All 24 Songs from the Eat Pray Love Soundtrack

The complete list of all 24 songs from the Eat Pray Love soundtrack, including videos and downloads for them is below. I have to admit, it’s a far better mix of music than I would have expected, ranging from M.I.A. and Marvin Gaye to Josh Rouse, Aphex Twin and a couple songs each from Eddie Vedder and Neil Young.

Vedder’s duet with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan on The Long Road is one of my favorite of his songs ever recorded – and that’s a long list. Better Days is a new song for the movie. Not to be overshadowed, Neil Young’s Harvest Moon and Heart of Gold are both brilliant examples of how is hauntingly broken voice tells a tale all its own.

There’s also a number of Indian and Brazilian songs, including Kaliyugayaradana by U Srinivas as well as Samba Da Bencao by Bebel Gilberto.

The soundtrack to Eat Pray Love seems to run the gamut from eat, pray and love to dance, party and back again. The soundtrack album for Eat Pray Love has a pretty good representation of the music from the movie, containing 14 of the songs from the film. All 14 of these songs and the missing 10 are listed below.

Here’s the complete list of songs from Eat Pray Love, with videos and downloads for them. If you happen to remember which scenes the songs were in, please post a comment below and I will update the list with the info.

Original music for Eat Pray Love – Dario Marianelli


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50 Responses to “All 24 Songs from the Eat Pray Love Soundtrack”

  1. There’s also Florence & the Machine’s Dog Days Are Over which is not on the Eat Pray Love soundtrack cd but on the movie trailer.

  2. which song played during the end credits?

  3. What song was playing during her Spaghetti scene? I did not recognize it on the list.

  4. whats the song when she gets to india and is in the taxi cab for the first time?

  5. What is the song in the scene where Felipe and Liz start dancing tne they are about to make love?

  6. What is the song in the flash back of her wedding that was suppose to be their wedding song?

  7. Where is Scott Pilgrim???

  8. What is the song playing when she gets hit by the jeep?

  9. what song starts the movie

  10. If you all want the AMAZING tune that is in the trailer, its “sweet disposition” by the TEMPER TRAP

  11. I would also like to know what song is playing when she is in the taxi in India?

    • MIA – Boyz…I’m trying to find a song as well-it’s a smooth song with what sounds like an accordion, some low string instruments being strung like a bass. Its played twice in the movie, once when she roams Italy alone & eats ice cream next to some nuns & after she orders food for the whole table in Italian

  12. in the movie there is a scene where she is thinking back and the two of them dance at the wedding – he tells her he still loves her — she’s telling him to move on – its a beautiful song – i don’t see it listed … I want to find that song – “I’m still in love with you” are some of the words

  13. what song is playing when see meets with david in the party after the play in ny?

  14. There is a song in the beginning I think that sounds like it is from Natasha Bedingfield, but I can’t seem to find it or figure it out. Anyone know what I am talking about?

    • It did sound like it’s from Natasha Bedingfield. I’m also still looking for it.. It’s not het new single ‘Touch’, is it??

  15. The Natasha Bedingfield song is called ‘Strip’.

  16. what are the songs sung in the ashrams? (new york, and india. although perhaps the one in new york wasn’t exactly one but i don’t have a better word for it)

  17. Hey guys.
    wasn’t there a slow nice version of “run” (leona lewis, snow patrol) !?!? can’t find it 😦

  18. there was a part when there was a song that had the lyrics, blue is blue when……sky…you. anyone can help??MANY THANKS!!!

  19. whats the song after the play and at the club when liz was watching david?? I NEED TO KNOW

  20. What is the motown sounding song when the soon-to-be naked skinnydipper and Julia are dancing and doing shots in the bar? Sounds like eddie kendrix??? dyin 2 know

  21. What song is playing when she is in Italy eating breakfast on the floor?

  22. what’s the song that’s playing while she’s walking around Italy. it plays while she’s eating ice cream next to the nuns and while she’s walking past the fountain. It doesn’t have any words I don’t think. It plays up until her meeting with her tutor. PLEASE HELPP I really want to know what song it is.

  23. What is the name of the song towards end of movie where they hope on the boat together??

  24. Thank you I am using some for my cycle class! 🙂

  25. what is the song that is being played when the little east indian girl is about to get married? not the fast one with the man waving his arms up but the one before it, with the acordian? thanks ❤

  26. What is the song that opens the movie and reappears several times? Help me please!!! =D

  27. i’m also looking for the song they sing while worshipping in ny? it’s very happy and they were all clapping and singing along.


  28. What is the song that plays through the credits?

  29. What is the nameof the songt hat plays when she and her friends are eating at the outside restaurant in Italy.

  30. What was the instrumental music played during the scene in Italy when she was having lunch outside with all of her friends?

  31. Whats the song when liz gets at the beach party and Felipe asks her if she wants a drink? at 1:39:32 thanks in advance

  32. Whats the song when liz gets at the beach party and Felipe asks her if she wants a drink? at 1:39:32 thanks in advance

  33. what is the song they play when she meets Ian at the bar, after Felipe wants to offer her a drink?

  34. Does anyone know the instrumental music that opens the movie?

  35. Hi…wanna know what was the actual song that was played at their wedding… i am not looking for the one which was supposed to be played,but the one that was actually played and the grrom dances to…

  36. whats the song when liz is the in car travelling to india and all those indian kids are holding their hands out?

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