All 5 Songs from Exit Through the Gift Shop Soundtrack

I’ve been wanting to see Exit Through the Gift Shop for quite some time, but it just popped up in the new movies list on Netflix streaming, so I couldn’t resist. This post is a Christmas present to me. I’ve got a backlog of movies to go through, so expect more posts from me soon.

I still can’t quite tell whether the whole thing is a joke, but imagine “I’m Still Here” but with a Rutherford B. Hayes beard, combined with street art and Roni Size, and there you have it. Supposedly, Banksy et al waded through 10,000 hours of Thierry’s tapes to pull together the scenes used in the movie. If the snippet dubbed “Life Remote Control” is any indication of what Thierry’s own documentary would have looked like, it would have been worse than the shit Winona Ryder’s footage became for “In Your Face” TV.

Personally, I’m amazed by what Banksy has pulled off on the walls, corners and bridges of the world, so it’s no surprise, that his take on a documentary gone wrong was as entertaining as it was.

I don’t know who to feel worse for, Thierry, or the people who lined up by the thousands to see his big debut. Still, his stuff may be derivative, but because the entire genre of pop art is pretty much by definition, derivative, I don’t know if I can be too mad at the guy for his ?fame. If people imbue more meaning into his work than synapse he has in his brain, then he’s done his job and should get to enjoy his day.

As for the movie, and the music in it, there are only five songs in Exit Through the Gift Shop, but there’s also an engaging, accordianesque score from Geoff Barrow, as well as a good number of beat laden scenes courtesy of Roni Size. It’s a good mix of tunes, vaguely French for Thierry and then piano beats for the rest of us. Kelly Watch the Stars has always been one of my favorite Air songs too. It is quite fitting here.

Here’s the complete list of songs from Exit Through the Gift Shop with notes on the scenes they were in:

Original music for Exit Through the Gift Shop – Geoff Barrow


~ by montelutz on December 25, 2010.

3 Responses to “All 5 Songs from Exit Through the Gift Shop Soundtrack”

  1. Excellent work. Thank you. This masterpiece deserves it.

  2. Anyone know what music or song is that starts when they introduce Space Invader

  3. Hey man, you missed Gonga in the track listing – what’s f’ing wrong with you this is the best track on the film soundtrack!!!

    BTW – when is this freaking soundtrack going to be released, I can’t find it anywhere???!!!!!!

    What the hell, man????

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