All 32 Songs from the Easy A Soundtrack

There are 32 brilliant songs in the Easy A soundtrack, but there’s not a soundtrack album with all of them. That’s a damn shame, but not to worry, because we’ve pulled all of the songs from Easy A together for you along with notes on the scenes they were in, including Sweet Thing, Death Cab, Rooney, the Cary Brothers and Dan Black, one of my favorite artists of the past year. Only part of his song Symphonies is in the movie, but I’m hopeful that it serves as enough of a teaser for people to explore more, because Dan Black is absolutely amazing.

I hope you enjoyed the music as much as I enjoyed the movie too. Hilarious stuff. Any movie that can take a Google Earth reference and play it back and forth for a while is alright by me. And if you weren’t already in love with Emma Stone from Superbad or Zombieland, you certainly are now.

One of the most pleasantly surprising musical elements of the movie was that the producers wove in references to and covers of some of the best 80s movie songs into Easy A, including the Cary Brothers cover of the Thompson Twins “If You Were Here” from Sixteen Candles, and both the original Simple Minds version of “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” from Breakfast Club, as well as a cover version by AM.

Even though I love this song, I was disappointed that they used this song for the boombox scene instead of “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel, which would have been the right song to suit the original scene from Say Anything. The producers even worked in references the lawnmower reference from Can’t Buy Me Love. Too bad they couldn’t have found a way to incorporate the African anteater dance into the party scene. [Note: if any of these references are totally confusing for you, please add Say Anything, Sixteen Candles, Can’t Buy Me Love and Breakfast Club to your Netflix immediately. It probably means you were too young to enjoy them the first time around, but there’s still time for redemption.]

Here’s the complete list of all 32 songs from Easy A with notes on the scenes the songs were in and downloads for almost all of them.

Original music – Original music for Easy A – Brad Segal


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57 Responses to “All 32 Songs from the Easy A Soundtrack”

  1. Thanks so much !!

    There’s a soundtrack on the australian iTunes store… Bought it today 🙂 Most of these were missing so thank u

  2. I appreciate this.

  3. Actually, there is a soundtrack for the movie. On iTunes, you have to type in “Easy A Soundtrack”, just typing in Easy A won’t get any results. It’s there

  4. there’s a soundtrack on regular itunes, i bought it today too!
    i searched for I heart homework and easy a popped up!

  5. You rock!! Thank you!

  6. Good choice on this movie. There were a lot of great songs from favorite new and old artists in this one. And my song identifying app on my phone wasn’t able to tag any of them. The whole time while I was watching I hoped that you’d have an entry about it for me when I got home! 🙂

  7. Thanks for the list. Do you know where I can find a video or mp3 of Emma singing knock on wood? It would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Thanks so much for posting this! I’ve been looking for the list! Why they wouldnt sell such a kick ass soundtrack is beyond me!

  9. what if I want Knock On Wood exactly how she sang it???

  10. This was amazing, thank you so much for the list. I did end up buying it via iTunes but the list filled the gaps for what was missing. Also, the links for Amazon- so awesome, again thanks. Lastly, I know you’re keeping an eye for the Emma Stone version, and I know you put up the Amii Stewart version, but I actually found the Mary Griffin version to be more stylistically closer to the film version. Just my opinion.

  11. Hello helicopter, have you heard the news?

  12. hii everone there is song i didnot get it when she walk through the school itis an old song not knock on the wood it is a nother one i see it in another film it is so lovely ly plz help me to find it

  13. The guy’s name was Brandon, not Ben. But otherwise, good stuff.

  14. muchas gracias!!!

    from argentina.

  15. What is the song that plays right before she sees lisa kudrow in the office? As I cannot find it anywhere and it doesnt appear to be on the list at all. The lyrics sound a bit like “I battle what I feed in the olive oh oh” or something not like that :p

    • thet;s trouble is a friend by lenka :] it goes sort of like this “trouble is a friend yet trouble is a foe oh oh”

  16. All I need to say to you is THANK YOU!

    Im a 26 y/o male from Finland.

    When I was watching the movie, there was this scene with the background music (1hrs:01min) I kinda liked. I decided to check it out if I could find what that song was. I found your site with the very first hit. Now Ive been listening to OR – Good life for like 1000 times in a row.

    The most ironic part is, that I have heard the band before, yet I thought it was too mass-teenager-stuff, so never really bothered to check it out. Few days ago I saw the Sorcerers Apprentice and fell in love with OR – Secrets. And now after this movie I fell even more in love with OR – Good Life.

    Thank you for your effort.
    Ill buy you a dinner if you ever happen to be in Finland.

    Take care!

