All 50 Songs from the Step Up 3D Soundtrack

There are 50 songs on the Step Up 3D soundtrack. Only 16 songs are on the soundtrack album, but you can find the downloads, videos and scenes for the vast majority of the songs from the movie here. I had a bit of difficulty placing some of the songs (those 3D credits made it difficult to make out the details) but I’m pretty sure this is the most complete list around. With your help, we can fill in the rest of the blanks.

It’s a ridiculously good dance mix. The movie starts with N.A.S.A., breaks into Estelle, takes a rare wrong turn with Jay-Z, but then returns with K’Naan and T-Pain. The rest of the movie is chalk full of beats, from Static Revenger, Soulja Boy, Flo Rida and Wale to Timbaland, T.I., Madcon, Busta and Rye Rye, not to mention a couple tunes from Get Cool and back up from MIA, Pitbull, Petey Pablo and even Gaga.

They weren’t messing around when the music producers pulled together this collection. I wish they would have included more in the Step Up 3D soundtrack album, but you can find the downloads for most of the rest of them below. There are about 10 songs that I could not place at all, and about a dozen that I could not match with a specific scene (particularly during the World Jam finals). They kind of blended / and I kind of got distracted. But I guess that means I was just enjoying the movie too much to remember to write it all down.

Apologies for how long it took me to get the post up. It took me about 8-10 hours of eyestrain and Google to try to piece together as much of the soundtrack as I could.

Without further adieu, here’s the (mostly) complete list of songs from Step Up 3D. If you have insights on the missing songs or scenes, please post your ideas into the comments below and I will update the post with your info. Or if you want to go totally gaga on the list, print screen and take it with you when you see the movie for the second time. You know you want to . Who needs dialogue anyway? It’s all about the dancing. And in 3D, that’s one hell of a ride.

  • First dance off in the park with Moose – Whachadoin? – NASA
  • Luke tells Moose, “I Got You” – I Can Be a Freak – Estelle
  • In Luke’s car driving through NYC at night – Empire State of Mind – Jay-Z
  • Luke brings Moose to the Vault, welcome to my house – ABC’s – K’Naan
  • In the Vault club – Take Your Shirt Off – T-pain
  • Club – Tetris – Electrixx
  • Natalie dancing in the club – I Like That – Static Revenger and Richard Vission featuring Luciana
  • Sleeping – (unknown song) – (unknown artist)
  • Natalie warming up – Joyride – Tania Doko
  • Training/parkour on the rooftop – Up (Remix) – Jesse McCartney
  • (unknown scene) – (unknown song) – (unknown artist)
  • Practice – Fancy Footwork – Chromeo
  • First jam battle site – Swing – Savage featuring Soulja Boy
  • First dance with the chalk dust – Move (If You Wanna) – Mims
  • Dance response – Tear Da Roof Off – Busta Rhymes
  • Madd Chadd (robot dance) – Pinball – Akira Kiteshi [thx @LJ for the update]
  • (unknown scene) – Already Taken – Trey Songz
  • Walking with the giant 7-11 cups – My Own Step (Theme From Step Up 3D) – Roscoe Dash and T-pain
  • Kiss – This Girl – Laza Morgan
  • Round 2 battle against Asian team – Beggin’ – Madcon
  • Karaoke – Hit Me With Your Best Shot – Eddie Schwartz [link to original by Pat Benatar]
  • Natalie’s fancy birthday party – Concerto for 2 Violins, Strings and Continuo in D Minor – Jim Long
  • Tango – Bust Your Windows – Jazmine Sullivan
  • Background music during Halloween call – (unknown song) – (unknown artist)
  • (unknown scene) – Who U R – Jessie J
  • Walking alone, ‘the pirates are done’ – (unknown song) – (unknown artist)
  • (unknown scene) – No Te Quiero – Sophia Del Carmen featuring Pitbull
  • Dancing to the ice cream truck music – I Won’t Dance – Fred Astaire
  • Coffee shop – Superman – Joe Brooks
  • Missing crew and new dancers – Who Dat – J Cole
  • Jukebox dancing and practice – Club Can’t Handle Me – Flo Rida
  • World Jam finals – Chillin’ – Wale featuring Lady Gaga
  • (unknown scene) – Tommy’s Theme – (unknown artist)
  • (unknown scene) – One – (unknown artist)
  • Pirates’ Second song – Ease Off the Liquor – Timbaland [thx @Mr.Greene for the update]
  • Samurai’s first song – Let Me C It – Get Cool featuring Petey Pablo
  • Samurai’s second song – Here I Come – The Roots [thx @jen for the update]
  • Pirates third song – Ghettomusick – Outkast    [thx @beth and @unknowntheartist for the update]
  • (unknown scene) – Bang – Rye Rye featuring MIA
  • (unknown scene) – Work the Middle – Ericka June
  • (unknown scene) – This Instant – Sophia Fresh
  • Lights – Crush the Floor – Fly Stylz?
  • Lights during World Jam – Move Shake Drop (Remix) – DJ Laz featuring Flo Rida and Casely [thx @tori for the update]
  • Last song with the lights – Shooting Star (Party Rock Mix) – David Rush
  • Win the World Jam – Got Your Back – T.I.
  • Film clip, ask for a double major – Congratulations – Blue October [thx @ashley for the update]
  • Train station – What We Are Made Of – Scott Mallone
  • (unknown scene) – Irresistible – Wisin Y Yandel
  • End credits song – Shawty Got Moves – Get Cool
  • Second end credits song – Drivin’ Me Wild – Common

Original music for Step Up 3D – Bear McCreary


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  1. The song “Congratulations” is by Blue October.

