All 18 Songs from The Karate Kid Soundtrack

The studio did not release a soundtrack album with the songs from The Karate Kid remake, but you can find all 18 of the songs from the movie here. This remake is much more than a remix. It takes you on a completely different music journey, with tunes from The Roots, Gorillaz, Flo Rida, Lady GaGa, Justin Bieber, John Mayer and even some AC/DC. I guess the new direction isn’t surprising. Jaden Smith is no Ralph Macchio; nor is Jackie Chan anything like Pat Morita.

The music is certainly a departure from the original Karate Kid which featured Survivor’s Moment of Truth, as well as the movie’s climactic and iconic song “You’re the Best” by Joe Esposito. It’s also far from the musical tack taken in Karate Kid 2, which was defined by Peter Cetera’s love them “Glory of Love”.

It’s a good mix of songs though and is fitting for the re-imagination of the fish out of water, kid fights for his honor and the respect of a guiding elder story that is at the heart of each of the Karate Kid films.

Here’s the complete list of songs from the 2010 version of The Karate Kid. They should be in the order that they appeared in the movie. I’ve also added the scenes that they were in.

Original music for The Karate Kid – James Horner


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90 Responses to “All 18 Songs from The Karate Kid Soundtrack”

  1. Thanks for making this track list. I saw the movie on Sunday and I wondered what song was playing when Dre and Mei-Ying were playing hookey and running around before they got to the DDR part. I listened to the songs but it just doesn’t sound like what I remember.

  2. I loved the music, my favorites were “do u remember”, and “baby i’m back.

  3. where can i download the file..
    is there a folder file??

  4. Hi, I’m looking for voilin song which Mei Ying played..
    What song was that??

  5. I was wondering if anyone knew what the name of song is from the scene with the lady & the snake?

    • hey,,,i juz found it,,,its a part of the song journey to the spiritual mountains-james horner…

  6. karate kid was really good. i love it

  7. U R The Best!!

    I like Thiks Film..




  9. That link for Nocturne No. 20 in C Sharp Minor is totally not the right thing – the link is a piano track, but that’s the song played on the violin in the movie. The actual track by Alyssa Park doesn’t seem to be available, but there are several versions of the piece played on violin by other musicians available for download. Here’s one:

    There is also a rendition by Joshua Bell, and one by Angele Dubeau & La Pieta.

  10. mei ying played a roland pontinen song
    nocturne number 20 in c# min

  11. the violin versions have been by Sarah Chang/Sandra Rivers or Aaron Rosand

  12. Hi..I’d really love to know the song Mei Ling played as well. Beautiful.

  13. I love the part where Dre and his girlfriend went to an arcade. They danced to songs such as “Low” by Flo Rida featuring T-Pain and “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga. These songs appeared in Karate Kid (The 2010 Film).

  14. I love your blog…. really coool stuff especially for Karate kid wow….thanks you r the man….

  15. Thankyou so much!! i love your blog!! I found so many songs that i loved in th movie but didnt know what they were toll i saw you blog!! Thankss 🙂

  16. I’ve been trying to download the song, “do you remember’. (The one that plays at the beginning of the movie. & I cannot find it! Can you tell me where I can dl it please.

  17. The scene where Dre gets to the top of the mountain and he sees the lady with the cobra and its also at the end when he does the final kick, does anyone know the song to those scene or who is the artist to that smooth song I love it

  18. hola


    what is song the violin mei ying?

    i love it…. excuse in order to englis its very bad

  19. Jay Sean – Do you rememeber(feat Sean Paul n LiL John)

  20. i like do you remember song..nice song, love it!

  21. Thanks a lot, I was searching everywhere for the name of the piece played by the boy in audition and I found it here, keep up the good work, greetings from Egypt.

  22. Hi all I found the song is on two tracks from James Horner – The Karate Kid [2010] on track 12 – Journey to the Spiritual Mountain and 18 – Final Contest. Enjoy.

  23. im pretty sure the violin song you are referring to is Remember the Name by Fort Minor. and Do you Remember is by Jay Sean not whatever they talk about up the top.

  24. thanks a lot of this track list

  25. thank you so much relly thanx .. i was sershing for it
    becaues i want it so bad 😮 thanks again

  26. Jackie Chan sings in the car – Xin Ying – Xuan Qu

    can someone give me a download link for that

  27. tanks i like it so much

  28. i love it 🙂

  29. There is a classical piece of music right between the opening song and John Mayer`s SAY. Probely it is especially studio made for the movie, but does anyone kwow if it`s possible to get this piece ?

  30. i really like “say” by john meyer………. thanks for the info

  31. hej, piszę z Polski, (from Poland)

    szukałem kawałka z walki (latfight)
    red hit hili pepers – high ground
    to jest to! (its it)


  32. Does anyone know the song (The violin one) where Dre and Mr Hun are training on the great wall and he is running on the wall? 🙂

  33. i like that song when jaden dance in the mall

  34. hey im trying to find the song when the girl was playing with the violin . help


    I bought the soundtrack and it is just James Horner. I want music, words, I want those hip hop and popular songs. I just go instrumental. What is the deal? Please help. There is my email address.

  36. thank you for the list. btw, do you know where can i get photo of drei with the “attitude” pose? or the first pose in the match through VTR where he first win?

  37. How do I buy all those songs?

  38. I found the answer. Thank you.

  39. I’m looking for the soundtrack that was being played during the scenes when Dre was training for the tournament. The music was very noble. The scenes: running on the Chinese Wall, prediction training, stretching, fighting with Mr Han, etc. Hope you’ll give me the name.

