All 21 Songs from the Hangover 2 Soundtrack

There are more than 20 songs in the Hangover 2, but the soundtrack album to Hangover Part 2 only has about half of them. It’s also an all or nothing proposition – you can’t download the songs individually. I had a bit of a hard time figuring out what all of the songs were, so there are a few gaps in the list, but I think this will get you most of the way.

The soundtrack to Hangover 2 is a random, kickass good time, just like the movie itself. It goes from hip hop with Kanye and Flo Rida, to rock with Danzig and Wolfmother, old school with Billy Joel, Jim Croce and Mark Lanegan covering Johnny Cash, as well as house with Deadmau5 and random as hell with Mike Tyson on the mic. You’ve also got some good ole Flock of Seagulls and a host of classical and Thai songs, which I could not place to save my life, or even a single finger.

Here’s the list of songs from Hangover Part 2. It’s not complete yet. I’m going to have to see the movie again to be able to fill in the blanks. I think I have all the songs that you will be looking for with the exception of the tattoo parlor and car chase scenes. We’ve included info about the scenes the songs were in and downloads for the songs as well. Enjoy.

  • Opening creditsBlack Hell – Danzig
  • Walking through the airportStronger – Kanye West
  • On the planeThe Downeaster Alexa – Billy Joel
  • Wedding party drinking outside in Thailand – (unknown classical song)
  • Cello performance by Teddy – (unknown classical song)
  • Bonfire on the beachMonster – Kanye West featuring Jay Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and Bon Iver
  • Wake up in random hotel roomThe Beast in Me – Mark Lanegan [cover of Johnny Cash song]
  • Tattoo parlor – (unknown blues song, male vocal)
  • Second tattoo parlor song – (unknown blues/60s song, male vocal)
  • Thai monestary – (unknown Thai song)
  • Alan’s flashback meditation at the monestary Imma Be – Black Eyed Peas [thx @smarterthanu for the scene. and yes, on this one, i will cede the scene to you]
  • At the clubSofi Needs a Ladder – Deadmau5
  • Ed Helms singing in the boat – Allentown – Ed Helms
  • Dinner with Chao – (unknown Thai song)
  • Smoking monkeyPusher Man – Curtis Mayfield
  • Car chase – (Unknown guitar song, possibly score)
  • Singing in the elevatorTime in a Bottle – Jim Croce
  • Riding in the speedboatLove Train – Wolfmother
  • Waiting for the wedding – (unknown classical song)
  • Walking down the aisle – (unknown classical song)
  • Lighting the lanterns after the weddingI Ran – Ska Rangers
  • Mike Tyson singingOne Night in Bangkok – Mike Tyson
  • End creditsTurn Around – Flo Rida

There is at least one song that I cannot place in the movie, but I know it was there:

And another song that is on the soundtrack album to Hangover Part II but I don’t think it’s in the movie:

Here’s the video for the smoking monkey song – Pusherman by Curtis Mayfield:

And the ridiculous amazing disaster that is Mike Tyson singing One Night in Bangkok:

And the song from the elevator scene, Time in a Bottle by Jim Croce:


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16 Responses to “All 21 Songs from the Hangover 2 Soundtrack”

  1. […] have the songs and scenes for the Hangover Part 2 soundtrack as well. It also has 21 great songs…and Mike Tyson at the mic. Back to our regularly scheduled […]

  2. The Beast in Me was covered by Johnny Cash but written by Nick Lowe….His former son-in-law…

  3. Just watched the movie; loved it…
    The Jenny Lewis song – wasn’t it played in the very beginning? When they showed the Green Hat logo?

  4. the song played in the tattoo parlour is johnny cash

  5. Howlin’ Wolf’s “Smokestack Lightning”

  6. whats the song being sung at the wedding party… walking down the avenue or something?

  7. The scene where Black Eyed Peas Imma be is playing is during the thai monastary when Alan meditates and relives the night but as children. Best scene of the whole movie, cant believe u missed this one!

  8. whats the song in the very end of the movie wen they are showing the pictures?
    …its like “i like to party..” or something like that!

  9. there’s another song in there too i can’t find, it’s in the 2nd part of the credits (after the pictures) and could possibly be a score or something.

  10. The classical piece that Teddy plays is Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1

  11. What was the song that played when allan had a flashback of what happened, when they’re all little kids??

  12. Walkind down the aisle is Canon in D by J. Pachelbel

  13. Cello song by Teddy:

    Suites for Cello, Suite No 1. in G Major by Bach

  14. Can you tell me the name of the club song, Rihanna maybe, something about losing control? We can’t find it in Russia 😎

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