  2. Hey, thanks for the listing.
    BTW, the unknown Outkast song is Ghetto Musick from Speakerboxx/The Love Below 🙂

  3. the song im trying to find isnt in here 😦
    btw the the song title for outkast is ghettomusick 🙂

    • What is the song you were looking for? Do you remember the scene or any of the lyrics? Check back and hopefully readers will be able to pinpoint it. //thanks for your help with identifying ghettomusick

  4. heyy whats the song with the lyrics ; looking in the mirror, why am i doing this to myself.. seeing is decieving, dreaming is believing.. its okay not to be okay just be true to who you are.. a girl is singing it and everybody is searching for the tittle !!! thanks for your helpppp 🙂 !

  5. Another song at the world jam dance by the pirates is Move Shake Drop by Pitbull. It was in my head the whole time after the movie, and I had to look it up.

  6. WHERE CAN I FIND “WHO U R” by jessie j??!?!?!

  7. I want to know Pirates first song.


  9. I’m pretty sure that timbaland – ease of the liquor is from when the samurai battle moose in the toilets 🙂

  10. Can anybody help me ? im looking 4 the song from the pacour sceene.
    Its a beat like : Oooooo~ooooooooo…
    Pls help me

    • I think the song you are looking for is Up (Remix) by Jesse McCartney.

      • do you know where I can find the song?

      • it is a mash-up but you can’t find it anywhere because it is not officially remixed. I was searching for hours and I’ve hear that same song before half a year ago but i forgot the name! A friend of mine got it on his iphone but there was just unknown artist and unknown title, so we have to hope that someone comes and gives us the name!

    • it’s beggin by madcom – it goes beggin, beggin youououou put your lovin hands out baby, beggin, beggin youououou put your lovin hands out darlin

      i have been whistling it ever since i saw the movie and couldn’t remember what it was or where i had heard it. finally had to look it up… lol

  11. the song when madd chadd does the robot stuff in the first battle is pinball by akira kiteshi

  12. there was a song, i think it was the very last song on the credits. its stuck in my head and i don’t know what its called. the only words i know are “boom bomm shake”. let me know if u know what its called. thanks 🙂

  13. There’s actually 16 songs listed on the CD version of the Step Up 3D Soundtrack List 2 additional songs, a video and digital booklet on the Deluxe MP3 Download Version as listed on Keep up the great work compiling these movie soundtrack blog postings.

  14. what was mixed with “Up” by Jesse McCartney on the actual movie? I know the song but i couldn’t find the title ahah

  15. I’m not sure what part this is at but I know that the song “Pon de Floor” by Major Lazer is in it too.

  16. “Here I Come” is by The Roots.

  17. Thanks so much for this list! Just saw the movie last night and couldn’t wait to put together this playlist!

  18. thanks for the lists.

  19. looking for the song at the very end sung by a woman..very slow emotional song. not who u r by jessie j.

  20. i already download everything but the song im tryin to find isnt here 😦 its like all beat no voice. it played on the scene when natalie and luke started on training on roof top… jumping and running.. it goes like thiss……….. paraaappaappaappapp!! pls help mee 😦 i really like that song 😦

  21. The song i wanna find is sing by a female. I remember a lil part of the song, [Why am i doing this for myself, losing my mind thats……., i… lika real me, no no oo-oh, no matter wat thay are,…. It’s okay not to be okay……..] Can u please help me find out this song?? THX.

  22. Thank you so much for your hard work! This has been so helpful!! I found the song I wanted thanks to your website. The song was not on the original soundtrack so this scene by scene song playlist was great! Thanks!

  23. what about that song when moose was bettling the samurias in the toilets THEN they chased him to the club. I couldn’t understand the lyrics. then, the song stopped when the pirates came

    • I’m pretty sure it’s Major Lazer’s “When You Hear The Bassline”, I recognized two Major Lazer songs in the movie and I think this one was during the bathroom scene

    • I thought the song was using the beat from Busy Signal’s Pon Di Edge but to no avail.
      The hook lyric sounds like either of these:

      “you talk punny mon, (don’t need to be afraid) you can talk punny mon (don’t need to be afraid)”

      “you talk pon de man, (don’t need to be afraid) you can talk pon de man (don’t need to be afraid”

      “you talk funny man (don’t need to be afraid), you can talk funny man (don’t need to be afraid”

      “you talk on it man (don’t need to be afraid) you can talk on it (don’t need to be afraid)”

      If anyone else has any ideas, much appreciated 🙂

      • oh, it’s Major Lazor and Ms Thing on When You Hear The Bassline in the bathroom scene… (where did I get “don’t need to be afraid” mixed up with “when you hear the bassline”? hehe.. )
        Big ups to Jordan for satisfying my curiosity!

      • Haha I do what I can 🙂

  24. what is the song where they are running on the rooftops ?
    i cant find it anywhere

  25. gosh thanks so much for the list, but this is driving me crazy. that pon d floor wasn’t the major lazer version. whose version was it. im going insane thinking about it

  26. What is the slow song called at the very beginning of the movie??

  27. Thankyou sooo soooo much!!!

  28. When Moose and Luke are running from the cops in the very beginning, a remix of “Stratosphere” by Junkie XL is playing. I don’t know what the remix is but I recognized pieces of the original in there!

  29. anyone know how i can hear joyride by tania doko?!?!?!?

  30. The song playing during the sleeping scene is the same song played in Natalie’s warm up. The music and beat do not change from the crew sleeping (19:48), Luke waking up and finding Natalie in the speaker room. The only difference is that the lyrics of the song kick in when Luke is getting up at (19:55) and then much clearer at 20:11 when he enters the speaker room.
    I can’t seem to find the song on the internetz anywhere though, even though Tania Doko is an Aussie and I’m in OZ…

    • Its a Tetris mix (w/o the vocal) 😉

      • nah this isnt the same song. does ANYONE know where we can get the Tania song Joyride? Or if its not actually by her? EVERYONE is lookin for the song in Natalie’s warmup scene, why cant we find it? 😦 so in love with this song

  31. Ugh. I NEED to listen to that song! Haha I love it

  32. its pon de fllor ninjasonik remix..just search it on youtube

  33. Hi

    I know a lot of you are looking for this song. It hasn’t been released yet. Official record rumored to be out next month. For the meantime, here’s a snippet of it from Step Up 3D.

