Robin Hood Soundtrack is 4 Songs and a Score

The soundtrack album for Robin Hood features the score by Marc Streitenfeld, who has been Ridley Scott’s go-to guy since he broke with Hans Zimmer a few years back. There are also four other songs in the movie; however, they aren’t included on the soundtrack album. There are three songs from Alan Doyle, the front man for the Canadian folk band Great Big Sea.

I’m curious about this movie. It certainly intrigues me more than Kevin Costner version of things. Ridley Scott is usually spot on and Russell Crowe is at his best in such roles. Plus, you can never go wrong with Cate Blanchett.

There was a lot of musical attention on Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, mainly because of Bryan Adams ballad (Everything I Do) I Do it For You. There won’t be that kind of auditory attention here, but it’s a good score.

I haven’t had a chance to see the movie yet but will circle back with information about the scenes that songs were in when I do. For now, the following list will have to do. Hope it helps. Unfortunately I could only find downloads for one of the songs – a version of Lessons from the Empty Glass by The Killigans. If you happen to find the tunes from Alan Doyle, please let me know and I would be happy to add links to them here.

Update: I saw the movie and was able to match the songs with the scenes they were in. I was a little thrown off because “Lessons from the Empty Glass” is listed first in the credits, but I really think it is the song played by the band in Nottingham. Perhaps a quieter version plays earlier. The score from Marc Streitenfeld is also extremely well done and sounds like distinctive songs in a number of places.

  • Singing on the boat after the king is dead Row Me Bully Boys Row – Alan Doyle [version by Ewan MacColl and A.L. Lloyd]
  • Singing next to the fire (singing a sad song) – Sadness, Sadness – Alan Doyle
  • Second song in front of the fire (asks for a song about a woman) – Large Woman – Alan Doyle
  • Band playing in Nottingham – Lessons from the Empty Glass – Chris W. Nebesniak [version by The Killigans]

Original music for Robin Hood – Marc Streitenfeld

Here’s Alan Doyle singing Falling Down Blue. It’s not from the movie, but will give you a feel for what he sounds like:


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51 Responses to “Robin Hood Soundtrack is 4 Songs and a Score”

  1. Hi,
    I can’t sleep since Ih’ve seen the movie last Wednesday… because I’m trying to find the title of a song which is played when Marian and Robin are dancing together (it’s at the middle of the film).
    It sounds like a cover with some Celtic instruments from a hit which is on several “best of love songs from the 80s” b but I can’t find what the title of this song. Could anyone help me please?

    • I’m loking for than song too ! I’ve find the title Mark Oldfield – Women of Ireland but it’s not the same version, it’s the original version.

    • I’m looking for that song too ! I’ve find Mark Oldfield – Women of Ireland but it’s not the same version, it’s the original version.

      • not sure but it sounded to me like the Kate Bush track Mna Na H’eireann (Women of Ireland??) on the 90s album of Irish songs, Common Ground.

      • it’s the same melody as “Words” by the Christians

    • Hello J…the song title = (Women of Ireland) song.

      Google…Robin Hood Women of Ireland song, recorded by the Chieftans!

      Good Luck…i got the title frm my sister who also hasn’t been able to sleep searching for the same title!


  2. That song when Robin and Marion dance together, that sounded very familiar to me too. Can anyone help ?

    • The song Title is: “So Many Things” I believe Sarah Brightman has a version with vocal.

  3. Loved the Killigans song! Come to Nebraska and check them out or find them on tour. At least check out their albums…you won’t be disapponted!!!

  4. haha, I’m looking for that song as well, I’m fairly sure its Irish, I can’t put a name on it though

  5. Love the movie, but does anyone know if the four songs Alan Doyle did are actually on the soundtrack? The boat scene one is haunting me.

  6. I’ve checked it out and the song when Robin and Marion dance together is titled “women of ireland”, however, I can’t find the group that played it. There are plenty of versions but I’m hoping someone can tell us who played this particular version in the movie.

    Help!!! its probably the best song on the soundtrack for me!

  7. The song with Marion and Robin dancing together is an instrumental version of Sarah Brightman’s “So many things”from her album “Eden”.
    It was haunting me too!

  8. Again, does anyone know how or where to get the actual mp3 from the movie. The closest I can come is to play all 50+ “women of ireland” songs in the itunes library. Only a couple are similar but none have the appeal as the score in the movie.

    thanks and HELP out there!

  9. I’ll be following this one to get those songs by Alan Doyle. They were awesome, what’s sad it that they are not on the soundtrack, it would be much more attractive if they were.

  10. Take a listen to Words by The Christians.

  11. I think the original song is ‘Nocturne’ by Secret Garden?

  12. Nope, it’s a great song but not at all the same. Anyone know a way to get this MP3 from the movie?

  13. You’re (almsot) all correct!
    It is The Christians, it is Sara Brightman, and Sinead O’Connor and it is originally Women of Ireland.
    Wikipedia has the answer!

  14. Having listened to both the film and a few versions of this track I think the tune is most closely matched by the uillean pipes on the Wolfe Tones version.

