  44. Does anyone know the song thats playing when Hit-girl jumps off the roof towards Big-daddy after killing all the people in Razuul’s apartment?

  45. Does anybody know the song where Red Mist was driving in the trailer? Let me know on my email

  46. Maybe it’s only me but I think there is a song missing. The one when Kick-Ass tries to jump over the room, after he got his costume.
    One of my fav…

  47. does ny one knw tht music name when kick ass told his gf the truth tht he is the kick ass

  48. So there wont be a score soundtrack for this movie?

  49. Yes, what is this song when he tries to jump the roof at the beginning of the movie! It’s so cool :0

  50. I was searching for Gnarls Barkley’s, “Crazy,” and I didn’t know the name of the artist or song (and it’s not included on the soundtrack!) so I appreciate your including it in your post. Groovy tune / groovy post.

  51. whats the name of the song when hes trying to jump over the roof??

  52. Does anyone know the song played right before Bad Reputation starts kind of sounds like a remix to Three Doors Down’s Kryptonite

  53. I would also love to know the song before Bad Reputation starts up! its a slow building up guitar piece, sounds great. Its not Kryptonite 😦 Cheers!

  54. So we still dont have the song from when they are flying away in the jet pack?????

  55. Found another song from the movie don’t ask me when i heard it

    28 days later – in the house / in a heartbeat – Artist: london Music works

    Genius kicked it out after i bought adagio in d minor

  56. Has anybody figured out the song that plays when Kick-Ass and Hit Girl fly away on the jetpack? This is driving me crazy as no one seems to really know. It is NOT adagio in D minor.

  57. WE NEED a separate forum for the song at the end when they fly away on the jet pack! I have tried all of my ‘song recognition’ tools and none have found the title! Please help us out internet!!!

  58. EDIT: I FOUND IT. The song is called ‘Flying’ and it will be released on the soundtrack. Apparently it is a original so it would not be on any social video/music sites like youtube.

  59. I’m not sure if this is what’s playing when they fly away at the end, but listen to Coronation and Shooting Star from the Stardust soundtrack by Ilan Eshkeri. Those are both in the movie.

  60. Wikipedia says:
    “Songs in the film not in the soundtrack include a modified version of John Murphy’s piece “In the House – In a Heartbeat” from 28 Days Later: The Soundtrack Album and the “Adagio in D-minor” and “Escaping the Icarus 2″ tracks from the Sunshine soundtrack.”

    What that mean is we have to wait till the Score Soundtrack comes out..

  61. Has anyone found the song where kick-ass and red mist are driving in the car to meet big daddy and hit girl at safe house b and big daddy is putting on his make up?

  62. One piece of music i’d love to hear in its entirety- does anyone know what the music is in the last scene of the film after the landing/roof scene?? Its heavy drum and some funky trumpet from when the car pulls up at school with Hit Girl being dropped off and plays in the background until the title song starts??

  63. One piece of music i’d love to hear in its entirety- does anyone know what the music is in the last scene of the film after the landing/roof scene?? Its heavy drum and some funky trumpet from when the car pulls up at school with Hit Girl being dropped off and plays in the background until the title song starts?

  64. I am looking for a song, which is in the movie, start at about the end of the first 14 minutes, and its during Kick Ass makes the preparation, try to jump from roof to roof first on the street, than go upstairs, run and than stopped before the jump. That song is awesome, but isnt on the soundtrack album, no talking it about in wiki or youtube or enywhere, like it doesnt exist, but i think this is the best track in the movie, i must find it

  65. Like many others before me mentioned I’m also looking for the song when kick-ass is trying to jump from roof to roof (but fails) like 14 minutes into the movie. Been looking and looking but I can’t find it..

  66. Nobody, that’s right, nobody can tell me the name of the song when Hit Girl and D’Amico square off at the end! I’m desperate for this song!

  67. Omg i need to find this song! Its when katie and dave are about to kiss after he reveals he is kick-ass. Plz help

  68. what is the song near the end where hit girl is in D’amicos apartment and about to kill his goon, the song that plays into bad reputation

  69. Any news about the music during the jetpack fly away scene ?\
    Some one posted that it is This Town Ain’t Big Enough For the Both of Us by The Sparks, but IMO that`s not it.