    “its okay not to be okay; just be true to who you are … seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing..”

  34. what was the title of the song when they were cleaning the new place they got when the apartment got closed, after they accepted the new dancers, i could barely remember the lyrics., ready to go now was all i could remember, pls help me thanks

  35. Children prompt on 64 minute the girl sings it who????

  36. does anybody know the song when natalie is training near the big speakers, and luke walks in???

  37. does anybody know where i can download Tania Doko song joyride, this was on the scene were natalie was training near the speakers!!!

  38. Now I get my own album from this list “Step Up 3D Unofficial Soundtrack” (24 Son

  39. I need to know the song when Natalie was dancing down the club when Luke found her..not sure about the lyrics but i think i here..”kick it..from ew York to L.A.”..something like that.
    can you help me out?

  40. hi! what is the song in the trailer? the 1 with just beat n bass sound? tnxs 🙂

    • I’m pretty sure it’s Tiësto ft. Dada Life & Frank E – Squeeze It. thats one of the songs from the trailer anyway 🙂

      • OK, so how come that song is MIA everywhere I check for it? That single song got me so pumped up for the movie and even to get back into bboyin again. But the only place you can find it is on the trailer and on youtube. Can’t find it on iTunes or the actual movie, or the soundtrack!? What happened to it and how can I get it for my ipod! 🙂

  41. whats that song called where luke and natalie are dancing at her party? where shes wearingg a greeen dresss?

    • Jazmine Sullivan “Bust Your Windows”

    • The song you are after is “Bust Your Windows” by Jazmine Sullivan, although I am not sure if this lengthened version, with orchestral intro and almost acapella snging is available anywhere…

  42. what’s the first Pirates song of the final battle called?! Need this one!

  43. hello everybody. thank you so much for the playlist, it is a great job. but i don’t find the song crush the floor by fly stylz. Do someone know where i can find it please ? thank you ^^

    • The artist name is spelt Flii Stylz, same artist behind most of the songs from the documentary, Rize, about clowning and krumping.
      You might find the song on the artist’s Myspace?

      • u sure cuz i check’d his myspace….plus that song, even if mix’d duzn’t sound like a buck song.

  44. Sophia Fresh – This Instant was played during world jam but was only played for about 10 seconds then went into the next song. Hope that helps 🙂

  45. What’s that song playing when moose was in the restroom and the samauris start to battle him really need that song

  46. if you want to fill in the unknown space on the list stay in the theatre after you viw it and write down the sons you are missing or you can wait a few months untill it comes out on dvd and skim the credits for those missing songs and scenes

    best of luck

  47. Geeee..thx Phil.
    I’ve seen the film for 3 times already..
    i still can’t find Who U R by Jessie J and Joyride by Doko
    guess i will have to keep searching..

  48. thak you very musch for your help ^^

  49. hey thanks sooo much. i was dissapointed when i saw the soundtrack list and during the movie i recognized songs that i didnt see in the soundtrack. again thank you SOOOOO much this is really great 🙂

  50. The scene when Luke and Natalie are walking with the slurpee cups before they go to the roof top

  51. The scene I posted was for unknown seen for already taken

  52. whats the first pirate battle song…..i really gotta find it

  53. where can i download the jessie j – who U R ?

  54. well, i’m sure there’re not ALL of them but grand thanks to you and ALL you people – listened to whole list on amazon

  55. anyone know the version of ‘club can’t handle me’ that is used in the movie? it’s definitely more upbeat/is sorta breakbeat than the original song?

  56. Hey, thanks sooo much for this very good list, however the song I’m looking for, isn’t on here! It should technically be in the Up Jesse McCartney song, but I listened and i can’t hear it. Maybe it was a sample from another song? It was when Luke had just told Natalie they are going to rehearse “out there” and so they’re running and do all these cool jumps and stuff, and this one really cool techno beat comes on a bit like Warp 1.9 (but not) and it was like a ch chcchch chchh chc (oh wow that was horrible at me trying to do a beat). If anyone knows thank you! it’s stuck in my head!

  57. hey does any body know the name of the first song danced by pirates against samurais?i need that song,but i cant find a name for it..plz help..

  58. I like those picture

  59. Anybody, pleeeeas!!!! I NEED THE FIRST PIRATES SONG FROM THE LAST BATTLE!!! I’m really going crazy about it. PLEASE anyone. HEEELPP!!

  60. Hi Guys!
    Could anybody tell me the songs from Step up 3d from scenes of the parkour training?

  61. Hey could I have a little help on the “Joyride” of Tania Doko. I don’t find it anywhere?

  62. where can i find the song up(remix) from jesse mccartney??

  63. THANK YOU!!!
    the last credits scene was f*cking illl wit the finger dancing!!

  64. very very very tahnks

  65. What’s the name of fisrs pirates’ song in world jam???

  66. What’s the first song that the Pirates were dancing to during the world jam??

  67. The song when they were jumping from roof to roof for warm up is Afrojack & Major Lazer – Pon De Floor

  68. What’s the name of the first song at the final battle?

  69. does any body know the artists of the songs “one” and “tommy’s theme” in the list?? i think one of these songs is what i need…

  70. whats the name of the song when madd chadd does the robotic dance in the second battle i think?

