All 34 Songs from the Grown Ups Soundtrack

The Grown Ups soundtrack is all grown up indeed, featuring 34 songs ranging from AC/DC, Aerosmith and Bad Company to Fleetwood Mac, Journey and Cheap Trick. Oh yeah, there’s also Eddie Money and Paul McCartney. So basically it’s the music you were listening to in your yellow, striped Gremlin back in 1978. But man – how much do you miss that car?

The soundtrack album does a decent job of representing the music from the movie. It contains 16 of the 34 songs from Grown Ups. For those of you stomping the ground and throwing a little fit about 18 songs that are missing, don’t worry, we gathered them for you here as well, including all three songs from the J Geils Band featuring in the movie.  Check out the synth in this track. They don’t make them like they used to. Sometimes that’s good, sometimes not so much. You make the call.

Update: One of the songs that a lot of people asking about is the song playing during the basketball game at the end. It’s Every 1’s A Winner by Hot Chocolate.

Here’s the list of all of the songs in Grown Ups in the order that they appeared in the movie and with notes on the scenes they were in. Update: I’ve been able to identify most of the scenes that the songs were in, but there are about 5 or 6 songs that I think played in the background when they were out at the restaurant but I cannot be sure. They are marked as (unknown scene) below. What do you think: was Grown Ups more like a comedic version of the Expendables or crappier version of Daddy Day Care / Day Camp / DayQuil?

Original music for Grown Ups – Rupert Gregson-Williams


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74 Responses to “All 34 Songs from the Grown Ups Soundtrack”

  1. Man This was a pretty good movie. I just got back from it. I thought it wasnt going to be very good but I went to it with my friends just because it had good actors. It turned out that it was hilarious. I came here to get the song Rock and roll never forgets. I heard it on the movie and thought it was a good song

    • That’s an amazing song! Bob Seger has always been under-rated. If you like that song by him, you should try listening to “night moves”, “Turn the page”, and so many more!!

  2. just so ya know…the movie is good…how can you miss with those guys….but about the music?…yeh, it rodks but a lot is from the late 70’s so if you were listening to Rumors in 86? Well, lets just say that explains the Gremlin…:-)

    • “Gremlin” was a funny lookin’ car in 78 – long before it was a fuzzy movie character in 86 … I think that’s what the writer intended. BTW, the movie wasn’t as good as the music

  3. Hey I just saw the movie and loved it, especially the soundtrack. I am desperately looking for the song that was played during the final basketball game and I don’t think it’s any of these listed on this page (after listening to them all) it’s some old fuzzed out guitar song and it rocks.

  4. everyones a winner from hot chocolate is the one I think you’re thinking of

  5. Ya… What was that song during the final basketball game? That’s what I’m looking for too…

  6. Every 1’s a Winner is one of those lost cool songs you listened to back in the day but forgot about. Those guitar riffs are great. I downloaded it after hearing it in the movie.

  7. really great movie, this one. i was taken aback during the lake skimming scene with the kids, because of the song. I’m kinda trying to find it now…

  8. The Song during the Basketball game is “Hot Chocolate’s – Everyone’s a Winner” You can watch a YouTube of it here:

  9. THe movie was very entertaining! loved , Loved the music! Looking to find the soundtrack to purchae. I have’nt heard some of those old songs in a long time, brought back good memories.

  10. […] All 34 Songs from the Grown Ups Soundtrack The Grown Ups soundtrack is all grown up indeed, featuring 34 songs ranging from AC/DC, Aerosmith and Bad Company to […] […]

  11. On July 4th Wife and I of 25 years saw Grown Ups. I grew up at the campground on the Lake, I did the rope swing off the top of the tall rock (ours was a barrel) and went to cabin or campers for that simple summertime outdoor fun. I also LOVED all the Music….That’s how I found this site. Now on July 5th, I have ALL those songs in my ipod. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Good soundtrack… but, eh…no… I didn’t think the movie was that good. It’s a ‘rent it and save money’ movie.

  13. I loved the music from the movie Grown ups. It took me back to my childhood for sure! Thank you for putting these songs together so I could add to my collection. 🙂

  14. The movie was okay i laughed, but definitely enjoyed the music. I walked out of there thinking ‘I’m going to buy the soundtrack’

  15. I didn’t see anyone mention the Adam Sandler song that played over the end of the final credits. If there’s a soundtrack released, it should definitely include that song. Pretty serious music, with some both serious and funny lyrics.

  16. awesome movie awesome soundtrack took me back to a much simpler time and place thank God for movies.

  17. What is the name of the song the couples danced to in the garage the night they were all drinking shots (the night David Spake got put in the closet and the other guys got lucky with their wives)?

  18. song when the couples are in the boat house dancing together is what?

  19. name of the song they were all dancing too when chris rocks wife fakes going into labor..please

  20. The song that the couples are dancing to at the boat house is Sentimental Lady by Bob Welch. Its on You Tube.

  21. hey any luck with I’m a Gangsta – Global Operator featuring Mike West , does any1 have a link to that song ??? cant find it anywhere !! 😦 !!