  40. wow, thanks, helped alot 😀

  41. Thankyou soooo much! These songs are amazing. 🙂

  42. My friend wanted me to go see Karate Kid with her and at first I was a little dubious as I’m not really a Karate, Kung Fu sort of girl but when I actually saw the movie it changed my perspective on Kung Fu COMPLETELY!
    I saw this whole new edge to it, something different.
    Plus, I love Dre his is ADORABLE (Hi, Jaden “Dre”!!! If you ever read this my name is Lindsay and I’m 12 years old like you!!!!).
    Back to the point. Anyways, what I was trying to say was, apart from the fact that Jaden is CUUUUUUUUUUUTE, is that…
    You know what? I can’t do this, I better end this message now before this end up on a completely Jaden Smith-centric message.

  43. i want to download these songs where can i ??????

  44. oh ho ho thanx for share it.i see this movie and i like it

  45. Two thumbs way up!!! This is pretty cool; great collection

  46. i loved this movie…though i am 17yrs old…ive already watched this movie 10 times and was searching for songs…to download…but wasnt gettin but…this blog helped me alot…thanx…!!!
    Besides…nt nly jayden was good…but the chinese girl was damn….cutiee pie…!!! Love jayden

  47. Girl Violin Audition:
    “Nocturne in C-sharp minor” by “Catherine Manoukian”

    (Not sure however, who plays the original piece, but it sounds exactly like it…)

  48. Jackie Chan sings in the car – Xin Ying – Xuan Qu

    can someone post a download link for that

  49. Thanks for this website, good job man

  50. i loved d movie & the music is great.. i loved lady gaga,low- florida,baby i’m back

  51. God, just as I was wondering about the music in the movie, and here you are, waiting with all the answers ready:)

  52. Hi, Someone can help me please to find the moment ou Jackie Chan cry in the car, there are a piano music that i would like to find on the net (sorry for the mystakes i’m french)

  53. i like you do remember and poker face 😀

  54. hello from small town in Czech republic (Europe:-)) Thank you. Your blog is great. Good luck. Jana

  55. Best…

  56. I really wish someone would put all of these songs in a compilation and put them online, either in a torrent, or in a rapidshare file or something. I’ve been looking for over 3 hours now and I’ve only managed to find about 4 of these songs! I don’t know why they are so obscure, but this is seriously frustrating! Does anyone else know where these songs can be found other than itunes? I can’t use itunes on my computer, and even if I could I don’t have enough money to buy anything right now. Any help would be great! Thanks 🙂

  57. good movie…………

  58. Does anyone know about the chinese music piece played at the shi shi festival?

  59. does anybody know what song was when they entered to forbidden city

  60. Hello,

    Nice post for those interest in watch karate kid 2010 online now.


  61. what is the song in the preview that goes “20% power 30% gain 40% concentration and love of the name” or something like that I don’t really know for sure what it says

  62. the song with the violin is preformed by Fort Minor song title is Remember the name

  63. This website is GAY!!!

  64. red hot chili peppers are awesome

  65. i fell in love with the soundtrack played when they were in the plane,thanks for leting me know the song ‘say’ by john mayor,and i love the movie and jaden smith.

  66. i very like much..
    good movie

  67. do somebody knows the name of the song, when jaden is running with the girl?,when they ran out of school and she showed him the city, I remember they are running through a relly big fountain, I think the song says something like she show me or something like that, I thought it was maroon5, byt now I guess it isn’t, I’ve been looking for it for longer than 2 month, but i still can’t find it

  68. Thanks – have just finished editing together soundtracks for the original trilogy that includes all orchestra music and as many songs as I could get hold of, and now starting on KK2010 – your list made short work of finding out what some of the songs are…coupled with james Horner’s excvellent soundtrack, this should make for a pretty cool album….

  69. I love it..

  70. I did not read all above reviews but did anybody try to know what does the chinese girl play on the violin audition? I cant find any reference to that piece. Is it Chausson ? Albinoni?

  71. The movie sucked.
    Jaden Smith looks like a little girl. He sucks.
    Jackie Chan’s WORST film by far.
    Soundtrack pretty much sucks. Listen to AC/DC and RHCP, those are dumbed down versions. I was like wtf?!?

    Do yourself a favor if you even remorelty liked this crap, watch the original.

    While Will Smith is tollerable and likeable, Jada’s a C and you can see the egotude in this little hip-hop girlyman.

  72. i loved this one AND the original. both were SOOO great!

  73. This might not be easy to find, but what is the ring tone Mei Ying had on her cell phone in the movie when she got a call that her audition was changed?

  74. Why are all of you putting comments on this?? What a waste of time! I’m not trying to tell you what to do or being mean but why??? You can put comments is you want but you don’t have a life. GET A LIFE YUH LAZY BUM

  75. this movie simply amazing,I saw this movie many this movie music is very good.jaden smith done very good job…

  76. Coool Song°!!!!! Bang Bang!!!!!!!! Yeahh!!!!! Full Song!!

  77. Um, what’s the name of the song where, dre was running down to go training with mr han, and he ran past his mom, who was at the locker thing getting mail or something?

  78. Lady with snake link .

  79. HeY i really wanna know the soundtrack or whatever tune was played during the scene where the lady controls the cobra….

  80. thank you thank you so much ^^

  81. Lol, there’s no doubt that these up and coming Martial Arts like any other athlete is larger, superior, quicker, stronger and a lot more skilled. Weather it is Conventional Martial Arts or MMA, starting at such a young age is such a huge advantage.

  82. C’est dommage qu’il n’y est pas la musique du moment dans le film karaté Kid le moment ou le héros et la fille sont dans la rue j’aime bien cette musique .

  83. Thankssss very much,,

    i seek song from lady gaga 🙂

    yeah.. now i know that title is POker face 🙂

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