All 7 Songs from The Expendables Soundtrack

The Expendables soundtrack has seven songs, one for each eighties action star that kicks some serious ass in this movie. The soundtrack album only has the score from Brian Tyler, but you can find all eight songs from The Expendables here. There aren’t any real surprises here. It’s good old southern rock at its best, with a couple songs from CCR, one from Thin Lizzy, as well as tunes from Georgia Satellites and Mountain.

Sure the critics will hate this movie, but a movie like this isn’t made for them – it’s made for you and me. Yep, that’s right, This Land is Your Land, and this movie is our movie – kickin’ ass and taking a bunch of marquee names.

Here’s the complete list of songs from The Expendables. I’ll try to add notes on the scenes that the songs were in as quickly as I can. I have a bit of a back up on movies this weekend, plus as much as this movie makes we want to stand up and scream “wolverines” at the big screen, my daughter comes first. Enjoy the tunes in the meantime.

Original music for The Expendables – Brian Tyler


~ by montelutz on August 14, 2010.

18 Responses to “All 7 Songs from The Expendables Soundtrack”

  1. where did you get info that track “castille “is in `Expendables,
    thanks, `David Bradnum composer!

  2. Althought a bit bloody for me, LOVED the movie and the music so much had to add some songs I did not have to my itunes library.

  3. Love the song “Diamond Eyes – Boom Lay, Boom Lay Boom” in the Expendables Soundtrack Trailer.

    P.S. Great to hear you put family first…

  4. So, the Georgia Satellites are the only southern rock band here. CCR is from California, Mountain is from NY, Thin Lizzy is Irish and even tho Shinedown is from Florida I don’t think you’d find anyone that classified them as Southern Rock. They are all classic rock, excluding Shinedown of course.

  5. a bit bloody body parts blown to bits but overall the movie was entertaining surprises were Dolph Lundren and Jet Li more of a comic role something different for him Terry Crews was like your 80s 1 man killing machine like a commando & of course like Ramboo everyone had something unique to bring to this Movie from an action movie stand point 2 half stars out of4

  6. […] for more on the music in The Expendables go to – […]

  7. The Thin Lizzy song that ends the movie,The Boys Are Back in Town, does NOT sound like the original. The guitars sound more moder/ even more heavy metal, like the last incarnation of the band with John Sykes (he was touring the band I think 2 years ago,maybe still does, as he has taken over vocals, as well as play guitar?).
    I will have to play the original version compared to the movie, but think it is a remix, or an altyernate take, OR, and this is a big MAYBE, maybe the late Phil Lynott’s vocals were lifted from an alternate take and John Sykes had the members of Thin Lizzy possibly re-record the song ?

    I figured I should ask here since this site seems popular in google search.

    • I will take a listen and see. Thanks for pointing it out.

      • Yeah it is definitely different. It is sped up and the verses/choruses are in slightly different order. The riffs are also changed up. I work at a movie theater and I hear it about 6 times a day…it drives me crazy!

    • @canadaspaceman the version in the movie is from the Thin Lizzy “Live and Dangerous” release in 1978 album with the audience edited out, but still the same version, hope this helps out mate 🙂

  8. best movie ever made

  9. You missed the Guns’n’Roses track at the end!

    Film was fantastic, all boys toys, blood, gore, bangs and knives!

  10. @canadaspaceman the version in the movie is from the Thin Lizzy “Live and Dangerous” release in 1978 album with the audience edited out, but still the same version, hope this helps out mate 🙂

  11. […] for more on the music in The Expendables go to – […]

  12. I agree with canadaspaceman – it does sound like Phil’s voice, but it’s def not the original music


  14. Thnaks, I waas looking fot those seven songs 🙂

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