All 16 Songs from The A-Team Soundtrack

The A-Team soundtrack needs some B-sides. There are 16 songs in The A-Team movie but none are on the soundtrack album. Not to worry, I’ve masterminded a plan that would make Hannibal proud. Okay, maybe that’s exaggerating the case a bit; but I did pull together all of the songs from the movie with notes on the scenes they were in. We’re talking Tom Morello, The Black Keys, The Game, The Sex Pistols and Trick Daddy just to name a few.

It’s a good soundtrack. Not great, but good. Kind of like the movie itself. I was obsessed with the TV series, so maybe that biased me against the movie a bit. I came in hoping for a lot and got pretty good. Don’t get me wrong, the movie was entertaining and I chomped the hell out of my jumbo popcorn throughout, but it seemed a bit forced at times. Maybe it was because I saw the midnight show and was a bit tired, but I’d say it was B-team at the best.

If you are finding this post, then you probably disagree. Maybe you can convince me to give ‘em a second chance. In the meantime, here’s the complete list of all 16 songs from The A-Team in the order they appeared in the movie and with notes on the scenes they were in. Enjoy!

  • Very beginning – The A-Team (Theme) – Mike Post and Pete Carpenter
  • First scene – House of Pain – The Game
  • BA driving the van – Shut Up – Trick Daddy featuring Deuce Poppito of 24Karatz, Trina, Co of Tre+6
  • (unknown scene) – Trio Para Enamorados (Trio for Lovers) – Jorge Calandrelli
  • Spinning on helicopter blade – You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) – Pete Burns, Stephen Coy, Tim Lever and Mike Percy (Dead or Alive)
  • After opening credits – A-Team Blastoff Suite – Tom Morello
  • Prep for op – I Got Mine – The Black Keys
  • Takes medicine to fake overdose and cremation – I‘ve Been Lonely For So Long – Frederick Knight
  • Tanning booth – The Washington Post March – John Philip Sousa
  • Give BA clippers to shave head at restaurant bathroom – I Don’t Want to Change Your Mind – The Wildlife Band
  • Psychiatric hospital – My Girl Has Rosenmand – Peter Schreier and Konrad Ragossnig
  • (unknown scene) – Little Drummer Boy – Harry Simeone, Katherine K. Davis and Henry V. Onorati
  • Package – Anarchy in the UK (Guitar Hero Version) – Sex Pistols
  • (unknown scene) – The A-Team (Theme) – The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Lake – I Ran 6 Miles – Gary Sredzienski
  • (unknown scene) – Reelin’ in the Years – Walter Becker and Donald Fagen (performed by Steely Dan
  • End credits – I Got Mine – The Black Keys [updated + note: I’m not 100% sure on this one but I think it’s right]

Original music for The A-Team – Alan Silvestri


~ by montelutz on June 13, 2010.

42 Responses to “All 16 Songs from The A-Team Soundtrack”

  1. what song is in the ending credits?

    • I looked it up and I found a covered version on You Tube and to me it sounds like a watered down instrumental version of an old funk band called “Pieces of Peace – Pass It On Pt.1”

  2. What song is in the ending credits and then earlier I think in the intro credits?

    It had a really sick guitar tone.

  3. […] All 16 Songs from The A-Team Soundtrack The A-Team soundtrack needs some B-sides. There are 16 songs in The A-Team movie but none are on the soundtrack album. […] […]

  4. Pity the fool

  5. Hello – could you tell me the name of the song playing at 00:40 seconds in The A Team trailer # 2 when they’re at the cargo plane and Face is saying “Man up! Get in the plane! We got to finish the escape! Man up & get in there!” ?

  6. Thank you!!!! I was lookin’ for the name of tha Trick Daddy song!!

  7. CANNOT find that song composed by Tom Morello.. A-team blastoff suite i guess it is.. Ive looked everywhere and its like everyone talks about it but no one knows where it is. Help?

  8. Has anyone responded to John’s email from 15 June regarding the song at 00:40 seconds when Face is saying “Man Up” I would love to know. Thank You

  9. Actually, I think it’s “The Ballad of John Henry” by Joe Bonamassa, not the Black Keys. Or Tom Morello.

  10. What is the song Murdock and Face are singing at that barbecue? “El Diablo…etc.”

  11. yo alex J.Kane sorry to tell you, but no it’s not the ballad of John Henry. It’s definetly A-Team Blastoff suite by Tom Morello. look it up on imdb.

  12. I uploaded the song from the end title:

    Tom Morello – “A-Team Blastoff Suite”


  13. Sweet for puttin this page together bro. Thought it was gona be hassle tryin ta find a couple bangers I heard during the movie.

  14. the trailer song is “million pound note” by trash money. good luck finding it anywhere besides itunes.

  15. please where can you download this full album ??

  16. what is the ringtone on sosa’s phone when face rings her

  17. sosa’s ringtone is Reelin in the years!!!

  18. What is the song Murdock and Face are singing at that barbecue? “El Diablo…etc.”

  19. yeh i cant find that song anywhere! and its rly catchy! el diablo esta something! pls anyone knows the name???

  20. I’d love to know the El Diablo song too… I can’t stop humming it! If anyone knows….

  21. has someone find when Mr Murdock is singing in the airplane
    El diabli esta… something?

  22. The diablo song is TRIO PARA ENAMORADOS (TRIO FOR LOVERS) by Jorge Calandrelli. But i cannot find it.

  23. thank you !!!!!

  24. Now i need the link to this song! i want the words! please

  25. if you find it, let me know

  26. did u ever found el diablo song?pls let me know

  27. Any idea what is the song at the start menu of A-Team? The one with nice bass on it

  28. Yeah I would also like to know the menu song on the DVD it’s a sick song if anyone knows it, it would be much appreciated

  29. could sum1 plez help me find the song that is playn on the preview of this movie i luv it

  30. This is pretty cool….watched the movie and didn’t even know one of my songs was used in there. A nice surprise.

  31. 🙂 somebody can tell me where i find the song of TRIO PARA ENAMORADOS (TRIO FOR LOVERS) by Jorge Calandrelli????? pleasee 😉

  32. The original A-Team theme is playing when they break Murdock out of the asylum. It is playing on the 3D movie of the A-Team.

  33. ~I’ve been trying to find the song Murdock and Face sang and could not find it. I am constantly told it is TRIO PARA ENAMORADOS (TRIO FOR LOVERS) by Jorge Calandrelli yet when I listened I did not hear the phrase “El Diablo” anywhere. The closest I came was “El comando del diablo” yet that wasn’t it either. So if any can post a link to the actual song, many here would be grateful, thanks.

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