All 17 Songs from the Just Wright Soundtrack are Alright By Me

So I am really digging on the music from Just Wright, but they did not release a soundtrack album to the movie. Not to worry, you can find all 17 songs from the movie here. I don’t know why the studio did not release an album for the movie – there are some really good songs in the film – and I have a feeling a good number of people will be looking for them.

My favorite song from the movie is probably Van Hunt’s funk groove Out of the Sky. I prefer it to his four other tracks from the movie, Man of the Year, Tingle and Anything (To Get Your Attention).

Update 1: @Nola Darling (see comments) says that Mean Sleep, which is Van Hunt teamed with Nikka Costa, is actually the best song in the movie. What do you think?

It’s a good mix of R&B tunes. I really like Kevin Michael’s “Weekend Jump Off” as well. There’s also four tracks from Free & Easy, as well as tunes from Rahsaan Patterson, Kurt Harpel, Vikter Duplaix and Derek Menzies.

Update 2: @rukstar added two songs that I had missed: Mos Def’s “Umi Says” from the scene where they go to The Rucker basketball court, and “Next Time (Just Wright Remix)” by Common ft Queen Latifa, the song played during the credits and the trailer. I also added “The More I See You” which is the song Common is playing on the piano. // I think that means we are up to about 22 songs actually in the movie.

There is one song that doesn’t seem to fit in with the others – Unbelievable by Thousand Foot Krutch. Metal guitar just seems out of place here, no? But the music producer makes up for it by including John Forte’s song “Play My Cards for Me.” It’s my second favorite in the movie. Here’s a live acoustic version of the song.

I hope you enjoyed the movie. If you came searching for the music from Just Wright and ended up here, then you probably did. Here’s the complete list of songs from the movie. They just pretty much be in the right order that they appeared in the film. I’ve linked to downloads for about half of the songs – some I could not find.

  • Dreaming – Nikki & Rich
  • Tingle – Van Hunt
  • The Way That I Feel – Vikter Duplaix
  • Humor – Rahsaan Patterson
  • Anything (To Get Your Attention) – Van Hunt
  • Open – Free & Easy
  • Weekend Jumpoff – Kevin Michael
  • Awakening – Free & Easy
  • Fly Away – Free & Easy
  • Man Of The Year – Van Hunt
  • Yow Zah – Kurt Harpel
  • Hipgh (100) – Karen K Thornton
  • Vaf – JB Rye
  • Out Of The Sky – Van Hunt
  • Unbelievable – Thousand Foot Krutch
  • Play My Cards For Me – John Forte
  • New Country 1 – Derek Menzies
  • Mean Sleep – Van Hunt featuring Nikka Costa [thanks to @NolaDarling for catching this song – i missed it]
  • Umi Says – Mos Def [scene: going to The Rucker basketball court; thnx @rukstar for the update]
  • Next Time (Just Wright Remix) – Common ft Queen Latifa [scene: credits and the trailer; thx @rukstar again, for another very helpful update]
  • Heaven and Earth – Free & Easy [scene: when she is rolling around in bed; thx times three to @rukstar]
  • The More I See You – Common and Queen Latifah [scene: when she walks in on Common playing the piano]
  • Champion – Queen Latifah [scene: end credits; @stepahanie thinks this is the song when the credits roll. agree?]

Original music for Just Wright – Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman



~ by montelutz on May 14, 2010.

128 Responses to “All 17 Songs from the Just Wright Soundtrack are Alright By Me”

  1. Thanks for this! Immediately came home to google a soundtrack, found you.

    Good job, Good ear. But most critical to the storyline (the climax, literally)… you’ve forgotten Van Hunt’s ‘Mean Sleep’ feat. Nikka Costa. Its the song I left the theater singing!

    Granted I was maybe the sole person in the theater who could call out the songs as they played, lol.

  2. Do you know the name of the song that was playing when Leslie (Queen) bought Common back to the basketball court that he used to play on before he went pro?

  3. I went to see it today and loved the music featured. As usual – you don’t let me down with providing the info I am always searching for time and time again! Thank you for all you do!

