All 15 Songs from the Knight & Day Soundtrack

There are 15 songs in Knight & Day, ranging from Gotan Project to Hall & Oates, but the soundtrack album for the movie only has the score. We’re not satisfied with that result, so here’s the complete list of 15 songs from Knight & Day. We’ve thrown in videos and downloads for them to boot. Happy summer.

Good action, good comedy, good chemistry – I really liked this movie. Tom Cruise definitely proved that despite all the crazy he can still really carry a film. The music is a bit helter skelter and hard to place at times, but there are definitely some good tunes. Gotan Project serves as the musical backdrop for the first slice of film, as do a few other score tracks from other movies, such as Confident and The Taking of Pelham 123, the latter of which is a song called “An Ass Model Named Lavitka” by Harry Gregson-Williams. That has to be one of the most ridiculously badass names for a song I have ever heard.

Speaking of badassitude, my sincere hope is that people will also be trying to track down the song that the trucker was seeing when the plane crashed around him, because you can never – I say never – go wrong with the Scorpions. You can sometimes go wrong with The Black Eyed Peas, who are super saturated these days, but they prove to hold their luck again here. Someday (the Theme from Knight & Day), which plays over the end credits, is actually a really catchy tune.

But the song that will stick (for better or worse) will be Louie Louie, which is guaranteed to be stuck in my head for weeks. I kept on thinking, I wonder if I could get hold of my brother’s phone and rig it to ring that song over and over again just to mess with him. Great song, but wow, it played about a dozen times. Check out this clip from the show Shindig. I dig it the most.

Here’s the complete list of songs from Knight & Day with the links for most of the tunes. Hope you enjoy the songs as much as I enjoyed the movie. I’m even thinking about going back for seconds. Haven’t been that many movies this summer that I would say that for.

Original music for Knight & Day – John Powell


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70 Responses to “All 15 Songs from the Knight & Day Soundtrack”

  1. hey guys!
    i think you forget one track…look at this trailer of the film

    at about 1.08 min they start to play an amazing track. do you perhaps know what is the name of the track??
    please help me! thx a lot!!

    • That is the theme song for the talk show Glenn Beck..i tried to find out who it was …he wrote the actual lyrics…and had a friend who records music arrange for a singer who does recordings sing it..that is the truth..i thought it was an old euro hard rock band’s not…lol..check it out and see.

  2. Isn’t that Uprising by Muse?

  3. yea almost..but it is a little bit different. probably a remix :S

    however, thx a lot!

  4. Fabulous movie! I loved every minute of it, and a lot of the music went perfectly with the age of Tom and Cameron…and all of us who are in their age range! Would highly recommend this movie.

  5. Great Blog! Thanks for helping me track down info on the song Someday by the BEP’s. I am going reference your blog in my movie review of Knight and Day. Steven z/z

  6. […] At the end of the movie the song Someday plays, turns out this a new, not yet released (as of this date) tune by the Black Eyed Peas. Thanks to reelsoundtrack blog for helping me out with this fact. knight and day soundtrack […]

  7. LOVELOVELOVE!!!! this movie — he was hilarious, lot of fun action, she was great. LOVE

  8. I’m almost positive that the song Strip Me by Natasha Bedingfield was in there some where.

  9. Hey the song “Someday” by the Black Eyed Peas you left is not the song played in the movie, and is not even by the Black Eyed Peas…I thought it was a very catchy tune, and whatever that crap is…is well crap.

    • I don’t think that was the song played as the credits started rolling. What ever it was, I’m looking for it. The song was good.

    • i think the song youre looking for is ‘upsiring’ – MUSE.

    • I just down loaded (and paid)! from Napster the BEP song Someday and it is NOT the same song sung at the end of the movie! Anyone know where I can get it without buying the whole soundtrack?

  10. Ok I think in the beginning or maybe even in the beginning credits there is a song about Superman??? DO you know the name of this or who sings it?

