All 11 Songs from The Losers Soundtrack

There are only 11 songs in the movie The Losers. They did not release a soundtrack album for the film, but you can find the complete list of the songs plus downloads for most of them here.

The soundtrack includes a mishmash of mostly adrenaline-fueled music, including songs from The Kills, The Heavy and Skunk Anansie, as well as Ram Jam’s classic “Black Betty,” which is a song perfectly designed for a series of ridiculously montaged explosions. I mean that in a good way. It plays through the first half of the Bolivia scenes.

The ubiquitous “Don’t Stop Believin” also makes an appearance a couple times, when “the messenger” is listening to his headphones, when he is being chased out of the building and during the end credits. After the colonel and the girl walk out of the trailer, there’s some kinder, gentler  but can’t stop nodding your head with the groove sounds of Amel Larrieux music, sounding almost Mary J. Blige at her best.

The song that many people will probably be looking for is U.R.A. Fever by The Kills, which plays during the fight scene in the hotel and again, when they are hooking up in the trailer.

But for me, the two best songs in the movie are from The Street Sweeper Social Club. The Oath starts off slow but then kicks into something that reminds of a decade ago when Anthrax was teaming up with Public Enemy. Clap for the Killers gets straight into it from the start with a voice that sounds roughly Tricky-esque, and a Killing in the Name of style riff, maybe because Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine is on guitar.

Here’s the complete list of all 11 songs from The Losers. I’ve added the notes for which scenes each of the songs were in (except for two that I had trouble placing). The songs are in the order they appeared in the movie. I’ll add notes on the scenes they were in as soon as I see the movie myself later this weekend.

  • Opening song – Champion of the Blind – Kevin W. Buchholz and Jessie Shapiro
  • Bolivia – Black Betty – Ram Jam
  • On the bus with the kids – Tear the Place Up – Skunk Anansie
  • Working on the car – Big Bad Wolf – The Heavy
  • Street food / Bar with the girl – Bilongo – Papi Brandao & Sus Ejecutivos
  • Fight in the hotel room – U.R.A. Fever – The Kills
  • Cemetary – Clap for the Killers – Street Sweeper Social Club
  • Love scene in the trailer – U.R.A. Fever The Kills
  • Kissing / walk out the next morning – Sweet Misery – Amel Larrieux
  • Bike messenger singing with headphones / running from guards – Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey
  • (unknown scene / ?maybe bazooka or arming the bomb) – The Oath – Street Sweeper Social Club
  • (unknown scene / ?maybe first end credits song) – Through Tears of Joy – Orchestra Lunatica
  • Second end credits song – Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey

Original music for The Losers – John Ottman


~ by montelutz on April 23, 2010.

113 Responses to “All 11 Songs from The Losers Soundtrack”

  1. Thanks so much for posting this! I just saw the movie and went to two stores looking for the soundtrack. I was so bummed that they didn’t make one and then I couldn’t find the song list. So this was awesome!

  2. Yay this is awesome now i know what songs where played! I doubt they have this any where else!!!

    • happy to help. i haven’t had a chance to write-up the songs scene by scene but i will add that info later this weekend. check back for an update.

  3. excellent job montelutz!

  4. Thanks for the list! I just got back from watching the movie and was lucky enough to find your blog! Too bad there isn’t a soundtrack, it was a great motion picture!

  5. thanks for doing this. Im trying to find the song, the very last song when the credits roll up in the end. Any idea what song that is?

  6. Thanks for this. Bummed there is no soundtrack. Will check back for song order. Enjoy the movie, it was fun.

  7. thanks man, this really helpful
    i just watched the movie in the cinema just now, and looking forward the soundtrack
    btw, i just can’t stop laughin the scene where Chris Evan singin’ Don’t stop believin.

  8. at the very end on the movie when the credits are rolling there is this great song…does anyone know the name of it?

  9. I liked the song on their trailer and was looking for it and now I finally found it! Its by Eagles of Death Metal and the name is Don’t speak (I came to make a bang). Awesome!!! Just as the movie — fucking awesome!

    • GREAT. ‘Cause I was looking for that song too. I heard it in the trailer and have been looking for a while, so thank you for sharing that 🙂

  10. […] All 11 Songs from The Losers Soundtrack There are only 11 songs in the movie The Losers. They did not release a soundtrack album for the film, but you can find […] […]

  11. whats the erie song they play when the losers are on thier knees about to get shot ? after they get betrayed???

  12. it may be “in the house in a heartbeat”, same from 28 days later…but im not completley sure…..

    plz and thankyou 🙂 if im right, then there 12 songs! and if im wrong…theres still 12 songs lol

    • It’s actually “Don Abandons Alice” by John Murphy from the 28 Days Later Soundtrack.

      • Pedantic I know, but “don abandons alice” is actually from 28 weeks later and is the shortened version of “in the house, in a heartbeat” which appears in 28 days later

  13. I loved this movie and the soundtrack. Infact, I loved this movie so much I wrote a review of it. The soundtrack was amazing, definately one of the best I’ve ever heard. The Kills’ “U R A Fever” is one of my favorite songs now, I listen to it multiple times, daily, and can’t get it out of my head! Thanks for this, I love all these songs!