  4. Loved the soundtrack!
    Which song was played during the sequence that was filmed at the basketball court where they met the young men playing basketball? Loved that song!


  5. what is that sick common track in the trailer?? u know the one, with the hard ass beat soundin like old school common…or is that just a colabo verse on one of the other tracks? someones gotta know…thanks

    • Its’ Next Time (Just Wright Remix) by Common ft Queen Latifa. It also plays during the credits in the movie. You can find the link to it above.

  6. Thanks so much for putting this up. Loved the music in the movie. Now, I can find it all.

  7. what is the song that’s played at the second half of the preview and when the credits roll? i might overlooking it, but im dying to know!

  8. The song at the basketball court was Umi Says by Mos Def

  9. The song that plays as the credit rolls is Champion by Queen Latifah

  10. Thanks for this, I was really feeling the music in this flick but you missed Mos Def – umi says (at the scene when they go to the rucker) and Common ft queen Latifa – next time (remix) they play it during the credits

  11. what is that song when queen latifah took common to the rucker court

  12. (tried to post this with my phone but it failed)

    Great list and thanks for this, i was really feeling all the music from this flick but only knew a few tracks. You missed 2 track though, which are also the tracks people are asking about.

    Mos Def – Umi Says (from the scene where they go to The Rucker basketball court)

    Common ft Queen Latifa – Next Time (Just Wright Remix) the song played during the credits and the trailer

  13. also Free & Easy – heaven on earth (the scene where shes rolling around in bed)

  14. @Yeshi, that name of that song is “Umi Says” by Mos Def….

  15. I searched and searched yesterday for this soundtrack. Thanks a bunch for the information.

    Maybe I missed it, but what’s the name of the song that Common played on the piano? I’m trying to find that one.

  16. What was the name of the song that common was playing on the piano with queen latifah singing

  17. What is the song that plays when they are on a date? The jazz song.

  18. what was the song played when common and queen latifah went to the jazz club

  19. is the song The more I se you in the movie

  20. What was the name of the song played when Common & Latifah were getting Jamaican Takeout?

    I tried looking for it in the credits. I know it’s after “Umi Says.”

    • did you ever find out the name of the reggae tune? I have been trying to find it myself!!! Let me know : )

  21. Thanks so much i loved the movie and hoped there was a soundtrack! especially champion the one that played as the end credits rolled! thanks again!

  22. What is the song playing during the love scene? thanks!

  23. Thanks so much for this! Was searching for the soundtrack and here you have it with such detail!

  24. Thanks for putting this all here… I had just told my daughter how great the movie was today, and that I’d most likely get the soundtrack. I think they missed it not doing a soundtrack… I was ready to fork over the cash.

  25. Great listing for a great movie with great music that didn’t bless us with a soundtrack but you forgot “Feet on Fire” by Dude N’ Em. Keep up the good work!

  26. thank you! thank you! thank you! i saw the movie on tuesday and when i heard van hunt’s voice i almost screamed in the theater. i can’t believe they didn’t release a soundtrack. bad business, cause this is some good work.

  27. thank you thank you!!! the soundtrack rox! loved the movie, too! 🙂

  28. I’m looking for the song close to the beginning of the movie and one in the middle of the movie. maybe i just over looked it above, but the first song mentioned something about an angel losing its wings. and the second song said something like, “when i move there’s something about the way. . .your feet on fire”. if you could please post these songs or specify which they are i would greatly appreciate it.

  29. The song at the piano is “The More I see You” by Nat King Cole

  30. Just saw the movie this afternoon. One of the few movies I have seen recently where the quality of the music outshines the movie itself. Definitely want a copy of the Mos Def track. Thanks for compiling the track listing.

  31. I just love this movie & ESPECIALLy for looking out on the list of songs from the sound track. I just knew FlavaUnit was going to come out w/a CD for this… but oh well. Good looking so much. If you didn’t do this, I would of had to write down all the songs at the end of the credits of the movie to catch them. Thank you- You made my day!

  32. Wow, first time I’ve really wanted a soundtrack in a long time, and they DIDN’T DO ONE? Thanks for providing the list & links!