    • would like to know the name of that song too. It’s not any of the listed.

      • and it’s definitely not Adagio in D Minor, yes it does sound very similar in the start but nothing like it except for that start

  70. What is the song right before the Joan Jett song plays. It’s a slow guitar part, where she’s hiding behind the pillar.

  71. Can any one plz tell me the song when Kick-ass and Red mist are driving in the car and after hitt girl + big daddy is preparing them self’s to them out. its with the “tune” on a girl some what hyming in the backround. And its be4 they get to the warehouse. Been looking for houers.

    • Its originally derived from Adagio in D minor, like most of the score soundtrack, but altered specifically for this movie. You won’t find it, or the jet pack scene or anything else that sound like Adagio until the score soundtrack is released.

  72. Omg im so sry, was confused my self. I mean after the ware house, when Red mist tell’s Kick ass that they are in trubble and he’s asking for the other superheroes. Then they are dringing (that song)

  73. Thanks man! Very useful.

  74. the soundtrack from John murphy and henry jackman is not on this cd.
    Why ? i don’t know, but in the movie you can ear murphy composition (28 days later,sunshine) AND BEAUTIFUL RE ARRANGEMENT from Murphy and Jackman of the sunshine theme and new compositions too:

    • Verry nice man, but the full version of the jet pack scene music is the Holy Grail at the moment :).

  75. Please does anyone know the song during the kiss scene??

    • have you found it? its an instrumental done by Marius Vries, and the name of the music is sleepover

  76. Videos are sweet

  77. I think the song before the “rooftop would-be-leap” would be in the score, same goes for the song when hit girl’s hiding behind the column/statue, and the flying away on a jet pack song.
    The leap song could be named Preparation 🙂

  78. BTW,
    thank you

  79. just so people know that jet pack scene song is really called The Surface Of The Sun by John Murphy from the soundtrack of sunshine so yes in a way you were right just wrong name of the song.

    • Yeah but it is slightly different – when are they gonna release the official new updated version?????

  80. @jessica, I have been looking for the jet pack song when kickass and hit girl fly away, and I am quite certain it is not ‘surface of the sun’, please update the song list host, thank you.

    If I am mistaken, please could you elaborate on the exact name of the song, but as far as I am aware it is not the ‘surface of the sun’ version of the song on the ‘sunshine’ soundtrack.

  81. So does anyone know if they are gonna release the final score as a separate soundtrack, coz all these slight modified versions are very cool and should be made available to use – the public.

  82. Yeah I got hold of the Surface of the Sun mp3 put it through Audacity used effects and changed the tempo to 33% faster. So it is really the upbeat version of Surface of the Sun for the Jet Pack scene.

  83. Ok i found a remix youtube vid that more or less confirms it is Surface of the Sun for the jet pack scene.

  84. Someone probably asked but, in the very beginning they play a song before and while the guy jumped off the roof whats the name of that song?I


  85. The Strobe scene is similar to adagio in d but is actually also from sunshine called kanada’s death part 2 (it has the guitar in it)

    • is link to Kanada’s death, dont know how to integrate it sorry

      The Big daddy in the warehouse killing everyone scene is Don abandon’s alice like someone else said.

      I don’t know what the song where they fly away on the jet pack is but want it (it isnt from sunshine but may be similar, has a trumpet bit in it)

      Also want the one when BD is putting on makeup which seems similar to one before bad reputation.

  86. Well, according to John Murphy, there MAY be a 41 track score relased for kick ass. And almost all of the songs you have questions about, like the Jetpack scene, makeup scene, rescue scene, etc. are either new composures, or remixes of some of the others songs. Like the music just before bad reputation is called ‘Corridor’. Anyway, Murphy says that, right now, no one has these songs except the company releasing them- not even him. And he’s excided to hear the final mixees too. And that’s straight from John Murphy’s, well, keyboard.

