All 8 Songs from the Black Swan Soundtrack

Beyond Clint Mansell’s score for Black Swan, there are 8 other songs in Black Swan. Just like the score, half of the songs include elements of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. I was most excited for three new songs from The Chemical Brothers, all of which are squished into the trippy bar and club scene from Black Swan. The soundtrack also features Pete Min, Al Tourettes, Kavsrave and Jakes.

For all those readers looking for the downloads for all the songs, unfortunately, I am going to have to disappoint you a bit. I’m having a super hard time finding the individual songs. I have links to the bands but not the songs. The soundtrack album for Black Swan includes 16 tracks from Clint Mansell’s score but none of the other songs from the movie. I’ve included those in here as well to make-up for the lack of other downloads.

I’ve pulled together the list of songs from Black Swan in the (apparent) order that they appeared in the movie. Most of these songs were included in the club scene from what I can tell. I marked 52 different musical moments in the movie, but the vast majority were scored elements derived from Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. The soundtrack album does a good job of pulling the most significant songs from the score together. If you liked it like I did, then it is worth downloading as a whole.

I will continue to look for the downloads to the following songs from Black Swan, but until then, I hope you find the list itself to be helpful.

Here are the songs from Clint Mansell’s score in the order they appear in the movie. [SPOILER ALERT – key elements of the plot are revealed in the scene descriptions]:

Song from the Black Swan Trailer – The Chemical Brothers – Don’t Think


~ by montelutz on January 3, 2011.

6 Responses to “All 8 Songs from the Black Swan Soundtrack”

  1. any luck finding those extra songs? I’m dying to get my ears on the nina frequency

  2. Thank you so much for this posting! Great info. Fabulous soundtrack.

  3. Hey ! Thx for this great blogpost ! But I was woundering, do you by any chance know the name of the song on the trailer , the one in the background when Nina says “Last night I had a crazy dream” ? I REALLY like that song, but I cant seem to find it anywhere ! I hope you can help ❤

    Love Bettina

  4. Clint Mansell & Darren Aronofsky have produced some compelling material together.

  5. Does anyone know the name of the piece played on the piano during the Nina’s white swan audition before Lily interrupts her

  6. Thank you very much .. still waiting for the song which appears in the Black Swan music video and starts at 0:06. It appears in the movie (background) when Nina and Lily are having a dinner. What is the title? please help me : )

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