  71. _If i’m not wrong there’s ABC’s – K’naan too =)) when the boy walked in the house

  72. Hey man! Thanks for this awesome list!

    Anyways, “Bang – Rye Rye featuring MIA” belongs to Samurai’s Third Song. “Work the Middle – Ericka June” belongs to Natalie and Luke’s duet dance. “This Instant – Sophia Fresh” is after the duet dance and before the Lights. 🙂

  73. wahts the name of the song that kinda goes like ” shock-schok-scho-scho-scho-schok’ i think it comes out in the final battle….. and the name of that song where luke and that girl are practicing on the rooftops and know its not “”up – jessie”” if anyone know plz text me the song name and artist (210)322-8835

  74. any one know the song in the trailer.. where it say.. knda : step it up step it up ??? thx in advance 🙂

  75. First song form Pirates finale battle is Crush the Floor – Fly Stylz?

  76. Thank you a lot for this great job and thanks to internet !

  77. does anyone no where i can get the version of club cant handle me thats used on step up 3d as its not the original 1 thanks

  78. Already taken was on in the background when they was walking with the large slushies. The scene before the big blower!

  79. “Work the Middle” by Ericka June is the song playing in Luke/Natalie’s final dance @ World Jam 😉

  80. where i can find Tania Doko- Joyride ? I Can’t find it 😦

  81. Where can you download the song Up (remix) – Jesse McCartney?

  82. Tommy’s Theme – (unknown artist)


    Any 1 ?

  83. This was also in their in the final battle
    Wale & Lady Gaga- Chillin

  84. Thanks really nice blog

  85. hey, does anybody know the song in the scene ( the pirates are done ) ? I want to know this soooo bad!

  86. I need some help to find that song Tania Doko – Joyride. Really want it badly!

  87. I need the song from the scene where Luke walking alone, ‘the pirates are done’!!! Help me? pleaze!!!!!!!!!!

  88. hey anyone know the song played when Luke sit alone after know everything about Natalie???????????????????

  89. does anybody no the song where they are on the rooftop with the slurpee cups, the first kissing scene?

  90. hello,

    What is the song on 1:04:27. It’s a nice song and I think that beyonce is the singer. But maybe i’m not right. Can somebody help me.

  91. Hi can anyone please help me with a song please?
    male singer,
    It is something like “baby woohooo xx xx xx, baby” with electronic bells in the background?

  92. does anyone know the name of that song that says i meat this pretty girl and she was from dc i believe that’s how it went thanks

  93. great work !!!

  94. Whats the name of the song when Luke & Natalie are dancing together at the world Jam when Natalie’s brother told her to get off the stage?


  95. i think the 1st song battle is asian hip hop song

  96. can someone mail me or upload the song
    “what we are made of” — scott mallone
    thanks a lot!!!!!

  97. The song from 01:04… is Jessica J Cornish Who you Are

  98. is there also someone who has thes songs in torrent, rar or any other compression??

    thanks a lot for your help!!! 😀

  99. Heyyy im looking for the song when they practice on the rooftop for the first time..when theyre jumping off the walls and over stuff haha. its like a techno song with snare drumming then sirens. Please helppp!!

  100. song name when they find the new place for practice at the amusement park?

    The one that they danced in the warehouse.

  101. I wan to know the song name when the sleeping goes in the begging wen natalie dancing in the early mornong i WANT IT BADDLYYY


  103. very good songs!
    very good list!!

  104. hey does nywun kno wea i cn download all these traks from for free

  105. toilet scene tunage 😉

  106. i don’t remember or when, but i know there’s a tech n9ne song in the movie, dunno which song but yea….

  107. I am looking for a song, so luke sits on the wall and thinks, and Natalie on a sofa or chair. It is after she has lied to him.
    can you help me ?



    • it was major laser – pon de floor 🙂 btw do u know a song similar to this? it wasnt in the movie though…

  109. I;m ínane ưith the first battle in final song. But i can’t find it. who knows that song and mail me? thanks a lot! God bless you!

  110. first danse pirates – Zion I – One (feat Grouch)

  111. Awsm…gud job.:-)

  112. hey im tryna find a download for that crush the floor song can anyone help me out?

  113. hey…amazing collection…thanks to you i found all the tracks of the movie….good job 🙂

  114. Thank you very much Frost!!!

  115. great blog! Great songs too 😀 how’d you know all this anyway? And i thought i knew all the songs 😛

  116. anyone have any luck yet finding Natalie’s warm-up song in the room with the boom boxes? IM DYING FOR THAT SONG!

  117. You know perhaps, what it too song? It was a moment on, when the bank took the Crypt away from them and the entire squad disintegrated.

  118. the song “one” is made by zion i the grouch 🙂

  119. how can it be that a song like Tania Doko – Joyride exsist in a movie but non as download thats not normal if u search Tania Doko u find only shit no albums no singles thats crazy

  120. What’s the song when Luke and Natalie broke up scene? “Seeing is deceiving…”

  121. Hey guys, do u know the song when they are standing on ‘big fan’ where they play with colourful ice?

  122. I think I’ve found Tommy’s Theme – by Made Men if it’s the right one…..

  123. does anybody know what song did t-pain sampling sophia fresh song from?

  124. thanks so much! finally, i found the song that i want from step up 3 from ur blog collection. 🙂

  125. yes me too i need the song that was up when Natalie was warmuping

  126. @ stef, the song is Who You Are from Jessie J Cornish
    i hope i can help you 😉

  127. im lookin for that ONE song.
    its the one you hear when moose and camille meet on those stairs, not “i wont dance”, the one you hear when moose walks towards her. its a very soft a woman.

    thank u sooooo much in advance!

  128. does anyone know the beat that is mixed with jesse mccartney song, called up? its in the scene where they go street jumping/dancing? its the background beat and i know i’ve heard it before but can’t think of the name??

