The 7 Songs from the Green Lantern Soundtrack Shine Brighter Than the Film

The soundtrack album for Green Lantern only has the score from the movie, but you can find all seven songs from Green Lantern here, along with notes on the scenes they were in. Most of the songs from the movie are from the 1950s and 60s, an homage to the reboot of the series with Hal Jordan in 1960.

You never know what you are going to get in the soundtrack to a comic book movie. Some go comic to the core and stick with a score that channels the sense of the graphic comic turned tune, while others shove as many hit songs as possible into the soundtrack, even if only a few actually appear in the movie itself. These soundtracks become promotional vehicles for the summer blockbuster as much as the Happy Meals, candy bars and action figures that bear its visage.

Green Lantern cuts somewhere in the middle. There’s only one song on the soundtrack to Green Lantern that I would actually expect to appear in this movie: that’s the first song, Baby You Don’t Wanna Know by Sum 41. The soundtrack quickly remembers its comic book roots and brings the sounds of Sam Cooke, The Fleetwoods and 60s songs Lawdy Miss Clawdy and Barefootin performed by New Orleans band Joints Jumpin’.

Although the reviews for the movie have been mixed, I think most people who take a listen to the songs in the movie will find that they like them. Here’s the complete list of all seven songs from Green Lantern, with links to the downloads for them and notes on the scenes they were in.

Original music for the Green Lantern – James Newton Howard

The Fleetwoods 1959 classic Come Softly To Me:

Groove Armada’s bluesy plea Hands of Time:

Here’s Elvis doing Lawdy Miss Clawdy, the song performed by Joint’s Jumpin at the party in the movie:


~ by montelutz on June 20, 2011.

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