  87. The link above leads to the jetpack scene music at the end where Hit Girl and Kick-Ass are flying off. Great music!

  88. Hey Guys,

    the song from the ending scene (John Murphy), is 100% the wrong one. Ofc this seems to be logical that this is the song because they used in the film for example the song from 28 days later. The song from sunshine is not 100% equal to the song from kickass. I watched the movie the 2nd time about half an hour ago an in the song from sunshine the drums and the fast violins are missing.

    best regards,

    • I found the right one:

    • I dont want to be rube but does anyone here know what a reinterpretation means? It is Surface of the Sun reinterpreted.

    • Ok let’s put it this way. I did this 3 min video. When u watch u know it is the Kick-Ass story but I changed some scenes around a bit. The movie itself is 1hr 30mins about. Does my vid not in whole contain the essence of the movie?

      It’s like those DJ remixes of ur favourite songs, some of them go way off into techno/dance or whatever from what the song was originally but it is still more or less the same song. Just like the Jetpack scene is a remix of Surface of the Sun.

      BTW here is the link to my vid in case any of u was curious of what I meant

  89. I have been trying to find the song, when they fly away on the jet pack, forever. After many weeks of searching I came across this on youtube.

    That is the song. It is available to download from the page. The name is still unknown or whoever did the score, but as mentioned in the description it does kind of sound like a modified version of the of the John Murphy scores.

    Hope everyone enjoys it as much as I have 😀

    • Seems someone beat me to it. Guess I should have read before posting. Oh well, at least people know now ^_^

  90. Someone probably asked but, in the very beginning they play a song before and while the guy jumped off the roof whats the name of that song?I

  91. What’s the theme playing when Dave reveals that he’s Kick Ass, and he’s not gay, and then they kiss? I really need it.

  92. The music ROCKS !!! Nicely modified for the movie to give it the perfect feeling. I don’t care if makers do that for their movies, it’s an ode to the sound itself…

  93. Here’s one not mentioned yet:
    °The Pretty Reckless – Make Me Wanna Die (Unknowed scene, say if u know)

  94. Thanks for the YouTube link for the song for when Kick-Ass and Hit Girl fly through the city. That song is so absolutely perfect for that scene. Beautiful, inspiring, triumphant.

    Kick-Ass is the best movie I’ve seen in forever!

  95. Someone start a Facebook thing demanding the missing tracks!

  96. What is the instrumental tune playing when Dave reveals he is Kick Ass and also not gay, just before they kiss in the bedroom?

    No one seems to know what artist this is.

    • YES more focus on this now, no more jetpack songs, it’s been answered 8 times with 5 different videos and it’s not that great

  97. What is the song when Dave and Katie kiss for the first time on her bad. Its a loungy number… mail me

  98. What is the song when Dave and Katie kiss for the first time on her bed. Its a loungy number… mail me

  99. Looking for that same song, it reminded me of the Risky Business soundtrack by Tangerine Dream:

    • Is it possible to contact the music director of the the movie or someone in that direction. Because Risky Business sounds a lot like the track in that scene, but i need that sound or the person who remixed it.

  100. heres the 38 seconds of the corridor scene. at least you can just put that on repeat til the score comes out lol

  101. Bongo Song – Zongamin was played when dave was training after returning from the hospitals at 26:14 min of the muvi…its not used at Razul’s apartment…it needs to be corrected….and i would also want to know the exact bass music that was being played when entering the corridor of Razul’s apartment

  102. I’m not sure, but the song played while Kick-Ass is trying to jump off the roof to another reminds me a remix of one of Eshkeri’s piece, i.e.

  103. the song used in corridor scene is 3 Doors Down – Kryptonite – Official Instrumental

    • cmon man seriously? obviously its not kryptonite instrumental. i even posted the 38 second clip a lil above this post.. people please read and watch b4 posting wrong things

  104. hey guys, i was looking forever for this song, but without any results. I’m talking about the scene, when kick ass gets beaten by these two guys that were previously rubbing the car and he has stopped them. It starts when hes punched by one of the guys. If anybody knows the song, please let me know, I would rly appreciate it.