  33. Thanks for the videos. I don’t have to search them in Youtube by myself!

  34. Where can I buy/download the piano song “The More I See You” that Common played on the piano? I can’t find it and the music was so sweet!

    • I looked it up on iTunes and there are many versions – Michael Buble, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Carmen McCrae & the one that sounds closest to the movie Michael Feinstein’s version. I also like Carmen McRae’s.

  35. Does anyone know the name of the song playing at the very end of the movie? I believe the credits were rolling because I was starting to leave the theater. The song reminded me of an old song by either ‘Blue Magic’ or ‘The Moments’.

  36. I’d really like to know the name of the song in the very first beggining of the movie(is the opening song of this movie)

  37. Does anyone know the song in the Just Wright movie that has lyrics “my feet are on fire”??

  38. name the artist of free and easy

  39. what song plays while during their love making scene

  40. oh and you also forgot “Insatiable,” a song by Tunde Olaniran & CLP featuring White Gold Princess.

  41. wow..this is crazy! howd you know people would be looking for the songs? and the idea of putting all the songs in a list…downloadables at that… just…..thank you…

  42. Thank you, I wanted this soundtrack as soon as I left the movie.

  43. I want to buy OPEN by Free & Easy. I can only find that You-Tube video. I can’t find it anywhere! Anybody else been able to download it as an mp3?? I must dance to this song!! 😉
    OH, and THANK YOU!! for the only place I’ve been able to find this soundtrack. You are a peach!

    • you can find free and easy on cdbaby I just downloaded their songs!! their album is called black & tan…its HOT

      • THANK YOU! I just bought their CD too. Can’t wait to jam to this at work! Thanks again!

  44. As soon as I saw this movie, I tired to find the sound track of the jazz, THE MORE I SEE YOU, could not find it, thanks to you I can download this song.

  45. what was the song playing @ common’s party when queen & paula arrive?

  46. hey do you know the song that plays when she walks upstairs where they are at the sushi bar eating?

    • I know the song you are talking about! A little late, but it’s “Insatiable” by CLP feat. White Gold Princess. You can download it on Itunes.

  47. the love scene song is “Mean Sleep” by Cree Summers. Lenny Kravitz is on the track as well

  48. The song was published in 1945, and originally sung by Dick Haymes in the film Diamond Horseshoe. “The More I See You” has been subsequently recorded by many artists[1], most notably by:

    * Anthony Perkins (1958)
    * Nat King Cole (1958)
    * Nancy Wilson, on the album Like in Love (1960)
    * jazz musician Hank Mobley Roll Call (1961)
    * Chris Montez had a significant hit with the song in the US in 1966. It peaked at #16 in the Billboard Hot 100 and at #2 in the Billboard Adult Contemporary[2]
    * Peter Allen on his album Taught By Experts (1976)
    * Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark on the album Organisation (1980)
    * Viola Wills (1982)
    * Nina Simone on her final album A Single Woman (1993)
    * Carly Simon, Moonlight Serenade (2005)
    * Johnny Hartman
    * Michael Bublé
    * Nancy Sinatra
    * Brad Mehldau
    * Sondre Lerche on his album “Duper Sessions” (2006)

    • I bought the Carmen McRae version & the Chet Baker version. Carmen McRae sure does sound like QLatifah (or the other way around!). There are some swinging versions of this song!

    • Also a reggae version by Junior Kelly. 🙂

  49. Thanks for putting this list together. I love the music..UMI says is one of favorites

  50. What is the name of the song that was playing when she left him after her cousin came back? It was a slow song that was playing as she was walking down the road.

  51. Thanks for putting this together…I can’t wait to download them all!!!

  52. Thanks for doing this?

    Do you know the name of the song that plays at the end of the trailer?

  53. Thank u sooo much for putting this together, I loved this movie & really dig the soundtrack especially Van Hunt, lovin his sound.

  54. What is the name of the Arrangement when they are at dinner and Terrence Blanchard comes out? I LOVED THE MOVIE!

  55. Thanks a million. I was searching for a soundtrack… ignored your page, then decided to look and boom. Love from Jamaica!!!!