  15. Thanks…was looking for this since seeing the film yesterday. I thought it was this; Molly Bawn Sounds awfully close…very similar except slight variations.

  16. I hate to give up on this quest, but the truth is, while all of these are pleasant versions (and some even not so), the one from Robin and Marion’s courtship dance is for me the most compelling and blissful of all the source material found. If someone ever finds the exact .mp3 from the soundtrack and motion picture, I am certain most would be grateful.

  17. Women of Ireland”, or “Mná na h-Éireann” in Irish, is a song composed by Seán Ó Riada (1931–1971). The poem, on which the music is based, was written by Peadar Ó Dornín (?1704–1769). Usually it falls under the category of Irish rebel music. It honours the memory of the women dedicated to Ireland, specifically the Irish nationalist movement.

  18. The tune you’re all after is Sean O’Riada’s “Mna na hEireann” (Women of Ireland) performed as it should be here by the Chieftains:

  19. Hey , all you Stanley Kubrick fans should recognize this melody also… Hint: Barry Lyndon.

  20. “women of ireland” in the albun “celtic millenium collection”. by “innisfree ceoil”

  21. The song Marian and Robin danced to is a cover from “Words” by The Christians 🙂 Kate Bushe’s and Mike Oldfields songs are covers of that song too.

  22. Bob James did a version in 1976 with the name Women of Ireland

  23. I am also trying to find the exact song from the scene when Marion and Robin are dancing. I have listen to all the “Women of Ireland” song previews on the amazon site(bellow). But I didn’t find it. This song was probably performed by Alan Doyle and some other artists too, as You can see it in the movie.

  24. Hello everybody. To me the best song is the one Alan Doyle sings in the Nottingham’s party. Can someone tell me the title? Does it exist in some cd?

  25. The closest I found so far was Joanie Madden’s WOMEN OF IRELAND from the Celtic Twilight album.

  26. There’s a really cool clip on Youtube of Streitenfeld talking about how he scored the movie…I think it might be from one of the DVD’s special features. Pretty wicked, anyways:

  27. I’m looking for the haunting beautiful melody almost “hummed” (no words) by woman during the closing credits of the Directors Cut. Any help would be appreciated.
    It’s not on the released CD in Itunes.

  28. 100% I found That 1:10 seconds.

  29. Il y aussi THE CHRISTIANS “WORDS”
    same music, different words…

  30. I’m looking for the melody when Robin rides with Merion throught town after they slept the first time together.


  31. row me bully boys row….I can’t find it anywhere. I found a version called Row Bullies Row, but it’s not the same. Where can I find it?

  32. hello all, i seach the song when robin and marion visite nottingham !!! i don’t fin him. can you help me ???

  33. Thanks very much.
    Ive been looking for a long time for this song as stephane mentioned.
    ‘it’s the same melody as “Words” by the Christians’

    After i saw Robin Hood, I got searching again…

    Thanks ..

    Btw the SOng from Sinead is also great too

    Greetings Eric

  34. 100% Answer. Performed by The City of Prague Orchestra:

  35. Im looking for the name of the song where Allan was singing about mead. Can anyone help with that?

  36. Guys , I think most of you have the OST CD , can anyone pls tell me what kind of music are songs #8 & 22 ( Planting Fields & Merry Men) that melody is awesome !

  37. What is the dance that they do? Ever since seeing this movie I want to find the dance!

  38. Ryuichi Sakamoto scored the ’92 Ralph Fiennes/Juliette Binoche version of Wuthering Heights….their theme which runs through the movie is gut-punchingly haunting, and now I think it’s a variation based on this Women of Ireland piece (also haunting). I looked everywhere for THAT soundtrack, to no avail. Lucky us, we have eBay, and the piece was on a compilation CD of Sakamoto’s movie themework….wonder if anyone else has heard this and can note the similarity….

  39. I have been searching for the track I think is called ”Large Woman ” where the men meet the local girls and dance. Great tune but cant find it anywhere – can anyone help please?

  40. The Right and correction version of this is the Chieftans one which was played on the Soundtrack of “Barry Lyndon” and for which they won an Oscar. The song was writtten by Sean O’Riada in the 1930,s,but it was origignally an Irish poem from the 1700 -1800,s Although the Chieftans were well known in Ireland and the the US at the time,it was this that brought them Worldwide fame….the rest is History.42+ Albums,22 Nominations,Six Grammys and an Oscar for Barry Lyndon. Women of Ireland…Mna Na H-Eir.

  41. Any luck finding a copy of Large Woman?

  42. There are hints of Call to Ktulu in there as well, I don’t know what the actual score is called but I reconized it from Metallica’s S&M Album disc 1 Ecstasy of Gold and Call to Ktulu with the orchestra playing.

  43. Hello friends …can anyone tell me the names of these songs…. i am searching it…. give me it’s links also
    1. when robin hood friends are dancing and Alan Doyle sings in the Nottingham’s party
    2. when robin was Planting Fields with Merry Men.
    3. when robin and marion visite nottingham throught town after they slept the first time together.,
    4. the scene when Marion and Robin are dancing,

    Shrey Raj

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