    • thats omen from the prodigy, actually read comments its been posted many times. Also theres a different version from Mt. Eden – Omen. its a a dubstep approach of the song its cool

      • its awesome, its a lot faster than the classic version of the begining of the song Omen, hope it’ll be on the john murphy’s ost hopefully released soon

  105. to meh… the song when he gets stabbed is prodigy omen, same song used when he fights those 3 guys in front of the diner.. just that they used a bit of it..

  106. Here is the whole album on Spotify

  107. what music plays when KICK-ASS washes, but HIT GIRL arms.

  108. final scene, when kick-ass and hit girl leave the edifice and fly in the jetpack

    • Dare i ask what was the story in the music video or is it just random stuff?

      But since I criticise I must be ready to receive some too so here is my videos.

  109. Is ONE fu**ing person knowing what the INTRO of Bad-Reputation song is ??? Has anyone a GOOD idea ??? its not marilyn manson and it’s SURELY not 3doorsdown so what the hell it is ???
    May onecan ask on HIGHER positions… but it’s crazy… the songs of the movie who are unknown are maybe more wanted zhan the movie itself xDDD
    Please hear every DAMNED song in this holy net for this intro !! Thanks !

  110. Does anybody know the epic opening music during the Armenian Guy scene??? I loved that music!!!!

  111. Nice job for the list , it really helped me!
    I have only one question : does somebody know what’s the song just before Bad Reputation – Joan Jett & The Blackhearts , when hit girl is hiding behind the piece of furniture just before killing everyone in the hall?
    I’m not even sure that it’s a real song.
    Thanks for the help.

    Edit: ok same thing asked just above 😀
    I hope someone knows

  112. Check this out =D

  113. ig33ku to r me reference of its montage kick_ass that- swing
    or or on mail me download…

  114. Whats the song when Red Mist and Kick Ass are going to meet Big Daddy, and Big Daddy is in the mirror putting on make-up????

  115. thank you I have already found this music…
    all thank’s who keeps this forum.

  116. OMG HERE IT IS but its amazon UK.. but still there

    • damn but it is only the 1:49 like in the movie :/

    • damn but jet pack theme is only the 1:49 like in the movie :/

    • HOOOLY CRAP YOU JUST MADE MY DAY!!!! But here’s the thing…..I’m in the Bay Area in California and just tried to download the SCORE and received an “VIOLATION OF TERMS OF USE”. Apparently you have to be a UK resident to download of the AMAZON UK site. Does anyone know a way around this?????

  117. Does anyone knw the song when hitgirl is in Frank’s building killing all the guards in his hallway

  118. For those who are looking for the song while kick-ass is trying to jump of the roof (finally found it!!). Check it out:

  119. The Score from Kick Ass is pure awesomeness… But there’s not the remixed version of Omen from the first fight scene of Kick Ass vs these two guys when he got cutted to the stomach. I would really want to know this one!
    Thanks anyway for previous replies

  120. to anyone still wondering about the song that plays when hit girl takes out D’amicos thugs in his apartment(the song that plays into bad raputation) the song is called The Corridor by John Murphy video

  121. The Original Score just got released in the UK!!!!!!!

    MP3 only!!!!!!


    I’m from the UK!!!!

    How do i legally help all you guys get it?????

    Does anyone know when it will come out on CD??


    • Way-ul it looks like all of us US residents will have to patiently wait for a “US Version” of the Score to make it’s way here or via the net. BUT it’s been helluh fun reading everyone’s posts and realizing that I’m not the only movie music fiend out there. LOL Thanks for trying to help though. Much Appreciated!!! Cheers. :O)

      • Yeah i was amazed that there are more nerds like me out there – too many friends you’ve never actually seen and would normally not even notice if you saw them in real life. But thats the net hey? Well if anyone cant wait, wants me to get it, etc. Let me know.

        Personally i previewed it and it is amazing – but i am gonna wait for the CD release.

  122. Here it is, the one song where Kick-Ass himself is trying to jump across the roof. There is a program available to download videos directly from youtube called YouTube Downloader HD.
    Apart from that, just try and convert it into mp3. It´ll work out pretty fine!

