All 5 Songs from The Town Soundtrack

The soundtrack album for The Town only has the score from the movie on it, but you can find all five songs from The Town here. It’s a bit of a bizarre mix for a gritty heist movie. Jason Derulo’s “Watcha Say” is a great song, but not one I would have expected here. True, it plays in the background during a bar scene, but still.

The two songs from Slaine – 99 Bottles and Run It – are more on point. The first also plays in the background during the first bar scene, while the latter plays during the FBI surveillance scene toward the end.

The end credits song by Ray LaMontagne is more of what I would have expected as well – haunting and a bit lost.

I cannot say that I loved this movie. I liked it, but there was something missing. It felt a bit like it was directed by a junior version of Clint Eastwood. Maybe that’s high praise these days, but I’m not certain I mean it that way. It was sad but not tragic, heartfelt but not heartbreaking. Maybe I want movies that are supposed to break you to really break you. Of course, by the box office and the reviews, perhaps I just missed something. I saw Easy A just before it, as part of a double feature, so maybe I was too up to be properly down.

Either way, here’s the complete list of songs from The Town with notes on the scenes they were in and downloads for them.

  • First song at the bar – 99 Bottles – Slaine
  • Talking to Krista (Blake Lively) at the bar – Whatcha Say – Jason Derulo
  • Bust into the apartment with ski masks – Get Paid – Rhaphael Tarpley
  • Surveillance – Run It – Slaine and Statik Selektah
  • End credits – Jolene – Ray LaMontagne
  • Original music – Original music for The Town – Harry Gregson-Williams and David Buckley

~ by montelutz on September 25, 2010.

21 Responses to “All 5 Songs from The Town Soundtrack”

  1. There was a song sang by a female that kind of sounded like the artist, Anouk. Any idea who that was or what song it was?

  2. Hi,
    I’m trying to find the music/tune that was playing in the scene when Doug goes with Jem to beat up those guys who were troubling Claire? It only plays for a minute or so when they’re walking up to the house, but would be great if you could help find it!

  3. The instrumental music that is playing at the opening of the film, as we see aerial shots of Boston and Charlestown, is not on the soundtrack, and not part of the posted “All 5 songs”. It kind of sounded like portions of the Verve remix of Dizzy Gillespie’s “Manteca”. Does anyone know what that music was?

  4. Thanks for this blog, it helped me, i just saw the movie last night.

  5. GET PAID by Urban Authentic™

  6. hey who sings the song at the beginning credits that goes its been so long since ive seen your face

  7. I am also looking for the song at the beginning credits that goes “its been so long since ive seen your face…” thanks

  8. looking for the song in the movie during the car chase after they robbed the armored truck in the nun costumes..thanks

  9. JeffB

    the song is called The Letter by Harry Gregson Williams & David Buckley.

  10. […] coerenta si mai ales de bun gust, acest mesaj al intelegerii unei felii de viata credibila. Si coloana sonora a filmului, muzica originala a lui David Buckley si Harry Gregson-Williams (cu vechi state de […]

  11. hi can anyone tell me the music(piano) at the end of the credits 2:02:58.

    • The Main theme song (with piano) is a rip off of the theme from Band of Brothers.

      The Town theme: The Letter – Harry Gregson Williams & David Buckley

      Band of Brothers theme: Band of Brothers Theme – Michael Kamen

      Here they are compared:

      The Town (Movie Soundtrack) Rips Off Band of Brothers

      It is not just a “rip off.”
      It is exactly the same melody and arrangement!!!
      I am stunned. How do these guys think they can get away with this?
      Michael Kamen should sue the authors of the Town’s theme music.

      • The Band of Brothers Soundtrack is one of the last things Michael Kamen wrote before he died. So he cant sue, just spin in his grave. Annoying rip-off throughout the whole movie.

  12. If you’ve seen the director’s cut, what is the song playing during the strip club scene? It sounds vaguely like Aerosmith but I’m not sure.

  13. Jolene by Ray LaMontagne

  14. You were too “up” from watching Easy A? Don’t watch movies one after the other if you plan on “reviewing” them. Sorry the soundtrack was too eclectic for you, guess they should have played nothing but Irish bar songs. Shut your ignorant face please. Love, Rooster

  15. any idea what song played when they were first showing the boston stadium, it was instrumental

  16. what about the song that plays during the scene right before the whole hotel scene with Krista and Doug. It ends right as she knocks on the door.

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