  11. This blog is a such a gem. Definitely going to bookmark it. There’s a specific soft, laid-back techno beat that plays in the background in at least three scenes, haven’t been able to find it yet, but I think it’s part of John Powell’s original music, so I will try that once the soundtrack comes out.

  12. loved all the parts of this movie! i was totally entertained.
    smart banter. gorgeous. funny. fast paced. not one dull moment! cruise’s role is just so manly. MANLY!!!

  13. I knew they wouldn’t use Muse in the movie, just in the trailer. I hate when studio’s do that. The commercial even got my wife liking “Uprising” which is a great song.

  14. Did you list the track that plays every time there’s an action scene? It’s like a fast paced techno-ish song with no words. I can’t find it anywhere and haven’t figured out which one it is if it is indeed listed…..thanks!

  15. Ok, so i know i am being a pain, but does anyone know what song is playing when June is talking to Roy’s mom? They are looking at a picture of him in his scout uniform and talking about his “death”, and a sort of melody is in the background. I have been looking for that since i saw the movie, with no luck.

    • Not a pain at all. I cannot remember the song, but I am hoping someone who visits the post will know the answer and will be able to help you out.

      • That would be nice. I haven’t even been able to find a video of the scene online, to ask there.

  16. whats the song playing when cameran diaz is passed out?????????? somebody please post it!!!!!!!!!!

  17. For a listing and samples of the “background music” of the movie (by John Powell) check out

  18. For an exact copy of the remix of muse’s Uprising, try searching Youtube for “uprising remix muse”

  19. What is the song that plays when cameron diaz character looses the car following her? she busta a U turn and goes up the bridge or freeway entrance ramp.

  20. la canción que estáis buscando todos y que yo me he hartado de buscar es MUSE- uprising REMIX.

  21. The last song when the credits start rolling is from Tony Ray – Sound of Freedom.. =)

  22. Muse !!! x3
    “Uprising” in the trailer gets me power to see this movie :d

  23. Click the following link to listen to song ‘Uprising’ of MUSE.

  24. hey boys and girls here’s another one… there´s a scene when tom cruise removes the handcuffs from cameron diaz character, in the parking roof, and he leave herr alone and then he steals a new car and the song starts playing. What´s the name of the song and who play´s it……. please please please somebody!!!!!!!!!!

  25. whats the name of the song used in the trailer when they are in an island and a plane starts shooting at them somebody plz help me!!!!

  26. who knows the name of the song at the end of the movie when cameron diaz and tom cruise are leaving the beach??

  27. Can anyone please help me , i`m trying to find the ringtone that tom cruise has on his cell phone….TY

  28. what is the song playing at the beach when cameron diaz and tome cruise are talking after he’s just woken up. I bought the John Powell score and its not there and i cant find it listed here can some one help??!?!?

  29. The Christophe Beck cue “Dolby’s Con” plays three times in the movie – when June passes out from being drugged in the warehouse, when june is chased in her GTO after leaving the auto body garage and when June busts Roy out of the hospital.

    The cue when June sees Roys pictures in his parent’s house is score by John Powell.

    The cue from The Sonics plays in the background of the auto body garage before Louie Louie comes on.

    The cue from The Drivers is on Simon’s headphones.

    Hot Toothpaste is the wedding band.

    The cue when June and Roy talk on the plane is from John Powell.

    The fight on the plane is a both Santa Maria and the Santa Maria Remix combined.

  30. But what about the beach song!!!!!!!

  31. FOUND IT!! but its live verson 😦

  32. dolby’s con doesnt seem to exist anywhere online. anyone have a link to it?

  33. Knight and Day…

    Knight and Day? Da war ja mal wer richtig kreativ und hat sich einen Titel Wortwitz ausgedacht, der nicht gerade auf den nächsten Blockbuster schließen lässt. Knight and Day, der neue Sommerhit? Ein „comfort and soul food“ Film? Eigentli…

  34. Does anyone know the song that plays when Roy takes the grey mercedes

  35. Hi there,
    I’m looking like crazy for an electronic song that plays actually twice for a short time during the film. It sounds when June’s on drugs with Roy driving a yacht by the sea…
    Does anyone knows that song ???

