All 12 Songs from The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Soundtrack

There are 12 songs in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, but Secrets by OneRepublic is the song that most people will probably be looking for from the soundtrack. The song first plays when apprentice Dave is listening to the radio in his Tesla lab. An instrumental version plays again when Dave and Becky are in the cage in the middle of the lab and he’s playing music with the electric arcs. Secrets plays one last time when Dave and Becky kiss.

There are a couple other memorable songs in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice as well, including New Life by O+S and L’Apprenti Sorcier by Paul Dukas, from the Mickey Mouse version of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Unfortunately they did not release a soundtrack album for the movie, but you can find all of the songs here. The songs are listed in the order they appeared in the movie and with notes on the scenes they were in.

  • Alarm clock and school bus – The Middle – Jimmy Eat World
  • Radio station – Denied – Fiction Plane
  • Song on the radio during Tesla lab – Secrets – OneRepublic
  • (unknown scene) – Drags – Tobias J. Record and Ashley Witt
  • Magician’s apartment – Le Nocturne De Lumiere – BT
  • First song made by Tesla coil – Superstition – Stevie Wonder
  • Second song made by Tesla coil – Secrets – OneRepublic
  • Dave singing in the bathroom – I’m Awesome – JaIy Baruchel
  • Mopping and cleaning / tribute to Mickey Mouse short – L’Apprenti Sorcier – Paul Dukas
  • Walking alone, sees girl in the coffee shop – New Life – O+S
  • Little Salem girl in radio station – Gold Coast – Grouplove
  • Calls friend who is with a girl – Your Body is Calling Me – Ruscola
  • Dave and Betty kiss – Secrets – OneRepublic
  • Second end credits song (first one is score) – Phoenix Burn – Alpha Rev

Original music for The Sorcerer’s Apprentice – Trevor Rabin


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118 Responses to “All 12 Songs from The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Soundtrack”

  1. Thanks for this helpful post. Saw the movie yesterday and loved Secrets (and the other music). Yay!

    I was looking for the tracks names and the artists 😀
    I just love secrets by one republic ❤

    thanx again

    • thanks soo much i have been looking for the name of the song secrets for like forever! i finally remembered the internetXD

  3. hey. thanks for this.

    Question: the first song on the credits, what is the name of song and artist as you’ve put ‘score’ but I can’t find it anywhere;


    • The sountrack is the score. A single CD with the rest of the music was never released. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Trevor Rabin was released digitally in MP3 on and this is the entire score to the movie.

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  5. Thanks. Love your site. 😀

  6. i must be looking for drags …i remember secrets but its not the one i wanted…..CANT FIND IT ANYWHERE GRRR<,,

  7. Hi.. could you tell me where i could download the song Secrets by OneRepublic from?

  8. Thanks for this. I was looking for Secrets

  9. awesome! thank you!

  10. SECRETS!!! finally found the song!!! evvuuurrrr

  11. very nice… thanks.

  12. Does anyone know where I can get the Tesla Coil version of “Secrets”? I’ve been looking everywhere since I seen the movie on Wednesday.

  13. i love the SECRET!
    me and my cousins watched the premier of the movie last saturday..
    and we love the song ( SECRET ) i said: hey im going to google that and download it! tnx for the help..

    btw, coz at first i dont know the title of the song 😛
    tnx for the help a LOT

  14. thank you so much 4 d info, i just watched the movie and the songs just stuck on my head, anyway freakin’ love your blog, bookmarked it right away! keep up d good work! 🙂

  15. WOW, this is exactly what I am looking for, soundtracks from movies! Excellent blog!

  16. Looking for the Tesla coil version of secrets. Do you have a link for it?

  17. love OneRepublic song so much! looking for the MP3..thanks for the info!!

  18. I want download secrets song by one republic, but I can’t 😦


  20. O+S New Life is the best for me …

  21. GOOD JOB!i love soundtracks!

  22. Awesome! Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks so much!

  23. will they be making a soundtrack? I’d love to buy it?!

  24. Awesome, thank you very much =]

  25. absolutely amazing ive been trying to find secrets for a while so this helped a lot keep it up

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  27. Just watch it and it was AWESOME!!! Also good choice of soundtrack 😀

  28. thank you !!!!

  29. awesome song, awesome movie!

  30. wow – this is awesome! thanks for the complete listing…really helpful in finding the right band/cd to purchase. 🙂

  31. nice one…thanks for sharing 🙂

  32. thank you the post now i can easily search from you post

  33. i amazed on the story of sorcerer`s apprentice . imbalance. XD

  34. I Love the song “Denied” by Fiction Plane!!! Where can I buy that song or the album?

  35. como busko la letra de new life the o+s porfa ayuden mi corre es

  36. como encuentro la letra de new life porfa audenme mi corre es neopunking_318@hotmail… envienla ahi gracias

  37. thank you i have been trying to fin secrets for a long time jeje i apreciate it alot

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  40. i love movie sorcerer…………..

  41. you can find the song through guys 🙂

  42. dave and betty kiss on the last part

  43. one republic is simply amazing!

  44. great website. tag it.

  45. Isn’t her name Becky not Betty?

  46. actually they did release a soundtrack, it just doesn’t have the songs from the movie on it, just the scores which is kind of disappointing. But, the score is pretty cool and can be bought on itunes or amazon mp3 but i don’t think it was released on a CD

  47. i love “secrets”, thank you so much! i couldn’t find it anywhere, not even in iTunes and i didn’t know the name of the band or the song either so you really helped me, thanks again!!!

