All 5 Songs from The Rite Soundtrack

The soundtrack  for The Rite features the score from Alex Heffes. There are five other songs in the movie that are missing from the soundtrack album. It’s a bit of an interesting mix. In fact, I don’t quite know what to make of it. Not that it’s particularly strange, but it is pretty unique. The Rite soundtrack features music from The Derek Trucks Band, Maya Magub and Ensemble Elan.

In addition to the score from Alex Heffes, there is a separate song from him as well – All Clubbed Out. When I think of a thriller featuring Anthony Hopkins, the phrase “All Clubbed Out” isn’t the first to come to mind. That being said, Heffes scored the music for Inside Job and State of Play as well, so I am sure that there is plenty of tension built into his treatment.

Here’s the complete list of songs from The Rite. The downloads are a bit hit or miss, but I’m hoping the list will help you find what you are looking for:


~ by montelutz on January 29, 2011.

3 Responses to “All 5 Songs from The Rite Soundtrack”

  1. Love your site. Will you be doing the soundtrack to Blue Valentine?

  2. Good job as usual finding the missing songs. Just a heads up I’ll forward a link back to your site directing people to your helpful info.

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