  14. Thanks….this is great….I hate when you hear great songs in a movie and can never get the soundtrack or the sound track they release is the background music tracks….trying to find mp3 of the songs now…..Thank again!

  15. I loved that instrumental during the end credits. Thanks for posting the info here since they didn’t release a soundtrack (which is how I would normally try to discover a song title/artist). Any idea where I can find “Through Tears of Joy” by Orchestra Lunatica?

  16. Any idea where I can find Through Tears of Joy by Orchestra Lunatica?

    (sorry if this posted 2x – I was fighting with the computer)

  17. Wasn’t there a Dead Weather song on there too?

    • hey I think there was. Don’t you know the name of that song I’ve been looking fore it everywhere.

  18. …”almost Mary J. Blige at her best”?
    I’m balking, here.
    Amel Larrieux is simply divine – her musical growth and vocal range by far tops Mary J. Blige at her best.
    Blige, on her best day, sounds like a wounded dog – the comparison between them isn’t even remotely apt.

    I do thank you for putting these songs up, I enjoyed the movie – very stylish and sexy – and I desperately wanted the soundtrack.

    • I’m new to Amel Larrieux, so what would you recommend as her best songs? I will definitely check them out. As for Mary J. Blige, others may have more polished vocals but she can deliver one hell of a line. But I’m happy to be proven wrong and always eager to discover brilliant artists that I have somehow missed before.

      • She sang a song with Sade’s band’s group, Sweetback, “you Will Rise” – which is timeless! She also was with a group called Groove Theory during the early nineties – “Tell Me” was the signature R&B hit. I have 2 of her albums – she is good for great smooth chill music

  19. very helpful thank you!

  20. been looking for Through Tears of Joy by Orchestra Lunatica cant find it

  21. sorry about double post

  22. it wont let me post the link to the download of Through Tears of Joy by Orchestra Lunatica

  23. nevermined there it is

  24. does anyone know which song was playing towards the beginning of the movie, where zoe saldana and “clark” were walking down the stairs , it was like a HUMMING INSTRUMENTAL ?thank you

  25. what is the song playing in thew trailer?

  26. I know maybe this is a stupid and difficult question but in the official trailer at the minute 1.23 there’s a song that i’m looking for… maybe someone could help me with the name please!?!?!
    btw, i loved this movie 😉

    • did u find the song?

      • No i didn’t!!! im still in the search for it… i really want it but i just cant find it anywhere… if i find it i’ll let you know.. ok? and also if you know something or discover the name i’ll be very happy if you also let me know… 😀 😀

  27. Thanks for the list. As for ‘The Oath,’ by Street Sweeper Social Club…I have seen the movie three times now, and I can tell you the soft guitar intro is used after the bus crash in the beginning, when the Losers are leading the kids to the chopper. It is used again at the end of the movie, when Pooch finishes his mission, and when the Loser are drinking champagne, the end of the song comes up with the hard guitars and the ‘na na na’ chanting for the first credits. Then they cut to Jensen’s scene, and Journey starts playing.

  28. @eric I dont see any link to “Through Tears of Joy by Orchestra Lunatica”. Can someone send me link plz

  29. (SPOILER!!!!!!) Would anybody know the song that is actually playing when pooch goes into see his wife and the rest of them start drinking? It’s kinda mellow sounding, some harmonic picking and a little bass. Im sure it’s probably just a score for the movie but I really like the sound of it.

  30. (SPOILER!!!)Thanks a bunch for posting these songs! I was surfing all over the web trying to find the song (U R A Fever) that was playing when Aisha was fighting Clay in the hotel room. Thanks again=].

  31. Did anyone find out where to get “Through Tears of Joy by Orchestra Lunatica”? Isaw Eric say he found it, but I sure can’t. I don’t know if it’s the song played during the hospital scene (which is the song I actually want) or the end credits song (which I want too). Thanks.

  32. You are mistaken on Black Betty. It is the remix/cover by spiderbait. This same cover was in the condemned.

  33. What’s the song that playing in the scene where Clay + Idris Alba are at the cockfight? Seems to be missing from your list – can anyone help me find it

  34. Great idea thanks so much for finding all these. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t release a soundtrack they are pretty awesome. Thanks again though

  35. Anyone sure where to download “Through Tears of Joy” by Orchestra Lunatica anywhere? Not sure if there’s supposed to be a link in the post or not. Thx in advance!

  36. Alright. Well after lots of research/searching.. the song that’s played in the final scene (hospital) is one of the songs composed by John Ottman. That was fairly easy to find. The final song in the credits is “Through Tears of Joy” by Orchestra Lunatica. And though I can’t find anywhere to purchase or download it, you can listen to it to your hearts content at: .

  37. Hey Guys,

    The Hospital Scene, where there is an acoustic melodic sound, i have it. Actualy i found it, and thoes are not all the soundtracks of the movie. App: song you heard on the hospital scene it’s the end of the original song, so it’s not much. glad to help thoes who need! 🙂

    • Hi Bennydc. Would u mind telling us the name of the songs and artist pls….whats the point if you found it and u have it but u dont share with us the info….