    The next url is the one recognized from the ending where Kick-Ass flies with the jet-pack holding Mindy in his arms.

    Try the same there!

    The soundtrack listing can be reached from Wikipedia at:

  123. Haha am I honestly the first reply to this amazing writing!

  124. for We’re All In Love – New York Dolls, the scene in which this song plays is background music to when Dave and Katie are in the alley together, and before Dave sees that Red Mist has e-mailed him saying dude, where are you… etc.

  125. I believe you made a mistake with:

    Teddy bear camera – In The House In a Heartbeat – John Murphy [from 28 Days Later

    If you compare the song in the film to the John Murphy song from 28 days later, they are different. They sound VERY alike, but the one from Kick-Ass uses different keys, it’s completely re-arranged.

  126. well, i’m a big movie fan myself… i’ve found this site..

    it has all the kick ass’s film score in it.. enjoy 😛


    Thats the song there if your looking for it. I think John Murphy will release his music later in the year.

  128. I understand that this forum is dedicated to kick ass songs. But seeing the knowledge ppl have regarding songs, this place is my best bet.
    Please, if anybody can tell me the song and the singer for the song in the link below, i would appreciate.

  129. whats the song where i think Kick-Ass is looking at himself in the mirror, and trying out his moves with his sticks? its not in the score CD

  130. Here’s all the official score tracks from the movie:

    01. Henry Jackman – The Armenian Superhero (2:00)
    02. The Prodigy – Stand Up (3:32)
    03. Marius Vries – Forcefield (1:05)
    04. Henry Jackman – Watching (1:02)
    05. Henry Jackman – Man In The Mirror (1:08)
    06. Marius Vries – A Punch In The Chest (0:46)
    07. Marius Vries – Roof Jump (1:32)
    08. Henry Jackman – Time To Engage (0:27)
    09. Marius Vries – Stabbing-Morphine (1:57)
    10. Henry Jackman – I’m Kick Ass (1:17)
    11. Marius Vries – Famous (2:22)
    12. Marius Vries – A Friend Like You (0:43)
    13. Danny Elfman – Walk To Rasul’s (0:59)
    14. Marius Vries – Trick Or Treat? (2:44)
    15. John Murphy – Leaving Rasul’s (1:19)
    16. Marius Vries – Hit Girl & Big Daddy (2:39)
    17. Henry Jackman – Damon & Marcus Comic Book (3:24)
    18. Ilan Eshkeri – I Miss You Both (1:41)
    19. Henry Jackman – Hunting Kick Ass (1:05)
    20. Henry Jackman – MistMobile (1:40)
    21. Henry Jackman – Big Daddy Kills (2:50)
    22. Marius Vries – One Last Time (0:58)
    23. Marius Vries – Sleepover (1:57)
    24. Marius Vries – To Brooklyn Bridge (1:42)
    25. John Murphy – Safehouse / Ambush (2:35)
    26. John Murphy – Showtime Pt 2. (It’s Only The End Of The World) (2:25)
    27. John Murphy – Nightvision (1:58)
    28. John Murphy – Strobe (Adagio in D Minor) (2:03)
    29. Henry Jackman – Big Daddy Dies (1:33)
    30. John Murphy – Hit Girl Drives Home (1:42)
    31. Henry Jackman – Marshmallows (1:12)
    32. Ilan Eshkeri – Choose Your Weapon (1:26)
    33. Marius Vries – You Got Five Minutes (0:36)
    34. Henry Jackman – No Power, No Responsibility (1:16)
    35. John Murphy – The Corridor (1:17)
    36. Ilan Eshkeri – Kitchen Stand Off (1:20)
    37. Marius Vries – The Fight (3:12)
    38. Marius Vries – Flying Home (1:50)
    39. Henry Jackman – True Identity (1:39)

  131. Hey i cant seem to find the song where Kick Ass and Red Mist are in the car together on their way to the safehouse where Big Daddy is captured. Can you PLEASE upload it or at least get me the name?