  22. are all the songs from 78 ?

  23. does anybody know what cars those were when the hot daughters show up? those were some nice cars.

    also, what was the name of that song that was playing when the guys were hanging out and they had the bucket of KFC. before james puts it on his head when sandler is holding it. don’t know if that song was on the list above. it might have been the triumph song but i can’t be sure.

  24. how about the song “I’m A Gangster” lol. Where can I find that one?

    • I’m sure that’s probably not even a real was probably created by someone who created the movie.

  25. Here the scene before squeaky voice Canadian at waterpark. Redbone! “come and get your love”

    Check out this video on YouTube:

    Sent from the IPHONE 4 of Mr. Derek Diaz. 

  26. hey any luck with I’m a Gangsta – Global Operator featuring Mike West ???

  27. You missed one, what about (?) in a box at the end credits? Who does that song? guk guk

  28. I thought I heard about a minute of a Bob Dylan song (or something that sounded like it) during the movie, but maybe I was wrong about the artist. Anyone know what I might be thinking of?

  29. Anyone knows who sings “I’m A Gangsta” Anyone Plzz Helpp!

  30. I cant find that kids ringtone “I’m A Gangsta” anywhere, any help???

  31. This sound track is great. One thing “Count on me” is by the Jefferson Starship not airplane. Also, great to see a Triumph tune I was beginning to think I was the only one who remembered them.

  32. Yes, it was a triumph song playing on the island. “Lay it on the Line”. all the songs are listed above, by scene.

  33. pls he;p me fing i’m a gangsta

  34. This film is awesome! I found this site, because I was searching for some songs. You have a nice list of the songs, but i hope you can help me to find one tune, that’s played in the scene where Kevin James get’s the phone call from his mum and destroys the swimming pool and at the scene, where Adam Sandler arrives with his family to the church. Thanks.

  35. anyone can help me to find the version of “creep” radiohead playing in the film?its awesome

  36. there is a song…i dont remember in withs scene…but the text was: when you love bacon love it midnight….answer if you can on

  37. Sorry. i wiffed. When Things Go Wrong-Robin Lane & The Chartbusters

  38. Who can help me pls?
    I serch a link from a song!
    The name of the song is “I´m a Gangsta”
    Plsssssssss Helppppppp!!!!!!
    MfG rYz.BoJe

  39. Does anybody know the name of the song being played during the advert that is currently on t.v. Lyrics include “all over the worl everybody needs……..” Someone must know as I just can’t find it and have searched all evening.


  41. thanks for organizing this!

  42. does anybody know wher i can get ” i’m a gangsta ” by global operator

  43. Great flick one of Sandler’s best and what a kickass sountrack. Rotten Tomatoes 9 rating BAAAH!

  44. i like the punk song on the dvd menu area.
    kinda green day-ish, cant get it out of my head.
    great guitar riff. sounds like a london pub, having a great night.
    wish i could get that!

  45. what is the song in the background playing when the guys are shootin hoops? its played very faintly in the background

  46. This movie was really true to a point. When they were talking about all the crazy shit they did as kids, and how theirs were nothing like that, and didn’t even know how to play.

  47. “I Could Be Good For You” by 707 rather than Seven 0 Seven .
    Found it –

  48. what is the name of the song in the trailor to the movie, it has a raggae beat to it, i know for 100% fact it is not any of the 34 songs up there but i know i heard it several times on the trailer, i cant find that song anywhere

  49. wtf? I cant find tht gangsta song anywheree!!!!!!

  50. what is the son at 55 min called

  51. what was the song when lenny and his family was driving going to the church????i need that song..

  52. want to know what song is being played in the scene that looks like heading toward a lake or mountain maybe going to the resort or something. looks like shot from air flying toward a lake please help thanks

  53. hey the scene when the funeral starts and adam sandler’s car comes theres a very nice music laying,after rob drops a hot stone on gloria’s back,on the screen new england is written,does anyone know what the music is?

    • Hey Akshay.Even i love that background music that is played when the funeral starts and adam sandler’s car comes theres a very nice music laying,after rob drops a hot stone on gloria’s back,on the screen new england is written,you know what that music is or from which soundtrack? Please let me know. My e-mail is

  54. Grown ups a must have for home movies! All the best come from SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE!!!

  55. Where could I buy a cd with all of these 34 songs?

  56. qual o nome da musica que toca na disputa de basquete? no final do filme!?

  57. Oh the song i need doesn’t seem to be on the list. When it played it took me back to the 70s. THere is a real summer feel break in the middle and I think it’s played on steal drums? can anyone please enlighten me on what song it could be? thanks

  58. does anyone know what the song is they play after you put the dvd in and hit play the movie button?

  59. what music plays during the daybreak scene of july 4th?

  60. Thanks for this list, there was some great songs in this film

  61. The music playing when Sandlers car comes to the church during the funeral can be the one towards the end of this song-

    Wonderwall by Oasis

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