All 9 Songs from the Takers Soundtrack

Judging by the previews to Takers and how the studio has been packaging the movie, I would have expected a different set of songs on the soundtrack than Kasabian, Lisa Gerrard, Tweaker and Apollo 440. I love the song Underdog by Kasabian in particular. It feels like a killer heist scene packaged into 4 minutes of awesome. As far as I’m concerned, every heist scene of every movie should figure out a way to mix this in from here on out.

They released a soundtrack album to Takers, but it only has the score from Paul Haslinger. Not that it’s a bad score, but I think they would have done better by throwing in at least a few of the songs from the movie. Not to worry, because we have the complete list of song from Takers here, along with the downloads for most of them.

Here are all nine songs from the movie Takers:

Original music for Takers – Paul Haslinger


~ by montelutz on December 29, 2010.

One Response to “All 9 Songs from the Takers Soundtrack”

  1. The film is one of many, but the soundtrack is awesome!!

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