  17. I wasn’t able to download any of these songs. What’s wrong with the links? They all just go to Amazon.

    • We don’t have the songs here, just links to where you can get them. Hope that helps you get most of the way there to finding the songs you are looking for.

  18. Hey guys there was a part in easy A when brandom came to olives house whats the sing of it

  19. Thank you so much for this. Such a great help!

  20. […] = click aici pentru mai multe melodii […]

  21. I wanna download the Parking Lot song by Brad Segal, but it isn’t on amazon or iTunes and that’s the song I want the most.

  22. So happy you have a posting for this movie … I was re-watching the movie today and had questions about the music involved. I have missed your postings, glad you have returned!

    • @Jenn Thanks. Very happy to be posting again. You’ll be seeing an eclectic mix of posts over the next couple weeks as I catch up on posts for movies from the last couple months and post about new releases too. Any requests?

  23. The music Symphonies by Dan Black has some remarkable similarities to the soundtrack in the movie Starman. That is where I first thought I was from.

  24. Awesome stuff! Satellite is actually by kram – mark is his real name but he publishes stuff under kram. Ta again

  25. The song Knock on Wood was used in another great 80’s movie called Satisfaction.

  26. I was searching for weekend greeting card which is Pocketful of Sunshine – Natasha Bedingfield. Thnak You! 🙂

  27. Oh my Gawd !!! thnks soo much!!! (: I love love love this movie and the music is totally awesome! I’ve been looking FOREVER for that one song that I now know is called, “Sexy Silk” lol! ANYWAYS…Thnks SO superrr much…I love it! xoxo.Kristle;)

  28. After watching the movie, i was like singing pocketful of sunshine the whole day and immediately downloaded it. XD

    and thanks :] i was searching for a list with the corresponding scenes from the movie , and it feels like there’s none, (it was hopeless) but then, here you are ! really helped me a lot.

  29. hi everybody
    you will find the songs in download it
    through realplayer versin 11 then converte it to mp3 it is so easy to do it
    hope the best for all
    best regards

  30. thanks sooo much, i loved this!!! and i was actually searching the names of the musics for the moment the play on the movie ^^ thanksssssssss

  31. btw kristie, i was looking forever for sexy silk too! xD

  32. This is great, i spent ages trying to figure out the song where shes on the car with rhiann and ive spent about a year trying to find out dan black (:

  33. Thank you for the tip on OneRepublic Good Life. It’s my new favorite song! Makes me feel good.

  34. Thanks for this listing, especially noting when the songs appeared. I watched till the end of the credits because of the song (“Change of Seasons” by Sweet Thing) and was looking for it on Amazon for a while! I appreciate the work you put into this, thank you. 🙂

  35. So I noticed that you kept saying that the gay guy’s name is Ben. But that is incorrect. His name is Brandon. She also calls him Brando. Just thought I’d let ya know.

  36. Thank you SO much! This was amazing!!! You’re awesome!

  37. Don’t know why someone rated down the comment where the guy said that dan black used the Starman soundtrack. The comment didn’t disparage Dan Black for sampling material or anything like that, he only noticed Dan Black used someone else’s music to create his own. Oh where has the world gone?

  38. The character Olive “sleeps” with at Melody’s party is called Brandon, not Ben.

  39. Thank you so much this was soooo helpful 🙂

  40. You saved my brain!!! The Dan Black song was haunting me. I think I’ve listened to this movie everyday for the past three weeks at work and it’s been driving me INSANE not knowing who it was… You’re my hero ❤

  41. thank you so much for the scene-wise detail of the tracks

  42. Thanks for the list! Love it that there’s someone there who loves music enough to painstakingly make create this comprehensive list. And yes, I absolutely heart Emma Stone! =)

  43. ممنون و متشکرم ولی نتوانستیم دانلود کنیم…
    dont worry i am persian 🙂 thank you for tracks.come to my

  44. YOU FORGOT ONE!! Jessie J singing Sexy Silk
    “Oooooooh! I think I love you!!”

  45. Anybody know the song a little after Olive says, “And boy did my terminalogical inexactitude accelerate with velocity.” and the song plays and the lyrics are, “I don’t know how to love him.”

    • The song is “I don’t know how to love him,” original version from Jesus Christ Superstar by Andrew Lloyd Weber. Damn, I was looking for that song and that’s why I came here. Sadly it’s not listed and I can’t find it anywhere. Sounds like a remix.

  46. This was great info! Thanks! So glad I found you! *-* can’t wait to read more!

  47. Where the heck is Rhapsody of the Awesome?

  48. Thank you for the tip on OneRepublic Good Life, this is the music of One Day first trailer, I love it…

  49. Missing the song with the lyrics “I want my life back…” ? Anyone?

  50. would love this, thanks!

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