  56. anyone know the name of the song when she’s furious with him and gets into her car to go back to her house? very deep very sad guitar sound. please help 🙂

  57. You are awesome, thank you! I just saw the movie on a flight from Australia to New Zealand, and I had to find some of the songs, and could not find the soundtrack – funny how many of us were looking for the same songs:)

  58. what was the song when morgan and mcknight was on their first date? the one with the pasta scene? thx a lot

    • Until the DVD comes out I’m at a loss to answer this. DVD lands on Sept 14th!! Can’t wait!

    • Got the DVD… hope you did too! That was the montage that started out with the spaghetti thing right? That is one of the Free & Easy songs from their CD Black & Tan. The song is entitled FLY AWAY. Thank goodness for this little site. Free & Easy’s CD is sold on the site CD… I couldn’t find it on iTunes.

  59. What is the song during the second half of the playoff game?

  60. what was the name of the song that they talked about, by Joni Mitchell??????

    • They never actually play the Joni Mitchell song/ cd… they just talk about it. The CD that I believe they are talking about is Joni Mitchell’s album MINGUS. They talk about loving jazz and after sampling some of the songs on MINGUS, wow… they weren’t kidding. It is Joni Mitchell’s jazz album. Hope that helps!

      I’m so happy that the DVD is out now. Such a sweet little movie!

  61. […] SOUNDTRACK- It’s a shame that movie studios don’t release actual soundtracks to films any longer because this one would be a must-have for the booty call playlist. Sultry cuts from Van Hunt, Vikter Duplaix, Kevin Michael and Mos Def help give the film a sex gloss even when the actors fail to. [click here to download the songs] […]


    • Are you talking about the opening credits song? Where she’s making breakfast & driving to work? I believe that one is called DREAMING performed by Nikki & Rich

      Hope that helps!

  63. I’m watching the film now, and I didn’t know the name of the Mos Def song playing when Leslie brought Scott to the basket ball court until I found your post. Thanks!

  64. THANK YOU!!!! You saved me A LOT of frustration!! I love this movie!! And the songs on the movie are awesome!! Queen Latifah is an amazing actress and singer!!! I love every movie that she has been in!!

  65. anyone know the name of the song when she’s furious with him and gets into her car to go back to her house? very deep very sad guitar sound. pleeeeeaaaase help 🙂

  66. what was the song when queen and common were in the gym and common were shooting baskets and doing other exercises?…

  67. When I heard Mean Sleep I wondered who was singing because the song I know is sung by Cree Summer and written by Lenny Kravitz for her solo album (the album reminds me of being in college). But Van Hunt and Nikka Costa did a great job, two of my favorite artists 🙂

  68. I can’t believe a soundtrack wasn’t available for this movie. Saw the movie at the theatre and on dvd only because it was such a great movie. Love Queen Latifah and Common. Gosh he’s hot. Thanks for putting this together.

  69. Thanks for posting these. Any movie with Queen Latifah is alright by me =)

  70. I love that band, “Free & Easy”. Where can I buy their music online?? Can’t find it on Amazon or Itunes.

  71. Thank you! I loved the music and was disappointed there wasn’t a soundtrack. Now I know what I’m looking for.

  72. May I ask, which of these songs is the first song in the movie? Thanks.

  73. Feet on fire by Dude n’ Nem – album, Tinted Incubators

  74. I just rented the movie and was struck by the great music … thanks for making this page! 🙂

  75. Thank you for the info! Love the songs in this movie! 🙂 keep it up! there are so many movie soundtrack that i love to hear maybe you can help me…..

  76. Thank you!

  77. Someone asked already but I saw no reply… Anyone know the song that plays as Leslie and Morgan walk into Mcknights bday party, its at the beginning of the scene and only plays for about 10-15 seconds but its got a hot beat.

  78. Love your website. After watching the movie, I also went searching for a soundtrack and it sent me here….Im looking for the song that was played by the band in the scene where Common and Queen are on a date at the jazz club. Help me please!!

  79. Thanks! Just saw it last night and was feelin the music, especially the Mos Def song when they went the basketball court and a few other, but no soundtrack, doh! I will be getting many of these songs I think. Great movie too!

