All 17 Songs from the Young Adult Soundtrack

Young Adult is vicious and hilarious. Diablo Cody and Jason Reitman, who first teamed up for Juno, deliver a sardonic sequel of sorts. I was surprised that Patton Oswalt was so likeable as such a cynical character and that Charlize could be so unlikeable but still likeable enough for you to root for her to get her shit straight. From the twisted hair to the shotgunned Diet Coke, it was painful to watch – but painful was exactly what it was supposed to be.

The 90’s soundtrack to Young Adult is as good as the movie. Teenage Fanclub is one of those bands that not enough people discovered. Bandwagonesque was one of my favorite albums of the 90s. The opening track, “The Concept,” serves as the theme song for Young Adult. It plays a half-dozen times during the drive from Minneapolis to Mercury at the beginning of the movie and is also the first song played by Buddy’s wife’s band at the bar.

Woody’s bar also has one hell of a background soundtrack. From Lemonheads to Dinosaur Jr. to Cracker, it’s as if Woody found a mixtape from my so called 90’s life. It’s good – damn good.

Even the background muzak is on point. Beck’s Where It’s At and Pearl Jam’s Even Flow are tucked into the film, the latter as the sounds of the awkward department store scene.

Here’s the complete list of all 17 songs from Young Adult with notes on the scenes that the songs were in:

  • (unknown scene) – Epic – Mateo Messina
  • (unknown scene) – Peach Melba – Brian Dee
  • Mixtape, driving from Minneapolis to Mercury; First song played by Buddy’s wife’s band – The Concept – Teenage Fanclub
  • (unknown scene) – Where It’s At – Mateo Messina (link to original by Beck)
  • Driving to Woody’s bar – What’s Up? – 4 Non Blondes
  • First song playing in Woody’s – Achin’ To Be – The Replacements
  • Drinking with Matt at Woody’s – It’s A Shame About Ray – Lemonheads
  • Talking outside with Matt at Woody’s, waiting for taxi – Feel The Pain – Dinosaur Jr
  • Young girl singing on TV show, playing with hair in hotel room – We’ve Only Just Begun – Roger Nichols and Paul Williams (link to original by Carpenters)
  • Matt with welding torch in his garage – Pledge Your Allegiance – Suicidal Tendencies
  • Background of the department store, looking for Marc Jacobs album – Even Flow – Mateo Messina
  • (unknown scene) – Big Me – Mateo Messina
  • At bar drinking with Matt, talking to the super happy guy in the wheelchair – Low – Cracker
  • Crashes car in parking lot at hotel – Seether – Veruca Salt
  • Baby naming ceremony – Pressure Drop – Toots and the Maytals
  • (unknown scene) – Picture On The Wall – The Lions (link to version by Bob Marley)
  • (uknown scene) – When We Grow Up – Diana Ross

Original music for Young Adult – Rolfe Kent

There’s also one extra song that is on the Young Adult soundtrack album but must have been left on the editing floor of the movie:

  • Black Hole Sun – Mateo Messina (originally performed by Sound Garden)

Here’s a couple additional videos from Young Adult, including

Dinosaur Jr’s best use of an urban golf course:

4 Non-Blonde’s song What’s Up, better known as the hey yeaah yeaaaah song:

And Cracker’s 90’s hit song Low:


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