  129. 0:39 one , two .. song and 0:59 HOT BASS


    Replay plz

    Peac 😉

  130. i will have the for the eascreamtruck xD

  131. ….all the songs are here…chk it out

  132. anyone know the song that goes,
    “step it up, step it up, step it up”

    In the trailer at 1:41, its not the same as T-Pains ‘i Got my own step” its different!

  133. they use the song “this instant” before the lights

  134. Can someone please help me! I can’t find a download link for the song where Natalie is warming up! That Joyride or something… Can someone please put the link out where ( I would be grateful if it was a link where I could get the song for free and I don’t need to sign up to the site… 😀 ) Thanks! 😉

  135. Thanx you sooooooooooooooooo much for giving us all the songs.
    THANK YOU!!!!!

  136. 🙂 🙂

  137. Can someone answer this for me Why isn’t Taio Cruz – Dynamite on this website?? It part of the soundtrack right??

  138. You forgot the amasing electro song “Bring the noise – Benny Benassi”!!!!!! I was trying to find that like a week!!!! Please add it for others!

  139. the blank that you have where it says unknown scene unknown song unknown artist the scene is probably the one of the showing of all the shoes i will try to figure out the song tonight

  140. hey…

    The scene when they are on the roof training together…the song mixed with that jessies @get up@ song…the song where it sounds like someone just sayer er er er er er er over again…anyone know the song? any help would be great!!

  141. hi there.. thanx a lot for the infos.. i’ve been looking all songs in the STEP UP 3D after watched that movie… thank god i found ur blog.. hehe…

  142. what’s the name of the song when Natalie and Luke are standing on the funnel with their drinks?
    I neeeeed this song :D:D

  143. By the there’s one important song that is not on the soundtrack missing, it’s when Moose meets this guy in the graffiti room in the beginning.
    J Randall – Spirit of the Radio

  144. I think most of you are looking foe ->

    One – Zion I Feat. The Grouch
    Crush Floor – Fly Style
    Tommy’s Theme – Made Men


  145. I think most of you are looking foe ->

    One – Zion I Feat. The Grouch
    Crush Floor – Fly Style
    Tommy’s Theme – Made Men Feat. The Lox


  146. I think most of you are looking foe ->

    One – Zion I Feat. The Grouch
    Crush Floor – Fly Style
    Tommy’s Theme – Made Men Feat. The Lox


  147. Anyone know the song at 20:00 ?

  148. Anyone know this song at 20?

  149. Does anyone know the sing at 20?

  150. i want the pirates first song in the final battle

  151. i love dis…thanks…(:

  152. you you you and you… I search this lyrics. The song is in the end on this film(credits) ? Name this song?

  153. hey thank you all guys for all this links and names. My god without you i wouldn’t have found so many song.

    • i know its a bit late as your comment was last year, but what was the name of the song from step up 3D 20 seconds into the video “step up 3D- meet the charecters”? if you can help it would be really helpfull!?x

  154. what is the song at the start of the movie … whereby moose is in the car when luke is driving ? pls help…

  155. heyy there is this song played when moose is saying sorry to camille . just before they dance on the road.. moose didnt meet camille 4 a long time n she tells him that she misses him. there is this song played in the background that i am unable to find .. please help

  156. I am trying to download Tania Doko – Joyride from the Step Up 3, but I cannot find it! Can anyone help me!!?

  157. I think I found the remix of ‘pon da floor.’
    Diplo & Afrojack (Major Lazer) – Pon de Floor (Alvaro remix)

  158. hey can anybody post the link for joyride by tania doko……plssss

  159. Great work dude!! thx for this list. Greetings from Romania 🙂 keep it like this. Thx again for this list

  160. thanks for the song list.. 😀

  161. THe song in the trailer,
    when it goes, “step it up step it up step it up” i forgot the rest, it was like the last piece of the trailer song.
    Anybody knows it?

  162. i love step up 3(:

  163. where i can download the crush the floor song pls

  164. heyy wats thatt sonq the scene is that there jumpinqq on thee rooftops in the beqinninq of thee moviie??




  166. Best job and great site.Made for all people like us 🙂
    PEACE YO to yall music lovers out there!

  167. i m looking the song of the Parkour scence~

  168. hi fellas,
    does anybody knows d title of the song that plays just after d anchor at world jam finals, says “welcome to the world jam.”…
    that song says”lookin at, lookin at, lookin at me, look dat…….”
    plzz i need that song……

  169. This is official triler

    What song is beetwen: 0:35 – 0:45

  170. Ok i found before 🙂 ths is

  171. ayudaa!! kiero saber k cancion es la k canta una chica, cuando aparecen escenas de la chica i luego del chico k estan solos i eso, es una cancion lentaaa i es k esa cancion me encantaaa alguien me puede ayudar?? graciass

  172. Can anyone tell me where can i find song “Joyride – Tania Doko”
    There’s nothing on internet or youtube….if someone have the link or knows where can i dowlnoad it for free PLEASE let me know…

  173. thanks men “maraming salamat”

  174. what is the song called after the dramatic scene “■Background music during Halloween call – (unknown song) – (unknown artist)”. the slow song, the lady with the jasper voice.

  175. GramotnoooooO!!!!

  176. Can someone please help me with the name of the song, during the final battle, when the girl is lifted and she walks!!!!

  177. I want to know the title song for the first for house of pirates are dancing in the final of world jam..can anyone help me?

  178. whats the song called where them to start training on the roof top not the really beaty song, its mixed with another i have been trying to find it for ages!!!

  179. “When You Hear the Bassline”
    Performed by Major Lazer ft. Ms Thing, During the bathroom dance off. The samurai wants a rematch, and they dance over the sinks and cubicles in the Vault bathroom and take him out onto the dancefloor. I love this song & battle….

