All 17 Songs from the Limitless Soundtrack

The Limitless soundtrack has 17 songs on it,  but the Limitless soundtrack album doesn’t have any of them. It’s not Limitless, it’s just less. Not to worry, we’ve got your mix of The Black Keys, Conway Twitty, Eric B and Rakim.

The best song in the movie is “Howlin’ for You” by the Black Keys. It plays when he takes his second pill and finishes his book. It also playes again at the end credits.

Some of my other favorite songs from the movie are Jukebox by Kidz in the Hall (not that Kids in the Hall), as well “Let it Go” by The Dunes. “La Boquilla” by Bomba Estereo also has one hell of a hook. It sounds a bit M.I.A. once you give it a chance.

The movie itself was entertaining. The falling words during the writing scene reminded me of David Fincher’s opening treatment in Fight Club. I also liked the visual treatment of zoom lensing to illustrate the change in perception when he took the pills. The story is enough to keep you pulling through to the end, even if the music wasn’t what was drawing you most of the time.

Here’s the complete list of songs from the Limitless soundtrack, including downloads for the songs and scenes that the songs were in.

  • At the bar – Cicada – Versus
  • Trying to write his book – I Don’t Care If There’s Cursing – Phosphorescent
  • At the bar with his former brother in law Lonely Blue Boy – Conway Twitty
  • Brother in law gives him the pill Let It Go – The Dunes
  • Washing dishes Walking – Ash Grunwald
  • Takes another pill / buys suit / finishes book Howlin’ For You – The Black Keys
  • Playing piano Prelude, Op3: No. 2 In C Sharp Minor – Eldar Nebolsin
  • Club Don’t Sweat The Technique – Eric B & Rakim
  • Talking to investment guys Chocolate And Cheese – Jon Kennedy
  • Flying to “the beach” on the plane La Boquilla (Dixone Remix) – Bomba Estereo
  • Meets loanshark at the diner – Athens By Night – Matt Hirt
  • Restaurant with ex-girlfriend – The Way It Was – Daniel May
  • Fighting – The Believers – How to Destroy Angels
  • At the club with socialite – This My Club – Prophit
  • Second song at the club Jukebox – Kidz in the Hall
  • (Unknown scene)Hook Shot – Wolfgang Gartner
  • Chinese restaurant with girlfriend / speaking Chinese – Yangtze Valley – Matt Hirt
  • End credits Howlin’ For You – The Black Keys
  • Original music for Limitless – Paul-Leonard Morgan

~ by montelutz on April 4, 2011.

2 Responses to “All 17 Songs from the Limitless Soundtrack”

  1. Your blog is brilliant, the idea, the movies, the soundtrack. I am not that good in english as I was 1 year ago, and google translate is not my best friend, but, anyway, congratulations and thanks.

  2. Thanks for interesting video! Dixone remix is perfect

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