All 21 Songs from the When in Rome Soundtrack

There are 21 songs in When in Rome but only half of the songs are on the soundtrack for When in Rome. Not to worry, all 21 songs from the movie are here.

I have to say, I didn’t expect much from the movie. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a rotten 19 and Yahoo! Movies scored it a D. But I actually liked the movie. I saw Dax Shepard in the commercials for When in Rome, but didn’t know that Will Arnett, Danny Devito and even Jon Heder were in the movie. Plus there’s a special guest that I would vote for at any high school election.

The music is also good from the get go. Jason Mraz kicks it off with Kickin with You. Katy Perry also takes a double turn, singing Starstrukk with 3OH!3  at the museum at the beginning of the movie and If You Can Afford Me when Nick’s photographer friend is taking pictures of Beth being chased by the other guys (mural, levitation, flowers, etc.).

I’m not always a huge Matchbox Twenty fan, but the song is perfect for the car ride scene on the way to the museum.

I have a feeling people will also be looking for is the scene before the car ride, when she leaves Nick. The song is Make You Feel My Love by Adele Adkins.

Paulo Nutini can also do no wrong in my book. Pencil Full of Lead is a good song. As is Hold onto Your Heart by Tina Parol, the song playing when Beth is running through the park.

The soundtrack for When in Rome also includes a host of classical Italian songs plus a similarly styled score from Christopher Young.

Original music for When in Rome – Christopher Young
Extra song on the album but not in the movie – Fox on the Run – The Academy Is [linked version performed by Sweet]


~ by montelutz on January 30, 2010.

53 Responses to “All 21 Songs from the When in Rome Soundtrack”

  1. Wow…wonderfulll…

  2. Love the movie soundtrack for When In Rome. Based on the soundtrack, the movie looks fun. I see you enjoyed it but should I wait for it to be released on Netflix?

  3. thanks for this info. could you tell me the song/music they slow danced to at the latter part of the movie? i think that’s when they were outside the church when the bride-to-be ran off. thanks so much

  4. the movie is awesome. and i really love the song by adele. and yes! i was looking for the song. thanks for putting it up. could tell tt it’s a song by adele when watching the movie but didnt know the title of the song. thanks so much!

  5. i remember that there was a nice song which appeared briefly when the camera pans over NYC, after the first wedding. anyone know what the song is?

  6. i love the instrument music when Beth go to the fountain for the first time and picking up coins. anyone knows what the song is?

  7. waaa…. thank you so much for doing this.. i was looking for that particular song by adele!

  8. i have a question, these is a music in the background, in the scene in the end when they are standing in the fountain, who plays that music and how could i find it=

  9. and could somebody tell me what’s the song in the trailer : ” go on, go on, go on…” i’ve been searching it for ages..

  10. Honey, Let Me Sing You A Song (Demo Version) – Matt Hires is playing at the end of the credits – the third song.

  11. oh thank you, i thought on the “pony” by Erin McCarley. 🙂

  12. Hey, somebody can tell me what is the name of the song when Beth run behind the token and the token arrives at the foot from Nick? please

  13. Does anyone know the song in the end where beth and nick kiss

    it appears in the movie 2 or 3 times but without kyrics

  14. Can anyone tell me the name of the song which plays after the movie is over, but before the credits roll, where the cast is dancing? It was great and I want to hear it again.

    • im looking too………???

    • The name of the song when they are dancing is “Pencil Full of lead” by Paolo Nutini. You can find the lyrics and video by putting in the name of the song. It’s also on U-Tube I believe. Took me a while, but I finally found out the name. I love this song as it gets me moving and makes me want to dance…and I’m in my 60’s.

  15. What is the song that is played while Kristen Bell is walking down the isle at the very end when she and the hot guy are getting married?

  16. Im looking for the song thats on the main menu and that they slow dance to at the wedding… its an actual song… the lyrics are like I feel like im falling im falling in love or something like that…

  17. You are my hearo!!

  18. I think ,how she run off from chapel that song which play while, is from actually love(begining of song is seems like that)but I dont know name of.If you will find pleas ,write it here

  19. you spelled the third artist’s name wrong.
    shine is by Laura Izibor.
    this was so helpful! thank you soooo much!

  20. Hey music lovers, I am haunted. There is an instrumental piece that plays several times in the movie as well as when the dvd waits for you to enter in the “scene selection” I have been looking forever. What is it??????? HELP.

  21. beautiful. thank you.

  22. I’m looking for the song playing at the end of the movie, before the end credits. It’s the one playing while the cast is dancing around.


  24. thanks for the songs 🙂
    good job 😉

  25. What is the name of the song which plays at the end of the movie before the credits begin? It’s an instrumental song which plays some more times in the movie…

  26. What is the song when Beth run in museum behin the token and she kiss Nick after ? The song play during the kissing.

  27. Song played when Beth ran after the token in the museum: Make you feel my love – Adele. enjoy.

    • but what song is played as she is running after the token? make you feel my love is played right after, but while she is running, its a different song.

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    • Certainly would entertain it. I’d just want to make sure it fits with the spirit of the blog – focusing on movies and music. What are you thinking about writing about?

  29. Looking for that song from the scenes where Beth and Nick are together as well. Every Beth and Nick moment has some sort of guitar instrumental in the background ❤

    If anyone knows the song title!

  30. whats the name of song , when is Beth in fountain a and Nick´s comming ? I think is perfomered by orchestry …please help me Im looking for it for many months. Thanks

  31. Still looking for the background tune =(

  32. I love the background music that sounds classical that is played several times when Beth appears, almost Pachelbel. In searching through the my Pachelbel collection I was not able to find it. Can you tell me what it is. Apparently several others have asked above, but I did not see a response to it.

  33. i wanna know the instrumental song when Nick kisses Beth more than once…I love this istrmntal song…please help me… thank u

  34. the guitar instrumental here,plz does anybody knows? =[[

  35. i have been looking for the instrumental music its when beth in water fountain and picking coins and nick anyone know ?that instrumental its music to my ears

  36. The insrumental is Christopher Young ‘When in Rome’

  37. yeah. me too. the part where Beth is in the fountain picking up coins. love the music but cant find it

  38. The instrumental that plays several places in the movie is the theme song from the 1954 version of this movie, “Three Coins in the Fountain.” There are several versions on iTunes. You’ll have to pick the one you like best.

  39. For 2 years I´ve been looking for that songs, I find it ! – firts song
    Christhopher Young

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