  48. i just love when the tesla-thing plays Secrets… 🙂
    cant find that part on youtube though:(

  49. Thank you so much!!! you make life easier for those who love film’s soundtrack, including me 😀
    Best wishes 😛

  50. Thank you so much!!!
    You make life easier for those who love movies soundtrack 🙂
    Best wishes ^0^

  51. TESLa Coil VERsiOn 4 SECRets … NJOy 🙂

  52. Hey, great site! Thanks for the info and the music.

  53. them song are sweet the one i love the most is secrets and the film is one the best films iv ever seen i hope all of yous like the music and the film. :D:D

  54. Thank You for makin this post…saved me A LOT of time…^_^…

  55. I’ve been looking for Secrets ever since I saw the movie. That was the song my boyfriend kissed me to the first time, which was also my first kiss.

  56. omg i was so annoyed that i couldnt find the name of the song secrets


  58. Thank you .. the soundtrack was great .. I like this movie ..

  59. i can make it if i got secrets instrumental version, i’d get the pitch and speed, it’s just not perfect without tesla coil effect FB :

  60. hey..where i can find the denied by fiction plane???

  61. i love secrets by one republic…
    kiss kiss :*

  62. amazing, really wonderful!

  63. Great, love that songs 🙂

  64. I love the songs in this movie!!!♥♥♥

  65. thanks so much for this post! during the movie, i was like… i need to look up this soundtrack 😀

  66. actually the 2 songs i wanted most were the first 2 songs u listed! 😀

  67. […] A complete list of the 12 tracks featured in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice can be found at reelsoundtrackblog. […]

  68. for whoever made this thank you verymuch thank you thank you pls. keep it up tnx.

  69. one republic can steal your heart….powar sanar(the bomb) in swahili.

  70. this is one of the most helping post. keeps up the good job. u were first on google search

  71. Hey guys
    can anyone help with the song that plays just before the Secrets song using the tesla coils

  72. Thankss
    I like secret cause I Love gH^ 🙂

  73. hi thanks,

    you’re right was looking for THE soundtrack by onerepublic.

    cheers 🙂

  74. hey this is really helpful! thanks a lot! 😀 appreciate it a lot! 😀

  75. dude!.. nice blog nice work…. u r te best cheersss!!!!! 🙂

    it ll be kewl.. if ya provide te download links too for te mp3 with high quality…. tat ll drag more ppl to ur blog… increase ur traffic tooo …. 🙂

  76. if anyone wants certain songs for download, ask me, i know how to get any song =) just e-mail me at i will reply with a download link.

  77. thanks for the post i would nrver had found secrets without it

  78. If anyone is looking for the TESLA COIL version of Secrets, I believe you can find it at That website usually has everything.

  79. well… apparently you get a lot of thanks and mine won’t add any deference but here : Thanks! that’s was pretty useful

  80. Best song in the movie was hardly noticeable… It was the one on the radio station… it took some looking but was able to find it..Denied by Fiction Plane ..Didnt realize that was Stings son until I looked up the band info


  82. i am also looking for the song drag… hope someone can tell me where i can find it…

  83. It’s Becky not betty

  84. Great! Didn’t have to sweat to look for this song! Thank you for posting! 🙂

  85. the name of the girl is not betty its beccy bout thanks for the song from one republic ive ben looking for it for a while and i just thought of come ing here

  86. I really really in need of this music track, can anyone please send me this one.It is after when Dave kills Morgana, when veronica said that balthazar has gone that time a background music starts a beautiful music .Please anyone help me to find that background music its so amazing.

  87. Loved the movie, loved the music, loved the Tesla coils! You rock for posting this! awesome job! Thanks!

  88. Hi,
    Tony Pilon can you email me the tesla coil version… as i want it

  89. . . the song Secrets by One Republic sounded like Fall Out Boys isn’t it?
    but anyway, love the effffin’ song!

  90. thanks so much !! best blog ever !!

  91. BRILLIANT its ace
    nothing beats it
    the trick is to do a miniture version of
    phew its hard just getting the pieces

  92. Aweomse 😉 gr8 work!

  93. what song when dave on the bus??

  94. I came to your blog looking up for the list of songs from the movie. I’m glad you arranged the songs in order and the scenes they were in. It was very helpful. I just recently seen the movie and I liked all the songs. Too bad they didn’t release an OST.

  95. Thanks for this….

    Yes, you were right when you said that the song, Secrets by One Repbulic is the one we would look for. I just saw the film on HBO last night and here I am looking for this song.

    • There was a huge spike in people looking for this soundtrack yesterday after it played on HBO. I was watching it too. In fact, I went back and watched it on Netflix streaming again today. Great movie. One that a lot of people missed the first time around. I’m glad you were able to find the songs you were looking for.

  96. I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. hey the post is just awesome, besides naming the songs u also told when they were played in the movie nice!!

  98. Thank you ssssssooooo much! I have been looking for so long. I had only found Secrets,Phoenix Burn, and The Middle.

  99. nice song,, love secrets.

  100. thks you posted the name of all the songs….it really helped me to download these…….nice work……

  101. U can search MP3 File on for downloading all song above.

  102. fantastic I LIKE

  103. Thank you so much bro 😉
    nice post

  104. damn i was looking for “secrets” but i first found it on elyrics 5 mins ago. other songs r pretty cool too

  105. This research was thorough and helped me with my research. Thank you. I am a new fan of the not so old song “Secrets”.

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