  80. hey do you know the song that plays when she walks upstairs where they are at the sushi bar eating?

  81. im so loving this….i love COMMON so much and the queen never fails to amaze me…thank you for the soundtracks!!!!

  82. Thanks for this, I loved all the songs for this movie. Do you know the name of the song that was playing while she was working out w/ him in the gym. I can’t find that one anywhere and I LOVE it!!! Thanks again!!!

  83. The song “Mean Sleep” was originally from Cree Summer (Freddie from A Different World) and Lenny Kravitz. Street Faerie, 4/20/99…check it out.

  84. I want to know this, too! None of the songs listed are this song. Anyone?:

    “Someone asked already but I saw no reply… Anyone know the song that plays as Leslie and Morgan walk into Mcknights bday party, its at the beginning of the scene and only plays for about 10-15 seconds but its got a hot beat.”

    • It’s my all time favorite song. FREE AND EASY is the group. The album is BLACK AND TAN. The song is OPEN. I was only able to find it on CD BABY.COM It wasn’t on iTunes.

  85. I’m stuck trying to find the upbeat song that pays when Leslie is doing her dance on the bed in the ‘morning after scene’.

    I’ve tried typing in the lyrics and went through all the songs here and in the comments…anyone know?

  86. NEVERMIND!!! Made my font bigger and went through the list again LOl found it.

  87. Don’t forget “Feet on Fire” performed by Dude n ‘Nem which you can buy at That’s the song that plays during their first training session montage 🙂

  88. Oh, and all the Free & Easy songs can be found at

  89. Yeah, I just watched the flick and immediately googled the soundtrack—voila! Thanks for the comprehensive list 😉

    many ppl have asked this question

  91. Just seen the movie. Loved it so much that I watched it again. And then tried to buy he soundtrack. Thanks for this list.

  92. Thanks to you all for this great job!
    I know that some people already ask for this (“Stacey” and “chiiii”) but i don’t see any answer…
    I’m looking for the song when she’s furious with him after her cousin came back and gets into her car (slow and sad guitar song).
    Please help me, thankx

  93. Hey does anyone know the song, when leslie and Scott Mcknight have a fight, she starts packing her bags, gets in her car and starts crying? and its a really awesome soulful guitar song? ANYONE?!?!?!?

  94. Whats the soulful guitar song after they just had a fight? she starts crying and goes back home?

  95. Thank you, please someone knows the name of the opening music played in the movie ??


  97. One of my favorite movies ever! Already got Next Time I see You on my iPod. I hope the Free & Easy songs are available on itunes now. What’s the song that plays at the beginning of the scene where they’re celebrating Scott being picked for the All Star game […where he proposes to Morgan]? I love that song!

  98. I love Mos Def. He is such a Poet, this piece is inspiring.

  99. I’m one the new fans of the movie and the amazing soundtrack. Love the soundtrack. This is real music. I was happy to find the songs on ITunes Thank you. One question . . . Who are the vocalists in Free and Easy . . . in the two songs Fly Away and Next Time (i know Queen an Common perform, but there is someone else who brings it to another level .
    There are vocalist with Grammy’s that don’t sing this well. The unsung heros of the music industry. Thanks

    • check thru the thread. I got all the Free & Easy songs off of
      They are fantastic. My favorite: Open (when the gals go to his b-day party)

  100. Thank you so much for posting the songs from Just Wright. I am still looking for one song from the movie…the instrumental when Queen Latifah was driving toward the Holland tunnel. Do you have any idea who the artist is? Thanks!

  101. I’m still searching for the instrumental that played during the scene when Queen’s character left upset that Paula’s character came to the house. She was driving toward the Holland Tunnel. Do you have any idea who the artist is or the name of the track? Thanks! Love the website 🙂

  102. I love all the music that was chosen for each segment in the movie I can’t get enough of this movie. Queen Latifah you are one of my favorite actresses……. and Common I just discovered you! I love your music Common, I can really relate. One of my favorite songs out of the soundtrack is UMI Says……God Bless

  103. What is the name of the song when common and queen latifah had there love scene ?

  104. the soundtracks for this movie is off the meter!!!

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