All 22 Songs from The Roommate Soundtrack

The did not release a soundtrack for The Roommate, but you can find all 22 songs from the movie here. The movie itself looks like Single White Female for the Gossip Girl set. The soundtrack could easily be featured in an episode of the show too. “The Focus” by X5 actually was featured in Gossip Girl. Perhaps the audience will remember and extend fandom to each.

The Roommate features a good mix of songs, including Temper Trap, Drew Smith, X5, Empire of the Sun and Blind Pilot. Blind Pilot is one of my favorite discoveries from the past year. I have a feeling that if more than six people see this movie, they are going to be a favorite for many more people as well. “The Story I Heard” is one of their best songs.

Folks are more likely to be familiar with Temper Trap. The song “Fader” is featured in The Roommate, while “Love Lost” was recently featured in No Strings Attached. Empire of the Sun has also been cropping up in a couple movies lately, having been featured in Cyrus last year. “We the People” is used in The Roommate. It is my favorite song from the album Walking on a Dream.

Here’s the complete list of all 22 songs from The Roommate. I was able to find links for most of them, but there are a number of songs and artists that I could not track down. Any help on this front would be appreciated. I’m also curious to hear about reviews of the movie. Was it a good scare or cheesy faire?


~ by montelutz on February 5, 2011.

6 Responses to “All 22 Songs from The Roommate Soundtrack”

  1. I am trying to find out the name of the song in the first club scen with tracy and rebeca where they are at the bar and the barman talks to them till rebeca goes to the toilet i can t find it anywere.
    it s something with 1,2,3 … imagination somethign like that

    • Its a song called Higher by Dekoder and Jump Jump Dance Dance. I still cant find it to download, sucks, very sexy song.

  2. Hello everybody!

    Could you please tell me what was the song when Rebecca pierces her ear when she’s looking in the mirror trying on the clothes and things?


  3. what song was playing while they were at the frat party???

  4. I’ve listened to all these songs but none of them is what I’m looking for….
    I’m looking for the same in the bar scene where Minka Kelly and the curly blonde were dancing to before the curly blonde left with a guy. The very first some is what I’m interested in… Please help…

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