All 25 Songs from the Take Me Home Tonight Soundtrack

So this one took a while to post, but I’ve been interested in seeing Take Me Home Tonight for quite some time, primarily because the song Take Me Home Tonight is one of my favorites from the eighties. I finally got around to watching the movie tonight and scratching out some notes about the soundtrack. Ironically enough, the title song isn’t even featured in the movie.

There are 25 other songs from the eighties that are in the movie Take Me Home Tonight, so it’s not a total loss. A handful of the songs – in fact, most of them that the soundtrack producers put onto the album they released, are typical eighties songs that you could find on just about any eighties compilation mix. These include Come on Eileen, Video Killed the Radio Star, Everybody Have Fun Tonight and Hungry Like the Wolf. These are all good songs, but don’t really stretch the imagination very much. Thankfully, the songs from the movie get a little more creative than this standard fare. Richard Blade might not embrace the whole album but at least he give a good listen to half of it.

The best songs in the movie are Ship of Fools by World Party, Der Komissar by After the Fire, Situation by Yaz and Modigliani (Lost In Your Eyes) by Book of Love. All three are great songs that get slightly less rotation in the eighties lexicon. I’d also throw Jet Fighter and The Fanatic on that list as well.

As a child of the eighties, I knew all of the songs except for one which I didn’t remember right off the bat: Doot-Doot by Freur. It plays when they are on the trampoline. As soon as it got to the chorus – “We go doot-doot” – I recognized it, but it took quite a bit to get there. A little bit of digging into memory banks and Wikipedia ranks, and I discovered that the song was also used in the movies Valley Girl and Vanilla Sky. Definitely super fitting for the freaky bits of the latter. But even more interesting, the duo that comprised Freur later formed Underworld of Born Slippy/Trainspotting fame. The album they released a year before Trainspotting, dubnobasswithmyheadman, is still one of the best of the early 90s.

The soundtrack album for Take Me Home Tonight has about half of the songs from the movie on it, but it is missing some of the choicest ones. Plus, you can’t download them individually even from the MP3 album. Thankfully to the wonders of modern digital music and the power of search, you can find the individual songs standing on their own.

Here’s the complete list of 25 songs from the movie, with notes on the scenes they were in and links to the individual downloads. I hope you enjoy.

The most ridiculously, secretly popular song of the movie is Live is Life by Opus to the tune of 15 million views on YouTube:

Here’s World Party singing Ship of Fools live sometime way back when:

Here’s The Fanatic by Felony, which became a hit on KROQ at the time:

This song speaks the truth – Walking in L.A. by Missing Persons:


~ by montelutz on June 17, 2011.

6 Responses to “All 25 Songs from the Take Me Home Tonight Soundtrack”

  1. Hey mate,
    After “Matt driving the car with Tori – Let My Love Open The Door (E. Cola Mix) – Pete Townshend”
    they walk into the house where the party of Tori’s boss is happening. What song is there playing in the background? Is goes on until the chicks greet the old guys.
    Many thanks for the help. Frank

  2. @Frank – the next song that plays is Warm Leatherette by Grace Jones. You can check it against the song playing in this video

    Is there a different song that you are looking for?

  3. Hey, thanks for the reply. There is another song playing, before “Leatherette”, after “Let My Love Open The Door”. When Tori & Matt are waking itno the house up until they greet some older party guests. This all happens before the redhead walks up to Barry, where actually “Leatherette” is playing. Can you rewatch the scene? Many thanks, Cheers, F

  4. “Matt and Tori kiss – Modigliani (Lost In Your Eyes) – Book of Love”, is that when they’re playing truth or dare and the music slowly builds up, because that’s a completely different song to the one in the movie to my understanding

  5. What about the unidentified instrumental at the very end of the credits? There are answers posted all over the internet saying it’s Alrock’s Bells
    by Yo La Tengo or Walking on a Dream by Empire of the Sun, neither of which are correct. Can you identify it?

  6. Good thing you wrote all of the songs here, however. I’ve been looking for the “trampoline kissing scene” backround soundtrack forever, and when I saw that you added it in your list, I was happy as hell, but when I listening to it, it wasn’t it. I played it over and over again but no, it isn’t “Modigliani (Lost In Your Eyes) – Book of Love”.

    Can you help me?

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