All 5 Songs from the Unknown Soundtrack

The movie Unknown features five songs including New Order’s Blue Monday and a couple Mediterranean tunes from Sultana Ensemble and Watcha Clan. Four of the five bands featured on the soundtrack were unknown to me before I listened to them here, but it’s a pretty good mix. Blue Monday has always been one of my favorite New Order songs. It’s an odd fit for the mix but not necessarily for the movie.

The previews for Unknown make it look a lot like it’s the sequel to Taken, except this time it’s Liam Neeson’s own identity that has been taken. I loved that movie, as intense and crazy as it was, and am hoping that Unknown will be as good.

The soundtrack album for Unknown only features the score by John Ottman, but you can find the rest of the soundtrack here. I was able to track down links for three of the five songs. Besides New Order and John Ottman, were any of these guys known to you before Unknown?


~ by montelutz on February 18, 2011.

One Response to “All 5 Songs from the Unknown Soundtrack”

  1. … surprising to hear New Orders “Blue Monday” in a film with a brilliant (but short shown) Bruno Ganz

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