    • Hey I found it for ya. Here is when Kick Ass and Red Mist r driving to the safehouse. Enjoy!

      Thanks to MRMUnknown(YouTube Name) for making this vid.

  132. Thanks, good job.

  133. Bad reputation is wrong:

    It’s a Cover and you miss the epic intro which i was sad to not hear, so i knew it was wrong:

    It is in fact 2 songs in combo blended VERY well…

    not sure how to best find these two in full combined but they are:

    The Corridor by John Murphy (The epic Drum, Guitar & Bass intro, kind of electric sounding)

    followed by a COVER of Bad Reputation done by “Hit Girl” – tis a band i guess…

    This is during the scene and leading up to when Hit Girl slaughters the guys in the book gauntlet with all the gunfire… including preparation as she gets her breath in front of that little… kiosk like thing…

  134. does anybody know what song is playing on the part when he first tries jumping from one rooftop of a building to another? i think it was sort of in the begging of the movie…?

  135. Ok this is for everyone!! If you search kick ass score on YouTube it has all the songs. I’ve been looking for all the same songs as you guys and they’re all there!!! 🙂

  136. Hi, I’ve read all those comments and i’m sure nobody asked about that song before.
    I’m looking for a theme when the Hit Girl rescues Kick Ass and Big Daddy. But i DON’T mean “Andagio D minor”- before that song there is another one. It’s during the scenes when Hit Girl kills all those guys with a NightVision on her face. “Andagio D minor” comes first when someone light’s up the lighter (and Big Daddy). I look for the one BEFORE that.
    I wonder why anybody didn’t ask that one before me…

  137. Hey, the scene where Kick-Ass approaches the fat guy outside Razul’s apartment, what song is that, because that is a funky tune.

  138. the teddy bear camera scene is a remix of of “In the House – In a Heartbeat” dose anyone know where to get the kick ass version and not the 28 days later version?

  139. Thank you thank you thank you! I love the soundtrack in Kick-Ass, yet it was driving me crazy not knowing the name of songs…. Even Shazam and Soundhound on iPhone couldn’t recognize some of the songs.

    Thanks again!

  140. What song is playing when kickass and katie are banging outside the comic coffe shop?

  141. at the part when hit girl takes the apartment there is a song playing when she is behind the white wall its a guitar what song is that

  142. excuse me but the ware house teddy bear cam song is called |Big Daddy Kills”
    Performed by Henry Jackman

  143. mmm i was tinkig why cant whe bee super heroes its not imposible if we can idont no try something togetter we can do it im going to do it man i am

  144. I know it’s been a while since the movie’s been out, but this was the first chance I’ve had to see it. I don’t really have the time to read through all of this lol. Did anyone else notice the music playing before Bad Reputation sounds a lot like Guns N Roses November Rain guitar riff (just repeated over and over)?

  145. Please list the song where Hit-Girl recuese Kick-Ass in the lumber yard when they planned there exicutiion.

  146. pretty sure “we’re all in love” plays when dave and katie are having sex in the alley outside the comic book store

  147. This is cool

  148. What is, and where can you get the instrumental music that plays at the very end credits and on the “scene selection menu ” of the Kick Ass DVD ?? – I think its by Henry Jackman and it plays BEFORE the Armenian Superhero track – ?? this “end title” track and “opening credits” track is not on the soundtrack released in the UK or US. Ive been trying to get the tracks name for more than a month now,

  149. Wow u guys are cool, it’s fun putting the original socre together with the soundtrack, feels like I’m listening to the movie. The end to Strobe by JM gave me goose bumps.

  150. We´re all in love plays in the background, from the sentence “For one, I’d definitely f*** his brains out if I got the chance” to when he says “I hadn’t even checked my website for a week” and he finds his inbox filled with RedMist’s messages

  151. what’s the song that plays while Dave is fantasizing about his teacher. And she starts to strip in his dream. I also heard it once more in another scene but I can’t remember when.

