All 17 Songs from the Twilight Saga Eclipse Soundtrack

There are 17 songs in the Twilight Saga: Eclipse. We’ve compiled all the songs here with notes on the scenes they were in. The soundtrack album for Eclipse has most of the songs on it, but it’s an all or nothing package. Here’s links to downloads for all of the songs, but only three of them can be downloaded individually. Your best bet is to snag the whole soundtrack album. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

The latest Twilight installment delivers another brilliant soundtrack. My favorite song from the movie – What Part of Forever by Cee Lo Green – most people will probably miss because it is the third song that plays during the end credits. But it’s worth the wait. Cee Lo has consistently been delivering brilliant music over the last couple years, first as part of Gnarls Barkley and more recently with the Broken Bells. He proves that Green is gold in whatever form he takes. …Stay stay stay if that’s what you want want want…

Eclipse also brings you some other great tunes from Muse (of course, though in a much more understated way), Band of Horses, Metric, UNKLE, The Bravery and Vampire Weekend among others. UNKLE plays during the training scene and is likely one that many people will remember.

Eclipse (All Yours) Metric is the first song that plays during the end credits. It’s the song that probably got stuck in your head as you were leaving the theater.

Here’s the complete list of all 17 songs from Twilight Saga: Eclipse in the order they appeared in the movie and with notes on the scenes they were in. I was able to figure out all but a couple of the songs. Update: Thanks to @Tai in the comments for adding info about the scenes that Bombay Bicycle Club, Fanfarlo and The Black Keys are playing in. Update 2: Thanks to @Polly and @Christina for info about The Line by Battles. Thank you everyone for helping me fill in the blanks. Great stuff.

  • Opening scene / when Riley is attackedChop and Change – The Black Keys   (thx to @Tai for the scene)
  • Edward shows up in the truckLet’s Get Lost – Beck and Bat for Lashes
  • Cafeteria when Mike and Jessica discuss graduation speech and Alice announces her grad partyHow Can You Swallow So Much Sleep – Bombay Bicycle Club      (thx to @Tai for more details on the scene)
  • JacobA Million Miles an Hour – Eastern Conference Champions
  • Bella with Jacob on his motorcycleJonathan Low – Vampire Weekend
  • Talking to Edward, Bella asks what will she tell people when she’s goneLife on Earth – Band of Horses
  • First party songOurs – The Bravery
  • Second party song Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever) – Muse*
  • Edward leaves Bella at the treaty line / “Does he have a shirt” Atlas – Fanfarlo*   (thx to @Tai for the scene)
  • Edward drives off after dropping off Bella to Jacob The Line – Battles (thx to @Polly & @Christina for the scene)
  • Training for the newbornsWith You in My Head – UNKLE featuring The Black Angels
  • Bella comes to the Cullen house to stay the nightClaire De Lune – George Wilson*
  • KissMy Love – Sia
  • Cullen clanRolling In on a Burning Tire – The Dead Weather
  • First end credits songEclipse (All Yours) – Metric
  • Second end credits songHeavy in Your Arms – Florence Welch + The Machine
  • Third end credits songWhat Part of Forever – Cee Lo Green

Original music for Twilight Saga Eclipse – Howard Shore


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34 Responses to “All 17 Songs from the Twilight Saga Eclipse Soundtrack”

  1. Chop and change plays as soon as movie starts when the summit logo appears onscreen and continues to play as Riley exits the bar he was in and gets attacked.
    Atlas plays in the drop off scene when Edward leaves Bella at the treaty line so he can hunt–(aka the does he own a shirt scene). About 3 seconds of the song is played it goes quiet when Edward shuts off his car. I only caught it because it is my fav from soundtrack.
    A bit more detail on the Bombay bicycle club song, it plats in the cafteria as mike and Jessica discuss graduation speech and Alice announces her grad party.
    I didn’t hear the line played at all.

  2. “jacob’s song” by howard shore is also played at least twice during the movie, I remember once is when he walks away as a wolf after jasper is showing them how to fight in the clearing.
    I can’t remember of the top of my head the other time though sorry

  3. awesome job!

    have you tried incorportaing the score along with the soundtrack?

    also, i can’t seem to place where “The Line” is as well! it’s driving me nuts!

  4. after many times of watching the movie and listening to “the Line” i finally figured out this is the song Edward was listening too when he drives away to hunt from Jacob and Bella at the treaty line. The song was really loud and matches the beat and rhythm of the song :)))

  5. you can clearly hear the upbeats and the “hey hey hey hey” as words boosts up his radio and he drives off 🙂 he was pissed

  6. “The Line” is played while Edward is speeding off after dropping Bella off with Jacob. When he pulls up to drop her off “Atlas” is playing, and when he’s driving off “The Line” is playing.

  7. whats the song played when the cullens are running after victoria?

  8. What’s the song played at the very end of the movie, I mean the moment it starts to roll the credits

  9. the song played when the Cullens are running after Victoria is called “Victoria”. It’s on the Eclipse Score cd.

  10. What is the song that is played when Bella and Edward begin to make out and then stop (surprise surprise)? The scene where he proposes to her with the ring? I can’t remember!

  11. The song at the very end of the movie is “Run” by Snow Patrol.

  12. So bummed that they only played those 2 or 3 notes of “Atlas” as that is my favorite song on the soundtrack too. Ah well, at least I know it was in there somewhere. What Part of Forever is probably my second fave, and I didn’t catch it until the 2nd time I watched the movie.

  13. does anyone know what the name of the song is playing when edward is waiting at the top of the mountain waiting for jacob to bring bella, where they will be camping out during the fight? i think its only music though not a song.

  14. What was the name of the old rock and roll song played in the movie. I do not see it listed here.

  15. Wats the name of the song that played during the battle between the cullens, newborns nd the werewolves?

  16. great movie
    u rock bella n robert

  17. What’s the name of the song that plays when riley and victoria kiss?

  18. I think “Rolling in on a Burning Tire” is actually in the scene where Riley and Victoria are discussing fighting the Cullens and she tells him she loves him in order to get him to do her bidding. I’m not sure what the above “Cullen Clan” reference means though.

  19. nice

  20. what about the 20 songs from the score?

  21. This was helpful in identifying what tracks were in the movie, as I was trying to find out which tune was playing when Edward proposes. There’s a factual error in your post though early on. You wrote that Cee-Lo Green is also terrific in the Broken Bells but he has nothing to do with that group. DJ Danger Mouse, the other half of Gnarls Barkley is the mind behind BB with James Mercer of the Shins on vocals. Aside from that it was a good write-up.

  22. what was that song playing at the party?

  23. hi just wondering… what is the song that is played in the background at the end when bella and edward are discussing telling charlie about the wedding?? it hasnt got much singing its sort of instrumental?

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