Bit By Bit: Five Songs from the Fletch Soundtrack

Bit by Bit, the Theme from Fletch, pretty much sums up the music in the movie. It’s a heavy dose of keyboard synthesizer mixed with electronic drum beats in an upbeat only-the-way-the-80s-could-be kind of way, just like the movie itself. Fletch came out 25 years ago, but it is still one of my favorite movies, back from when Chevy Chase was one of the funniest people in film. Fletch is often on USA on the random odd weekend. Tonight, I was flipping through the guide and founf it was on CMT. Even with commerticals, I could not turn away.

These days, Chevy Chase is back to funny as the almost begrungingly likeable curmudgeon Pierce Hawthorn in Community. But if you want Chevy Chase at his finest, you need to go back to Spies Like Us, Vacation or Three Amigos. And Fletch, definitely Fletch.

While there are only four songs credited in the movie, I would add a fifth for good measure. When Fletch is running away from the cops and ends up in the American Legion meeting, he sings the National Anthem to get the attendees on their feet so that he can get away.

The funniest song (well, at least because of the context) is when Fletch sings Moon River when he goes to Stanwyck’s doctor for an exam. He sings a line from the song before asking: “You using the whole fist, doc?”

Here’s the complete list of songs from Fletch along with downloads for them. You can put them on the Underhill’s bill.

If you can’t get enough Fletch, you can snag the original Fletch CD soundtrack, including the score by Harold Faltermeyer. This is 80s synthesizer score at it’s best.


~ by montelutz on June 22, 2011.

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