  152. hey do you know the name of the song that was in the main menu and at the very end there is no lyrics

  153. damn my bad walker did not see your post ive been trying to find it also

  154. Where’s the Big Daddy Theme? Surprised its not on there.

  155. WHY, WHY, WHY !!!!!!! I am in US, and was trying to BUY “The Score” thru Amazon, and they will not sell it for US!!!!!! Only if your IP is in UK!!!! Bitches!!!

  156. OK GUYS AND GIRLS!!!! Free for download!!!!!!!!!!! Hurry before its gone!!!

  157. hey, i payed attention while watching the film and the song ‘we’re all in love’ plays while dave and katie go to the backyard of the cafe

  158. Its not on the soundtrack but the song that plays when Hit Girl saves KickAss (the first time) and butchers all of those drug dealers that were about to kill him is “Banana Splits” by the Dickies. In case anyone’s interested.

  159. can anyone send the sound track to me please?

  160. song from when katie and dave kiss is sleepover

  161. Thanx for the listing. I was searching for this and finally got it. I love the Hit Girl Rescue Scene much. The sound mix and synch is Great!


  163. Hey when Big Daddy puts on his makeup the song sounds a lot like the intro in the song “Eyeless in Holloway” by Johnny Flinn.
    Not exactly the same but I love that song now just cuz it sounds like Kick-Ass.

  164. Isn’t In tghe bedroom in a heartbeat originally by godspeed you! black emperor ?

  165. Who is the person responsible for creating the song list for a movie? (title) Then, who IS that person for Kick-Ass ??? Thanks.

  166. whats the name of the song when hit girl is about to start shotting frank demicos henchmen at the very end rigth before bad reputation starts playing

  167. the song from the kissing scene is Marius Vries – Sleepover — dope song

  168. Just let me buy the orchestral songs!! If there was at least one on the soundtrack cd, I would of bought it.

  169. whats the song after dave and hitgirl get back to her house (after big daddy dies) and dave goes into the bathroom and starts whiping the blood from his face they play a song sounds like the john murphy song from sunshine but it almost sounds like a video game version of it… dont think its on the soundtrack…. anyone know that song?

  170. Where All in Love only plays after the movie has ended – it plays as the final credits roll -most people would have switched off

  171. when Dave kisses the girl for the first time on her bed the track is called, 23. Sleepover – Marius Vries 1:57 from the album Kick-Ass: The Score
    you can look it on the internet or the pirate bay .
    hope it helps .

  172. This article kicks ass! Great job!!

    I just linked back to it from my blog post on the movie!
    Check it out 😀

  173. Can some1 please tell me the name of the music that is playing right before the credits, when the girl is being bullied at school ?

  174. The end jetpack scene is from

    Just my 2 cents….


  175. To answer the author’s question abot the score, John Murphy was the one to do the majority of it. A lot of people hate how a lot of John Murphy’s songs, or some that were remastered by Henry Jackman, were inserted into the movie. Why they would hate it, I’m not sure because John Murphy’s work is amazing. But The majority was taken from Sunshine or 28 Days Later, because that was his most known work. Check out the movie Armored if you would like to see any more work by John Murphy, he really changed his style in that one.
    And for some odd reason, Vaughn in his commentary constantly referred to John Murphy as John Williams. For all those who know composers, Williams did work for Star Wars, and Harry Potter. I don’t know if this was intentional, or if Vaughn just mixed up the words, but John Murphy was the one t do a majority of the work.

  176. What’s the song that’s playing before bad reputation when
    Hitgirl shoots all those guys

  177. Anyone know the name of the song playing during the countdown of the webcast execution. It’s not Adagio In D Minor by John Murphy. Any help would be appreciated.

  178. you guys forgot the best song of all >.< MIKA- We are young, plays as 2nd song during the credits

  179. when kick-ass and red-mist on mist-mobile , anybody know that song?