  180. Hi, I want to know the song name during Luke and Natalie playing the ice-blended beside the bridge. Any idea?


    1st Pirate’s: Zion I & The Grouch – One
    1st Samurai’s: Get Cool feat. Petey Pablo – Let me c it
    2nd Pirate’s: Timbaland – Ease off the liquor
    2nd Samurai’s: The Roots – Here I come
    3rd Pirate’s: Outkast – Ghettomusick
    3rd Samurai’s: Rye Rye feat. MIA – Bang

    Luke’s/Natalie’s duo: Ericka June – Work in the middle
    Break – Sophia Fresh feat. T-Pain – This instant

    1st with lights: Flii Stylz – Crush the floor
    2nd with lights: DJ Laz feat. Flo Rida & Pitbull – Move shake drop
    3rd with lights: David Rush feat. LMFAO, Pitbull & Kevin Rudolf – Shooting Star (Party Rock Remix)

    I only arranged the list. Thanks to everyone who made it.

  182. i’m just going crazy, i can’t find the song wich is played when natalie warms up!! :@

  183. hey…i want to knw the song at the airport….the one tht plays wen luke and nateline kiss.

  184. hey. thanks for the list!!
    the song -one- is from swedish house mafia!
    take care

  185. major laser when you hear the bassline played when moose was dancing in the bathroom.

  186. hii . im lokiing for a song … it have lycris : something like : every steep .. oohh. i dont remember … buut i really want itt. 😀
    heeeeeeelp !

  187. Jaaaaap . Thaaanx. 😀

  188. hey.. do you know what song when luke and natalie on the roof and heading to moose school, i think that song is coming from major lazer – pon de floor, but it has different version, i cant find what’s the title! someone help me please.. 😦

    • thats the song.. the movie producers remix the song accordingly to the movie. you wont be able to get the remix that was played in the actual movie. sorry.

  189. hi, i am looking for this song in this soundtrack v long which sound like.. “walking on new york”.. anyone know this song… pls help…

  190. thanks… Permission to share ! I’ll give a credit to you..

  191. awesome

  192. Joyride – Tania Doko PLEASE !!!!!:(

  193. could i download all the song?pliss

  194. Anyone knows where I can find the music of the last scene

  195. excuse me. i wanna know what music is played in the robot dance scene???

  196. hi, i noticed that there are songs from B.o.B and Sean Paul at the end of the movie trailer. any of you guys know the titles and in which scenes were these songs played?

  197. pirates first songs artist is Zion I The grouch

  198. can anyone please tell me the name of the song when natalie and luke and training for the first time, it kinda goes like er er er er er over and over again?

  199. the scene when natalie in the train station?anybody knows?

  200. can anyone help me?………
    i need download all of this in one folder

  201. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT’S THE SONG IN ROBOTROCK????

  202. try mp3bear

  203. guys, does anybody know the song when a bunch of children dance on the dance dance revolution (some dancing game) in the game center?
    so curious..

  204. Who u r, that was amaze, and just amaze, and i’m amazed..

  205. thanks buddy FOR THIS GREAT JOB I HAVE GOT MY BEST SONG NOW……………………….

  206. What’s The Title Of Then Song When They Are On The Roof Of His Home? (: ❤

  207. somebody know song in trailer at 0:14 ??

  208. this is sooo great.. only 1 song i can’t find..
    crush the floor @_@

  209. what is the song when luke and natalie kissing on the roof beside the river? anyone else now?

  210. where do I can find “crush the floor” by Flii Stylz??no track on the internet??please help..thnx.

  211. Thank you for this great list 🙂

  212. does anyone kno where to download flii stylz – crush the floor dis song???

  213. Hey do you know the song like ”do you remember” in step up? i love it, but i just know a little part of that song. please help me.

  214. thanks!!!

  215. hello i love les music americain

  216. Where can I find the remix of Club Can’t Handle Me used in the scene where they meet the MSA Crew?

  217. can anyone knows the song played when both pirates and samurai enter the final world jam…. really love that song with na na na hey goodbye lyrics

  218. I’m looking for the song where “Moose & Luke” on the “flight” are and run away from the police?

  219. coool men

  220. i really love it.. cuz i really love dancing…
    ahh.. yaeh…

  221. Anyone who is still having problems with finding Tania’s Doko – joyride song , try to listen to this Flo-Rida – Puzzle, because personaly i dont think any other song will be released 🙂 its same just words a bit different , have fun

  222. hi..what song was it when luke and the girl had drinks with them..sounded likesmtin from sean kingston that goes like this… love u cos u are,every single star,in the constellation thats a lighting in my heart…and i know we’ll stand together when the world falls down….and u know we’ll be together when the sun goes down…and there was a song too by nigeria’s own wale and lady gaga.

  223. what is the first pirates song in the world jam- i think it lil wayne’s! please email me if u know the answer!

  224. i really love the movie…
    cuz i really love to dance…
    i want more..!!

  225. whts the last song??????

  226. Omg…i cant find anywhere the song by flii stylz – crush the floor….its just impossible…does any1 have it or have any news about it like when it will appear if i wasnt released…please email me at please im desperate to find that song.


    epicness above anything!

  228. thank you very much for the blog at last I found the music scene and the scene robot dance lights. I am happy thank you very much.

  229. how about the pirates fisrt song when world jam ????
    any one know that song????

  230. all song in this playlist:

  231. i need the name for this 1 song don;t remember exactly what scene it’s in but the lyrics are something like: ‘my body rocks the rhythm, you beat my drum hard.’ this song played on the Ellen Degeneres show as well while a girl danced to it.
    please guys, any idea will be helpful.