    • hey can u tell the name of that melodic sound???

  38. and 1 more thing: “Through Tears of Joy” by Orchestra Lunatica it’s NOT the song on the hospital scene!

  39. Bennydc is right. The song for the hospital scene is called “The Losers” by John Ottman

  40. Lol finally found the starting song,”Black Betty”. Thanks man.

  41. the song “The Losers” by John Ottman you can download it here:

    cheers! xD

  42. oath was in the previews and the ending credits.

  43. Does ANY1 know the 2nd song in the end credits??? PLZ HELP!

  44. Kenny…. look up.. literally. I posted the link already…

  45. I thougt there was also the song “Ça plane pour moi (Original 1977 Version)” by Plastic Bertrand in this movie …

  46. Such a badass movie i cannot wait for the sequel!

  47. What is the name of the humming song when Zoe Saldana is walking down the stairs?

  48. anyone know the name of the song being played during the cock fight?

  49. Nice, thank you so much 🙂

  50. If anyone would like it, the full score is now available digitally on all major retailers.


  52. hey sounds dumb but what’s the song that being sung by Jensen when he breaks into the office to steal the Goliath thing =]

  53. does anybody know what the song is that Jenson is singing when he’s in the Goliath HQ

  54. Does anyone know where to get the song: Champion of the blind by Kevin W. Buchholz and Jessie Shapiro? I cant seem to find it anywhere. Thnx 🙂

    P.S. Loved the movie btw. 😀

  55. Thank you!!!! IMDB doesn’t have them all listed yet!! Thank Chuck somewhere did XD

  56. […] The Losers Soundtrack R0x0rs All 11 Songs from The Losers Soundtrack Reelsoundtrack Blog […]

  57. man thank you very much, i was looking al over for the name of the song *Dont Stop Beliveing* now i know it lol

  58. u.r.a. fever cant get it out of my head since the movie….wow!

  59. Thank you for the great post! Hugs from Brazil!!

  60. cool…

  61. hey can tell the name of the music where that guy visits his wife in the hospital in the end??

  62. Thanks a lot, man!!!

  63. Thanks a mil for posting this! I can’t believe they didn’t think a soundtrack would be important.

  64. Your site is amazing,thanks Bro!

  65. anybody figure the soung when thier on there knees and about to be shot by the shipping conitainers…i know its in the house in a heartbeat but a guitar version any ideas?

  66. thanxxxxxxx……………………..i like the movie anf love the songs

  67. what is the name of the song, when they arrive back home with the coffins, they walk on the streets in slowmotion?

    thx in advance

  68. Thank you for this. It’s a great soundtrack.

  69. Thanks so much for posting this!!! And the scenes each song was in, that is fantastic!

  70. all song nice

  71. On the movie near the ending when they were about to be killed, what was the backround music ? I heard it before and I would like to know 🙂

  72. Hey. When roque turns on them and clay is being pushed to a van and the others being pushed some where else, what’s the name of that song? It’s starts slow then a bass comes in. Some one please help me out

  73. i was hunting online for the song in the elevator scene and stumbled upon your blog to find it. thanks for your help.

  74. Very helpful post


    When roque turns on them and clay is being pushed to a van and the others being pushed some where else, what’s the name of that song? It’s starts slow then a bass comes in. Some one please help me out

  76. Song playing while they were leaving the cock fight is a 60’s version of a song called Kikiribu (Mandinga). I don’t know the artist but thats an excellent version. The original song is cuban in origin but has been covered widely throughout latin america.

  77. cheers for posting xxxxxxx made my day!

  78. Thank you so much for your work! The Losers rocks. And the movie has a really good soundtrack.

  79. whats the name of the song that plays during when they were on there knees

  80. thanks so much for this music hard time finding it like everyone the movie watch it every time its on now i can here the tuneage.thanks again. Bella

  81. What is the slow song when Clay and Aisha are in the red hotel room when he asks if she wants to go over the plan?…it’s a melody with no lyrics

  82. i wanted to stop by and say thank you very much for putting out this effort!

  83. Does anyone know the song it’s like in the almost in the beginning where there in a bar it’s in Spanish?

  84. i watched the movie again, for only one reason. these a track called fever
    wow! that track is dope..


    When roque turns on them and clay is being pushed to a van and the others being pushed some where else, what’s the name of that song? It’s starts slow then a bass comes in. Some one please help me out

  86. this is my first time i saw your blog. I don’t know who you are. what you do. but i must say this,
    You are the most awesome no no (Fucking awesome) guy ever
    i have no words for you but you are …….. mmmmmm
    you are just awesome
    You are bloody awesome man
    God bless you you saved my life
    Love you

    Regards Roxy

  87. Thanks for posting this, I was looking for one song in particular from the movie (Tear the Place Up, Skunk Anansie) and couldn’t find anything anywhere else!

  88. the music in the movie was slamming. I am not even a fan of this type of music–but it was so ‘bad ass”…thanks for the list! The actual official soundtrack listing is available on Amazon.

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