  180. Not sure if it’s been linked anywhere, but here’s the Original Score for Kick Ass 🙂

    1. The Armenian Superhero – Henry Jackman 1:59
    2. Stand Up – The Prodigy 3:32
    3. Forcefield – Marius Vries 1:05
    4. Watching – Henry Jackman 1:01
    5. Man In The Mirror – Henry Jackman 1:08
    6. A Punch In The Chest – Marius Vries 0:45
    7. Roof Jump – Marius Vries 1:31
    8. Time To Engage – Henry Jackman 0:26
    9. Stabbing-Morphine – Marius Vries 1:56
    10. I’m Kick Ass – Henry Jackman 1:16
    11. Famous – Marius Vries 2:22
    12. A Friend Like You – Marius Vries 0:43
    13. Walk To Rasul’s – Danny Elfman 0:58
    14. Trick Or Treat? – Marius Vries 2:43
    15. Leaving Rasul’s – John Murphy 1:18
    16. Hit Girl & Big Daddy – Marius Vries 2:39
    17. Damon & Marcus Comic Book – Henry Jackman 3:24
    18. I Miss You Both – Ilan Eshkeri 1:40
    19. Hunting Kick Ass – Henry Jackman 1:04
    20. MistMobile – Henry Jackman 1:40
    21. Big Daddy Kills – Henry Jackman 2:50
    22. One Last Time – Marius Vries 0:57
    23. Sleepover – Marius Vries 1:57
    24. To Brooklyn Bridge – Marius Vries 1:42
    25. Safehouse / Ambush – John Murphy 2:34
    26. Showtime Pt 2. (It’s Only The End Of The World) – John Murphy 2:25
    27. Nightvision – John Murphy 1:57
    28. Strobe (Adagio in D Minor) – John Murphy 2:02
    29. Big Daddy Dies – Henry Jackman 1:33
    30. Hit Girl Drives Home – John Murphy 1:42
    31. Marshmallows – Henry Jackman 1:12
    32. Choose Your Weapon – Ilan Eshkeri 1:26
    33. You Got Five Minutes – Marius Vries 0:35
    34. No Power, No Responsibility – Henry Jackman 1:16
    35. The Corridor – John Murphy 1:16
    36. Kitchen Stand Off – Ilan Eshkeri 1:19
    37. The Fight – Marius Vries 3:12
    38. Flying Home – Marius Vries 1:49
    39. True Identity – Henry Jackman 1:39

    I have no idea what song matches which scene – but most of the titles are quite self-explanatory 😉

  181. The stuff about it borrowing too heavily from other movies is bullcrap. Movie scores do this all the time, it’s common practice to include 1 or 2 pieces of music from other movies, for example, the movie Kingdom of Heaven contains music from Blade 2, The 13th Warrior, Hannibal and The Crow. The score to Predator contains pieces from Back to the Future (as crazy as that sounds) and the theme to The Usual Suspects has been used countless times in other movies.

    In fact the guy who scored Usual Suspects remarks on the commentary that he was asked to look at another movie being scored by someone else for his opinion, where he noticed his own music in it. When he pointed this out, they had no idea it was his music, as they had taken it from ANOTHER movie that in turn had borrowed it from Usual Suspects.

    The track “Sleep Now” from the movie Dark City has been used several times in other movies and trailers.

    This is common practice and not considered to be “plagiarism” in the sense it would be in other areas of music. The case with John Murphy’s Kick Ass soundtrack is even more defensible, as Murphy also scored the movies he lifted from – 28 Days Later and Sunshine – essentially, all he did was re-use some of his own material, which is what any professional does, and he didn’t even just re-use them, he altered them into something else, so ciriticizing him for this reason is absolutely ridiculous.

    Hanz Zimmer regularly re-uses little pieces here and there in his scores, as does Alan Silvestri. The only reason morons like those at the Guardian Film Blog think this is such a big deal is because in Kick Ass’s case it is much more noticeable, as those pieces of music from 28 Days Later and Sunshine are so popular and recognisable.

  182. You should also include an honorary mention for Hey Little Girl by The Hives.

    It’s used in the Kick Ass trailer (“what you gonna do when they come for you…”).

  183. … oops, that’s Hey Little World, not Hey Little Girl, by The Hives.

  184. the New York Dolls song plays when Kick-Ass and Katie are behind the comic book shop.

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