  232. here u go with that major lazer… i think this is the real version 😕

  233. pls someone give link for Tania Doko – Joyride i really love this song and i cant find it anywhere :X

  234. I need Song (Kid Darkness Dancing In Club :* Moose meet Samurais in Toilet)

  235. Any people sill intrested in Joyride- Tania Doko?

    please leave a note and i will post a link,

    i even up it on youtube.


  236. what is the name of the song .. in the end when the girl convinces boy to dance with her.. in the final round of world jam >?

  237. Anyone who still has intrest in the song ” Joyride – Tania Doko ”
    leave a comment or check my vid on youtube..

  238. Hey whats the very first song when luke is videoing the rest of the dancers (cast crew) for the dvd that he makes… the very first song in the movie its in the first scene.


  240. Thanks heaps for this list hey!!

    one song i do wanna kno about tho is the one on the menu screen on the dvd!
    if anyone knows..


  241. thanks man that was great

  242. The song One is by Zion I & The Grouch

  243. more sooooooooooonggggggggggggggggsssssssssssssss gggggggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr hat about i wont dance

  244. really helpful….thnx fr all d songs…!!! jus d perfect blend of all…!!! gr8 work cheers!!

  245. Hey, I also have a wordpress blog and once I saw how well developped your site was…well I just want to say I’m impressed. It’d really be an honor if you can check out my site.

    Please & Thanks
    Can u please leave a comment?

  246. Your missing “Take your shirt off”by: T-Pain!

  247. Thanks Alot Man I Appreciatte It 🙂

  248. on the dvd there is a deleted scene, where the samurai and pirates battle in the club. i need to know the name of the song!!! please help..

  249. thank`s a lot. beggin => my fav 1.

  250. What is the song at the end when the girl sees the guy.. it’s a slow song.. and i think the lyrics go something like.. “i will come to you, i will love you, no matter who you are i will love you”

  251. Does anyone know the electronic song at the very beginning of the movie, opening scene with Luke’s video? It’s also on the DVD menu for bonus features. Dying to know what this song is, thanks.

  252. hi, i still cannot find this song from Natalie warming up – Joyride – Tania Doko.

  253. Hi, i need just one song, when moose find kido, just before they introduce the msa crew, it sounds like japanesse song but i cant find it.

    sombebody help me?

  254. Enrique Iglesias feat. Wisin & Yandel – No Me Digas Que No

  255. Really awesome movie, very much appreciated

  256. whats the song that includes the verse “my boby rocks the rythym, you beat my drum hard” in step up 3 i think its during the club scene

  257. whats the song with the lyrics ” my body rocls the rythym you beat my drum hard”, in step up 3?

  258. Pls can help me find the song up from Jesse Mccartney. I luved it so much.

  259. What song was playing at the begining of the battle where it said something about a tonka truck? I really liked the beat and all, but none of my besties know what it is. Help me!!!!!!

  260. @Jessie:which battle!?????

    • I know this isnt part of the step up 3 movie but in step up 1 in the special features there was a song that was sung by two girl at at the beginning there is this cool beat. Can anyone tell me what that song is or by?? Plz

    • The final battle with the samuri

  261. hey guys (:
    can someone tell me what’s the name of the song that they use on the DVD ?
    you can listen to it at ‘Deleted scenes’, then: ‘Sad Montage’

    Sorry for this bad english, but i’m from belgium
    please help me (a)

  262. Can Someone Help Me……. iKnow This Isnt On The Third Step Up But On The First One There Is This Song On The Special Features A Song That Two Girls Sing And At The Beginning There Is A Cool Beat Can Anyone Tell Me What It Is Or Who Its By?? Please!!


  264. what is the song when luke and natalie holding shake with their first kiss

  265. whats is the twitter account of luke and natalie… can i follow


  267. Hello: For those fans who have been waiting for Tania’s JOYRIDE as some of you have discovered it is finally available on i Tunes.
    Contact and let us know how you like it!
    Tania’s Manager
    Robert Speed

  268. Hey, I would like to konw the names and the artists of those two scenes :
    – In the deleted “Basket Scene”
    – In the deleted scene, ‘Battle in the club” when the Santiago twins are dancing.

    Thank you 🙂

  269. pleas help me with the song……song is in the backround! started is in 1 hour 18 min and 13 second…the songs they sing: nanana eeeee

  270. boa noite…

    gostaria de saber no filme step up 3, no final do combate luke esta lendo uma carta da natalie e de fundo toca uma musica que eu não consigo enoontrar…. me ajudem

  271. for those who are looking for the step up 3 deleted club battle scene song.. ow you have no idea! and yess there is a downloadlink in the description!

  272. what is the name of the song the moose in the bathroom on the club?

  273. I loved the list!!!…………it helped me a lot, but i checked the video for crush the floor( and belo it said it is really called rush the floor)!!!

    You did a great job!! thanz

  274. Hi I’m looking for a song that featerd in the movie , towards the end when they where making their way to the finals the song words are looking at looking me look at that looking at me ‘ plz advice me as to were I can find this track

  275. irresistible – wisin y yandel.. isn’t it the one they play at title menu?

  276. The song Who You Are by Jessie J was played after the scene where Luke said the pirates are done.

  277. What is the song in the trailer at the begining I’m going insane trying to find it can any of you help me out please.

  278. what’s the name of the music: it’s starting in the bathroom after the disco club….I mean after the Luciana – “I Like That” please help me

    • is it the song thats by a woman and the lyrics are something like “look at those eyes” over and over? if so…i have been looking everywhere for it!!!

  279. What is the song that is being played during the Masquerade Ball scene just before Natalie’s and Luke’s big fight?

  280. Whats the song at the play menu in step up 3?

  281. hiiiii good movie

  282. I need help!!!
    What is the first song, in the final battle against samuri?
    I can also tell you the number when the song starts
    It is 1:22:00 to 01:22:25

  283. the scene were the play work the middle is the dance that luke and natalie do on the world jam.

