All 5 Songs from the Salt Soundtrack

There are five songs in the movie Salt, but they did not release a soundtrack album for the film. Not to worry, you can find all five here. Unfortunately, I could only locate the downloads for three of the five songs, but I’m hoping that the list of tunes, combined with info about the scenes the songs were in will help out a bit.

Music didn’t play a major role in the movie. The flashback to 1975 featured a Russian vocal in the background – “Zarya” by Hans Christian and Irina Mikhailova . The girl next door has a song playing on her iPod – “Higher” by Dekoder. There’s some hardcore background music playing in the bar bathroom scene – “Yr the Enemy” by Dekoder. There’s also some choir music during the funeral – Grande Piece Symphonique Op. 17, No. 2. The rest is generally the score by James Newton Howard.

Before jumping to the list of songs in Salt, I will say a short bit about the movie itself. There are a lot of comparisons people are making between Salt and the Bourne series of movies. Not surprising given the nature of each – an American intelligence officer who is being chased by the American intelligence community because he/she may or may not be working for the bad guys. There’s also the tendency for the main character to make gigantic leaps of faith atop cars and across buildings. I loved the Bourne movies, particularly the first one, Bourne Identity. I liked Salt, but it may take a few more installments of the series for me to love it.

In the meantime, here’s the complete list of songs from the first movie in what promises to be a series, Salt. If you can find the downloads or videos for the Dekoder or C’mon songs, please post a note in the comments, so I can share the links with other readers. Thanks.

Original music for Salt – James Newton Howard


~ by montelutz on July 25, 2010.

3 Responses to “All 5 Songs from the Salt Soundtrack”

  1. hello to the owner of this blog…could you post the soundtrack of the movie called “A SERBIAN FILM” you can watch the trailer and the trailer song is awesome…

  2. The soundtrack is most definitely released. You may find it on iTunes.


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