All 10 Songs from the I Am Number Four Soundtrack

There are 10 songs in I Am Number Four, but zero songs on the I Am Number Four soundtrack album because they didn’t release one. That’s unfortunate; almost as unfortunate as the fact that few people are probably going to see the movie. It’s actually better than the critics gave it credit for.

I Am Number Four starts off with Kings of Leon, followed closely by The Black Keys. Not a bad start; not bad at all. Follow that up with Adele, The xx and The Temper Trap, and all of a sudden you have one hell of a soundtrack. Beck is also in there. He is consistently brilliant, even if his songs usually miss radio play. His song “Curfew” is on I Am Number Four. If you get hooked, also check out Volcano and Girl. You will not be disappointed.

Among all of the songs, the one that most people will be looking for is “Letters from the Sky” by Civil Twilight. It is featured in the trailer for I Am Number Four as well as the closing scene of the movie. I had not heard of Civil Twilight before I saw the TV ads for the movie, but it is one of the reasons why I saw the movie in the first place. It’s rare that the music producer and the ad agency see eye-to-eye on music. Usually songs from one do not find there way into the other. But thankfully, the trailer pays off in the movie in a perfect song, perfect scene kind of way.

Here’s the complete list of songs from I Am Number Four, along with the downloads for the songs and information about the scenes that they were in.


~ by montelutz on March 3, 2011.

8 Responses to “All 10 Songs from the I Am Number Four Soundtrack”

  1. Thanks for posting this list. Was trying to find a soundtrack and was wondering why I couldn’t find anything….off to itunes!

  2. .. it surprise me a bit, that “72 hours – the next three days” is not on your soundtrack list .. :-/ … will it come later?

  3. How about “Crash” by Lee Hester? It was in the movie (as mentioned in the end credits, but I don’t know which scene. Thanks!

  4. Never mind. I was confused. Crash was featured in a TV show (CSI or something like that).

    I meant to copy it from my iTunes Purchased folder to my TV soundtrack playlist and it ended up in my I Am Number Four playlist. Duh! My apologies.

  5. Thanks for the list. I don’t usually look for the soundtracks. But the ones in this movie stuck with me and I have been on a search for them.

  6. Thanks! when i saw the movie i loved the songs, i search for them but didn’t find them… so thanks a lot!

  7. hi, don’t know if you read the comment. but if you do, i love your blog and have you seen a movie named shelter from 2007, loved the movie and the songs, was wondering if you could post them, can’t find them anywhere…


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