All 22 songs from Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Experience

Chances are, if you love the Jonas Brothers, you probably saw them in concert this summer. But if you did not, or if you want to relive the experience, then the Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Experience is meant for you. The movie opened strong this weekend as the number one movie in America, slightly above Madea and well above Slumdog Millionaire.

It features 21 songs from the Jonas Brothers, including duets with Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato. There’s one other random song in the movie (theme from Good Morning America), but it is pretty much all Jonas Brothers all the time.

About two-thirds of the songs were on the soundtrack album for the movie, but here’s the complete list of songs from the movie, including those missing from the album. Enjoy.

BB Good – Jonas Brothers
Burnin’ Up – Jonas Brothers
Good Morning America Main Theme – Robert A Israel, John Kaefer and Matthew Kajcienski
Goodnight And Goodbye – Jonas Brothers
Gotta Find You – Jonas Brothers
Hello Beautiful – Jonas Brothers
Hold On – Jonas Brothers
I’m Gonna Getcha Good – Jonas Brothers
Live To Party – Jonas Brothers
Love Is On Its Way – Jonas Brothers
Lovebug – Jonas Brothers
Love’s Journey – Jonas Brothers
Play My Music – Jonas Brothers
Pushin’ Me Away – Jonas Brothers
S.O.S. – Jonas Brothers
Shelf – Jonas Brothers
Should’ve Said No – Jonas Brothers and Taylor Swift
Still In Love With You – Jonas Brothers
Summer Tour 08 Intro – Jonas Brothers
That’s Just The Way We Roll – Jonas Brothers
This Is Me – Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato
Tonight – Jonas Brothers
Video Girl – Jonas Brothers

Here’s This is Me by the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato:

And Should’ve Said No by the Jonas Brothers and Taylor Swift:


~ by montelutz on March 1, 2009.

5 Responses to “All 22 songs from Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Experience”

  1. just to let you know that the jonas brothers didnt make the song im gonna getchya good, originaly Shania Twain sung this song. But dont get me wrong i am a HUGE jo bro fan i have one of their notebooks a pen and several of their albums and posters. i just figured you needed to know this

  2. i love the movie jonas brothers 3d concert experience! nick looks so hot in the movie, and it’s in 3d! ive been to a lot of jonas brothers concerts, but the last one i went to was awesome!

  3. i loved that concert sooooooooooo much i love the jonas brothers it was really cool how they let their body guard sing with thwm

  4. Hi Jonas Brothers
    I Like you so Much jonas brothers 3d concert
    when is the Movie dvd out soon ,Jonas Brothers
    Kevin Jonas Oldest Brothers Joe Jonas Middle Brothers
    Nick Jonas Younger Brothers Frankie Little Brothers
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    or .From amyadella

  5. im just sayin that there are 23 songs listed and sos/still in love with you were played/on the movie twice each

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