All 21 Songs from the MacGruber Soundtrack

MacGruber, making kick-ass soundtracks with 80s songs and indie rock music such as Toto and Wolfmother…MacGruber! Kinda bummed that only half the songs are on the soundtrack album, MacGruber. But it’s okay cuz we’ve got them all here – MacGruber!! All it took was a quick fix from a gum wrapper, a paper clip, a chocolate bar and a phonograph – MacGruber!!! The result is a bit sticky, but it plays. Hell yeah it plays. Because it’s MacGruber.

True we had to snip a few wires that seemed unnecessary anyways and there was a bit of an explosion in the end, but I could swear that was just the bass kicking in. Not that it matters, because we’ll be back for another episode regardless of the fireball. We’re alive and kicking – just like the soundtrack itself.

So I am a little excited about this movie – probably too much so. But that’s alright. If it’s half as good as the soundtrack is fun, it will be a grand ole time. After all, when’s the next time you will find Toto, Mr Mister and Eddie Money paired up with The Hives, The Black Keys and Wolfmother? Let the summer silly season begin. BTW – what ever happened to Quarterflash?

I also really like the song “Dark Matter” by Andrew Bird. First time I had heard his stuff. Will definitely be checking out more of his music.

Here’s the complete list of songs from MacGruber. Stay tuned for more info about the specific scenes that the songs were in.

Original music for MacGruber – Matthew Compton


~ by montelutz on May 21, 2010.

30 Responses to “All 21 Songs from the MacGruber Soundtrack”

  1. Just stopping by to say thanks for such a site, great work for the love of it.

  2. Which song is the one that plays when he enters the party in his white suit?

  3. did some one know who plays the saxophone air in the begining , when McGr was riding then he stops and shut off the radio ?

  4. did some one know who plays the saxophone air in the begining , when McGr was riding then he stops the car and shut off the radio ?

  5. does anyone have the Jon Kull songs or the Daniel May – Jay’s Blues song?

  6. Did I hear some eagles of death metal in the ad foe this movie?

  7. What’s the name of the song that is just ending (with saxophones) when MacGruber gets out of his car outside the gym in Pierre South Dakota. This songs plays right after he sits in his car for the first time and drives off to Rosanna.

  8. It would be good to have the list of songs with the saxofone those are brutal

  9. What’s the one that plays on the DVD menu and in the middle of the end credits?

  10. The song with the saxophone playing is “Baker Street” performed by Gerry Rafferty. Song is from the late 70’s.

  11. wat was the song playing when he has celery in his but

    • “What A Fool Believes” — Doobie Brothers

    • the song I think you’re referring to is right after the celery part, when he’s pulling up to a stop in his car.
      It’s The Doobie Brothers — What A Fool Believes
      it’s definitely in the movie but not on this list

  12. Does anyone know where I could get this song?

    We Happen To Be Clubbing – Asa Taccone and Drew Campbell

  13. I am also looking for the DVD menu screen song, very catchy and i cannot seem to find it at all…….someone must know this song

  14. The techno-sounding 80s-style song that sounds like Axel F and plays half way through the credits and also plays during the DVD menu is part of “MacGruber’s Suite” by Matthew Compton. It’s at this link, but you have to start it at 2:01.

  15. what’s the one that plays when MacGruber and Piper run 4 it n grube’s shootin a gun for the first time?

  16. What is the song when its the montage of the team being put together?

  17. Awsomeeee!!!!!

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