All 23 Songs from the Shrek Forever After Soundtrack

Shrek Forever After continues the series tradition of incorporating a lot of great songs performed by the movie’s characters to help tell the story. Donkey carries most of the burden – and pulls it off once again. Only half of the songs from the Shrek Forever After are on the soundtrack album, but you can find all 23 songs here, complete with notes on the scenes they were in.

The best song in the movie is Darling I Do by Landon Pigg and Lucy Schwartz. You could call it the love theme to Shrek Forever After because it plays when Shrek and Fiona are sparring and the sparks start flying for the first time. It also plays during the end credits.

Some of the other best music moments from the movie are when the Pied Piper makes the witch dance to the sounds of Sure Shot by the Beastie Boys. This is the second best use of a Beastie Boys song in film, behind the beginning of Star Trek.

The string of songs that Donkey sings when he is toting Shrek to Rumple’s castle are also good for a laugh. They are Papa Don’t Preach, The Greatest Love of All and Hit Me with Your Best Shot, from Madonna, Whitney Houston and Pat Benatar respectively.

I don’t know what I feel about Weezer’s version of I’m a Believer. The remake of a remake of a remake seems a bit forced, but I guess that’s what the fourth film in a franchise is for.

Anyway, here’s the complete list of songs from Shrek Forever After in the order they appeared in the movie and with notes about the scenes they were in. Enjoy!

Original music for Shrek Forever After – Harry Gregson-Williams


~ by montelutz on May 30, 2010.

7 Responses to “All 23 Songs from the Shrek Forever After Soundtrack”

  1. Thanks, I’ve been looking all over the internet for a COMPLETE list of Shrek Forever After songs 🙂

  2. Cheers mate there were a few songs that I was looking for, for a special occasion, a silver wedding anniversary, cheers

  3. […] Toto sa stalo priam tradíciou a bohužiaľ je tomu tak aj v tomto prípade, Shrek je prepchatý populárnymi pesničkami napríklad od Boba Marleyho, alebo Lionela Richieho. Úprimne sa priznám, že tieto scény na mňa […]

  4. I’m not sure If I’m just stupid and my answer is right in front of me, but what is the name of the piece with the piano in it- its right at the end of the credits too…?

  5. I LOVE YOU!!!

    Took me ages to try and find one of these tracks

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