  284. can someone tell me what’s the name of the song that they use on the DVD ‘Deleted scenes’, (‘Sad Montage’)???

  285. Soooo it’s not really just “I like it” by Luciana & Static Revenger. The song in the movie is the Remix by (Doman and Gooding) but I can’t find it freaking anywhere online. If you have any hints let me know!

  286. I just watched it again on netflix and paused to write down each track:

    1 – whachadoin? – NASA featuring psarnk rock, mia, santigold, nick zinner
    2 – i can be a freak – estelle
    3 – empire state of mind – jay-z feat. Alicia keys
    4 – ABC’s – k’naan
    5 – take your shirt off – t-pain
    6 – tetris – electrixx
    7 – I like that – richard vission, static revenger starring luciana
    8 – when you hear the bassline – major lazer
    9 – joyride – tarie doko
    10 – up (remix) – jesse mccartney
    11 – spirit of the radio – j. randall
    12 – fancy footwork – chromeo
    13 – swing – savage fet. Soulja boy
    14 – move (if you wanna) – MIMS
    15 – tear da roof off – busta rhymes
    16 – already taken – trey songz
    17 – my own step – roscoe dash and tpain
    18 – pinball – akira kiteshi
    19 – this girl – laza morgan
    20 – beggin – madcon
    21 – concerto for 2 violins, strings, basso continuo & orchestra: vivace – jim long
    22 – hit me with your best shot – pat benstar
    23 – who u r – messie j
    24 – ne to quiero (remix) – sophia del carmen feat. Putbull
    25 – bust your window – jazmine sullivan
    26 – superman – joe brooks
    27 – I won’t dance – fred astaire
    28 – club can’t handle me – flo rida feat. David guetta
    29 – who dat – outkast
    30 – mite b rite – nick evans mowery
    31 – chillin – wale feat. Lady gaga
    32 – tommy’s theme – unknown
    33 – one – zion I & the grouch
    34 – ease off the liquor – timberland
    35 – let me c it – get cool
    36 – here I come – the roots
    37 – beang – rye rye feat. Mia
    38 – ghettomusick – outkast
    39 – work the middle – ericka june
    40 – rush the floor – fli stylz
    41 – this instant – sophia fresh feat. T-pain
    42 – move shake drop (remix) – dj laz feat casely and flo rida
    43 – shooting star (party rock remix) – david rush, kevin rudell, putbull, LMFAO
    44 – got your back – TI feat. Keri hilson
    45 – congratulations – imogen heap
    46 – what we are made of – scott mallone
    47 – shawty got moves – get cool
    48 – drivin’ me wild – common feat. Lily allen
    49 – irresistible – wisin y yandel

  287. Boy! Thanks a lot man..!! I love tracks from dance movies and the way you’ve put them in a list.!! Thanks a lot.!! Unfortunately i can do nothing more than thank.. 🙂

  288. What is the song in the “misery-montage” . deleted scenes .. it´s impossible to find it -.-

  289. the battle of gwai was very nice ,,, ilike it…….

  290. Thanks for this!

  291. whats the song in ‘Step Up 3D Steps It Up!’ that goes “1, big bass in your face, 2, girls just on your waist, 3, work it out work it out, 4, that’s what i’m talkin bout.” thaaanks! 🙂

  292. Muchas gracias por lista que por cierto esta clarisima. Me fue util porque me encanta la pelicula y quiero tener las canciones,en especial una que encanta, gracias denuevo!!

  293. Who U R by Jessie J was played during the sad montage – after the Pirates break up. It shows clips of Moose, Luke, Natalie and Camille.

  294. yea i cant find the song “crush the floor” by flii stylz can anyone help me its the only song i need to download to have them all

  295. what is the song played when luke reads natalie’s note wid the admission letter from the film school?

  296. hey wat sthe songs that comes while the laser light runs…….

  297. thanks a lot. I’ve been trying to find all this songs , but i couldn’t… 🙂 thanks again…

  298. What’s the name of the first song on this video where Samuarai are dancing..

  299. Hey i really wanna find out the song’s name….its the song played during the world jam…..when Luke lets Natalie dance….and her bro makes some trouble… 😛 i really love that sonG! but cant find it…im not sure if any1 has mentioned the song’s name b4 but…there are too many comments for me to read! PLZ help me out!

  300. first battle of moose with samurais
    major lazer ft ms thing hear the bassline

  301. what was the song when luke searchin for work? or when the pirates are done? i cant find it ;(

  302. I?ve been exploring for a little for any high quality articles or weblog posts on this sort of house . Exploring in Yahoo I at last stumbled upon this website. Studying this info So i am happy to exhibit that I have an incredibly good uncanny feeling I found out just what I needed. I such a lot undoubtedly will make sure to do not forget this website and give it a look on a constant basis.

  303. THANKS VERY MUCH for share a song.. 😀

  304. tutty khaaaa lo

  305. please you guys should put the song used during red hook
    by both crews

  306. Zion I & The Grouch – One is the first Final World Jam Battle song for the Pirates.


  308. the song for the pirate’s first song at the world jam is Zion I The Grouch-One.

  309. as called music where natalie jump and luck at the end of battle..pleas help me

  310. the song named one with unknown artist is Zion I Feat The Grouch – One

  311. bang is the samuri’s third song

  312. im looking for a song but it isnt here 😦
    the one where kid darkess goes to the vault – after moose bathroom scene –
    can you tell me the title please? im going freakin out…

  313. what was the song with the lyrics sth like this”baby its newyork…dreams come true..” sth like that..anyone plz help…Thanx!

  314. i love this link. thank you

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