  36. I’m looking for that sort of latin song that plays for a short period of time at the end where June and Roy are about to take off from the beach, can anyone please help me?

  37. am looking for a song which start in 38 min when tom cruise get a new car and leave june and the song end in 38:48 in the petrol station where june see a fireman Done in TV.

    • looking for it too and it is driving me nuts..I heard it before, sounds like a remix or a sampling…you`d think they would publish all credits for all songs between the Powell`s creation and other artists..but no! Help!!!

      • Looking for it as well, been trying to find it all night. Can’t seem to find it in the credits, or any of the other soundtrack samples! I recognize the tune and have heard it before and always thought I have to find it, and I still can’t! Let us know if you find out what it is!

  38. […] At the end of the movie the song Someday plays, turns out this a new, not yet released (as of this date) tune by the Black Eyed Peas. Thanks to reelsoundtrack blog for helping me out with this fact. knight and day soundtrack […]

  39. Looking for the name of the song that was roy’s ringtone

  40. For those hunting Dolby’s Con, its available on the Confidence Soundtrack.

  41. Yes, that’s the song. but why just the live version that I can found?

  42. hey guys!
    i think you forget one track…look at this trailer of the film

    do you perhaps know what is the name of the track??
    please help me! thx a lot!!

  43. Greetings All,

    The piece of a tune I want to know the name of starts when June gets in the GTO on the way to Ray’s parents house. You can hear the same piece when June is rolling Ray out of the hospital on the gurney. Some insight/direction/help please…

  44. I’m looking for a song that plays in the credits but right after Black Eyed Peas – it starts with an amazing guitar solo – does anyone know what that is?

  45. here is dolbys con

    i need the part 2 of the scene where roy takes the grey mercedes and cameron diaz look at him..then start a melody

    i need it..


  47. Hey!
    God I loved that song you had at the top of this list. “Black eyed Peas – someday”. I know it was the wrong youtubeclip you linked (it wasn´t black eyed peas) but i really love that song. Do you happen to know what the song is really called?

  48. First sorry for my english, so, my question is what’s the name of the song we listen when tom cuise change his car at the Roof of a building and say to Cameron diaz to follow him for survive of stay alone. Thanks in advance

  49. When Tom Qruise steals a car there is a song which is very good. It’s also played at the petrol station. Does anyone know what song it is?

  50. Each And Every Questions Asked Here Are Already Answered (Some In The Comments Section), So Please Read The Whole Thing, Including The Comments Before Asking About Tom Cruise’s Ringtone Or The Song In The Truck Or Trailer Song Or Anything Else.

    Only One Question Has Not Been Answered:-
    Which Song Is Played When Tom Cruise Tells Cameron Diaz About Her Life Expectancy, Takes Out Her Handcuffs And Gets In His Car [The Whole Thing Happens After Rodney Is Shot]?

    The Song Starts Playing At 36 Minutes 45 Seconds After The Beginning Of The Movie.

    Asked By Me On November 20, 2010 at 11:48 am

    I Think The Author Of This Web Page Is Unable To Find It Along Withe Some Other People Including Me Who have Posted Before.

    If Any One (Including John Powell) Knows What Song Is It Or Where It Could Be Found, Please Post The Information Here.

  51. I’m looking for the song at the very end of the credits where the title of the movie is shown for the last time.. The beautiful spanish guitar. I don’t believe I see an answer for this question.

  52. Here’s one I bet no one can find. In the movie, just near the end, a few seconds after Roy wakes up in the car on the beach, some very pretty ethereal sounding music plays. I can’t find it on the soundtrack or any of the above references. Maybe taken from another movie?

  53. Hi. What is the name of the song that plays in the Hotel in Austria, the part with Cameron is in the bath tub..? Thanks!

  54. i m looking for the song which gets played whenever Tom Cruise gets Movement Alert…
    if anyone knows it plz tell me

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